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Applied Sciences, Engineering, Technology


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Alternators made in a Budapest, Hungary hydroelectric
station in Iolotan on the Murghab River. LC-DIG-ppmsc-04414


Automotive Safety - Science Tracer Bullet

Engineering - Selected Internet Resources

Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

Civil Engineering: Public Works / Infrastructure - Science Tracer Bullet

Desalination - Science Tracer Bullet

Earthquakes and Earthquake Engineering (April, 2005) - Science Tracer Bullet

Electric Power - A Tracer Bit (Brief Tracer Bullet)

Home Maintenance, Repair & Improvement - Science Tracer Bullet

Infrastructure and Public Works - Science Tracer Bullet

Machu Picchu: A Brief Bibliography - Science Reference Guide

Remote Sensing - Science Tracer Bullet

Underground Architecture - Science Tracer Bullet

Wind Power - Science Tracer Bullet

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Computers and Electrical Engineering

Computers and Computing - Selected Internet Resources

Computer Crime and Security - Science Tracer Bullet

Speech Recognition and Processing - Science Tracer Bullet

VoIP/Internet Telephony - Science Tracer Bullet

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Batteries, Supercapacitors, and Fuel Cells

Electric Power - A Tracer Bit (Brief Tracer Bullet)

Geothermal Energy - Science Tracer Bullet

Solar Energy - Science Tracer Bullet

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The Engineering Profession

The Engineering Profession

What is Engineering?

Engineering Education

Engineering in History

Engineering Libraries

Engineering Practice, Ethics, and Licensing

Engineering Societies & Organizations

Identifying and Locating Materials Related to Engineering

History of Technology and Inventions

BBQ History: A Guide to Selected Resources - Science Reference Guide

Food History 04-1 - Science Tracer Bullet

History of Household Technology - Science Tracer Bullet

The History of Technology - Science Tracer Bullet

Inventions - Selected Internet Resources

The Winchester Rifle: The Gun That Won the West

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Nanotechnology - Science Tracer Bullet

Nanotechnology - Selected Internet Resources

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Alternative Fuel Vehicles & Combustion Processes - Science Tracer Bullet

Electric Vehicles - Science Tracer Bullet

High Speed Rail Transportation - Science Tracer Bullet

Hog Heaven: 100 Years of the Harley-Davidson - Digital Project

Intelligent Transportation Systems - Science Tracer Bullet

Urban Transportation - Science Tracer Bullet

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Additional topics

Beer and Brewing: A Guide to Selected Resources - Science Reference Guide

Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) - Selected Internet Resources

Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) - Science Tracer Bullet

From the Manhattan Project to Chernobyl: A Guide to Exhibted Materials - Science Reference Guide

Foreign Technical Reports Collection in TRS: Italy - Technical Reports and Standards Guide

Green Roofs - Science Tracer Bullet

Technical Reports & Standards - The Collections

Technology Transfer: The Use of Government Laboratories and Federally Funded Research and Development - Science Tracer Bullet

Time - Science Tracer Bullet

UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) - Science Tracer Bullet

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