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William F. Hildenbrand
Secretary of the Senate

A shrewd "head counter" within the Senate Republican leadership, Bill Hildenbrand first came to Capitol Hill in 1957 on the staff of a Delaware Representative. In 1961, he joined the staff of Delaware Senator J. Caleb Boggs. When Senator Hugh Scott became Republican whip in 1969, he made Hildenbrand his administrative assistant. When Scott was elected Republican leader, he continued as his right-hand man. Hildenbrand recounts the difficulties Senate Republicans had in working with the Nixon White House. Elected secretary of the minority, Hildenbrand became a familiar figure on the Senate floor. After the Republicans won the majority in 1980, he was elected Secretary of the Senate, where his duties became more administrative than political, but he continued to assist his party's leadership in the majority after so many years in the minority.

Table of Contents:
1) From Broadcasting to Congress
2) With Caleb Boggs
3) With Hugh Scott
4) Vietnam and China
5) Watergate
6) With Howard Baker
7) Secretary of the Senate
Citation: Scholarly citation: "William F. Hildenbrand, Secretary of the Senate, 1981-1985," Oral History Interviews, Senate Historical Office, Washington, D.C.
Deed of Gift: I, William F. Hildenbrand, do hereby give to the Senate Historical Office the tape recordings and transcripts of my interviews on March 20, March 28, April 8, April 15, April 22, April 29, and May 6, 1985. It is my desire that these tapes and transcripts remain sealed until January 20, 1989. After that date, I authorize the Senate Historical Office to use the tapes and transcripts in such manner as may best serve the educational and historical objectives of their oral history program. I also approve the deposit of the transcripts at the Library of Congress, the Senate Library, the National Archives, and any other institution which the Senate Historical Office may deem appropriate. In making this gift, I voluntarily convey ownership of the tapes and transcripts to the public domain. William F. Hildenbrand June 4, 1986 Accepted on behalf of the Senate Historical Office by: Richard A. Baker June 4, 1986

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