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Innohep (tinzaparin sodium injection) - Clinical study stopped early because of interim finding of increase in all-cause mortality in patients who received Innohep.
(Posted 12/02/2008)

Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents (ESAs) - Epoetin alfa (marketed as Procrit, Epogen), Darbepoetin alfa (marketed as Aranesp) - [UPDATE] FDA issued Q&As for recently approved Medication Guides.
(Posted 12/02/2008)

December 2008 Patient Safety News - Video news show for healthcare professionals, covering safety alerts, recalls, product approvals, and important tips on protecting patients.
(Posted 12/01/2008)

Starcaps Dietary Supplement Capsules - Recall due to undeclared drug, Bumetanide, resulting in drug interactions including risk of hypotension (low blood pressure), or fainting (syncope).
(Posted 11/26/2008)

Zhen De Shou Fat Loss Capsules - Recall due to undeclared sibutramine, an appetite suppressant known to substantially increase blood pressure and/or pulse rate in some patients.
(Posted 11/26/2008)

Phenytoin (marketed as Dilantin, Phenytek and generics) and Fosphenytoin Sodium (marketed as Cerebyx and generics) - Potential increased risk of serious skin reactions, including Stevens Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis, from phenytoin therapy in Asian patients positive for a particular human leukocyte antigen allele, HLA-B*1502.
(Posted 11/24/2008)

Animas Corporation Battery Caps Used with the OneTouch Ping System, Animas 2020 Insulin Pump, Animas IR1200 Insulin Pump, and Animas IR1250 Insulin Pump - Potential for device to stop administering insulin, resulting in hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.
(Posted 11/20/2008)

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