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How the West Was Won

Did you know that present-day northeast Ohio was once part of Connecticut? Play the new Westward Expansion game in the America's Library Web site and you'll learn how the 13 original states were joined by the territory that eventually became the United States as we know it today.

The Florida Territory, from 'Westward Expansion,'America's Library Web site 'Explore the States' home page from America's Library Web site

As you drive your Conestoga wagon across the country, you'll encounter such looming disasters as a hurricane, a raging fire and a ferocious alligator unless you can correctly answer the game's questions that test your knowledge of early-American history. America's Library, the interactive and educational Web site for kids, has also recently added the explorers Lewis and Clark to the list of "Amazing Americans" on the site.

You can also visit the exhibition "Rivers, Edens, Empires: Lewis and Clark and the Revealing of America," which details in words accompanied by relevant maps, documents and artifacts the story of their remarkable journey.

Although designed with kids in mind, America's Library's educational and, often, unusual stories are for all ages. A section called "Explore the States" will let you make your own discoveries about your home state or any other state.

A. The Florida Territory, from "Westward Expansion,"America's Library Web site

B. "Explore the States" home page from America's Library Web site