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PMC's utilities include an OAI service that provides XML of the full-text of some articles, functions for scripting PMC searches and linking to specific PMC articles from your site, and more ...

Looking for a modern journal article DTD? Take a look at NLM's Journal Publishing XML DTD and schema.

It's about preservation and access: digitizing the complete run of back issues of many of the journals in PMC.
The PMC journal list comprises journals that deposit material in PMC on a routine basis and generally make all their published articles available here. Find out how to include your journal in PMC.

PMC also has the author manuscripts of articles published by NIH-funded researchers in various non-PMC journals. Increasing free access to these articles is the goal of the NIH Public Access policy. Similar manuscripts from researchers funded by the Wellcome Trust are available in PMC as well.

Eligible researchers should use the NIH Manuscript Submission system to deposit manuscripts.

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