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Agriculture and Food

Federal Farm Programs: USDA Needs to Strengthen Controls to Prevent Payments to Individuals Who Exceed Income Eligibility Limits
GAO-09-67, October 24, 2008
Food Safety: Improvements Needed in FDA Oversight of Fresh Produce
GAO-08-1047, September 26, 2008
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: EPA Needs More Information and a Clearly Defined Strategy to Protect Air and Water Quality
GAO-08-1177T, September 24, 2008
Food Labeling: FDA Needs to Better Leverage Resources, Improve Oversight, and Effectively Use Available Data to Help Consumers Select Healthy Foods
GAO-08-597, September 9, 2008
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: EPA Needs More Information and a Clearly Defined Strategy to Protect Air and Water Quality from Pollutants of Concern
GAO-08-944, September 4, 2008
Electronic Waste: EPA Needs to Better Control Harmful U.S. Exports through Stronger Enforcement and More Comprehensive Regulation
GAO-08-1044, August 28, 2008
Food Stamp Program: Options for Delivering Financial Incentives to Participants for Purchasing Targeted Foods
GAO-08-415, July 30, 2008
Federal Oversight of Food Safety: FDA Has Provided Few Details on the Resources and Strategies Needed to Implement its Food Protection Plan
GAO-08-909T, June 12, 2008
Food Safety: Selected Countries' Systems Can Offer Insights into Ensuring Import Safety and Responding to Foodborne Illness
GAO-08-794, June 10, 2008
Humane Methods of Handling and Slaughter: Public Reporting on Violations Can Identify Enforcement Challenges and Enhance Transparency
GAO-08-686T, April 17, 2008
Federal Oversight of Food Safety: FDA's Food Protection Plan Proposes Positive First Steps, but Capacity to Carry Them Out Is Critical
GAO-08-435T, January 29, 2008
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Budget and Spending

The Nation's Long-Term Fiscal Outlook: September 2008 Update
GAO-09-94R, November 6, 2008
Fiscal Year 2007 U.S. Government Financial Statements: Sustained Improvement in Financial Management Is Crucial to Improving Accountability and Addressing the Long-Term Fiscal Challenge
GAO-08-926T, June 26, 2008
Long-Term Fiscal Outlook: Long-Term Federal Fiscal Challenge Driven Primarily by Health Care
GAO-08-912T, June 17, 2008
Fiscal Year 2007 U.S. Government Financial Statements: Sustained Improvement in Financial Management Is Crucial to Improving Accountability and Addressing the Long-Term Fiscal Challenges
GAO-08-847T, June 5, 2008
The Nation's Long-Term Fiscal Outlook: April 2008 Update
GAO-08-783R, May 16, 2008
Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Request: U.S. Government Accountability Office
GAO-08-707T, April 30, 2008
Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Request: U.S. Government Accountability Office
GAO-08-616T, April 10, 2008
The Nation's Long-Term Fiscal Outlook: January 2008 Update
GAO-08-591R, March 21, 2008
Principles of Federal Appropriations Law: Annual Update of the Third Edition
GAO-08-450SP, March 13, 2008
Congressional Directives: Selected Agencies' Processes for Responding to Funding Instructions
GAO-08-209, January 31, 2008
Understanding Similarities and Differences between Accrual and Cash Deficits: Update for Fiscal Year 2007
GAO-08-410SP, January 31, 2008
Long-Term Fiscal Outlook: Action Is Needed to Avoid the Possibility of a Serious Economic Disruption in the Future
GAO-08-411T, January 29, 2008
Budget Issues: Accrual Budgeting Useful in Certain Areas but Does Not Provide Sufficient Information for Reporting on Our Nation's Longer-Term Fiscal Challenge
GAO-08-206, December 20, 2007
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Business, Industry, and Consumers

Small Business Administration: Agency Should Assess Resources Devoted to Contracting and Improve Several Processes in the 8(a) Program
GAO-09-16, November 21, 2008
Small Business Administration: Opportunities Exist to Build on Leadership's Efforts to Improve Agency Performance and Employee Morale
GAO-08-995, September 24, 2008
Digital Television Transition: Information on the Implementation of the Converter Box Subsidy Program and Consumer Participation in the Program
GAO-08-1181T, September 23, 2008
Digital Television Transition: Implementation of the Converter Box Subsidy Program Is Under Way, but Preparedness to Manage an Increase in Subsidy Demand Is Unclear
GAO-08-1040, September 16, 2008
Digital Television Transition: Information on the Implementation of the Converter Box Subsidy Program and Consumer Participation in the Program
GAO-08-1161T, September 16, 2008
Export-Import Bank: Performance Standards for Small Business Assistance Are in Place but Ex-Im Is in the Early Stages of Measuring Their Effectiveness
GAO-08-915, July 17, 2008
HUBZone Program: SBA's Control Weaknesses Exposed the Government to Fraud and Abuse
GAO-08-964T, July 17, 2008
Small Business Administration: Additional Actions Are Needed to Certify and Monitor HUBZone Businesses and Assess Program Results
GAO-08-975T, July 17, 2008
Bankruptcy Reform: Dollar Costs Associated with the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005
GAO-08-697, June 27, 2008
Small Business Administration: Additional Actions Are Needed to Certify and Monitor HUBZone Businesses and Assess Program Results
GAO-08-643, June 17, 2008
Telecommunications: FCC Needs to Improve Performance Management and Strengthen Oversight of the High-Cost Program
GAO-08-633, June 13, 2008
Telecommunications: Survey of State Regulatory Commissions (GAO-08-662SP, June 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-633
GAO-08-662SP, June 13, 2008
Digital Television Transition: Broadcasters' Transition Status, Low-Power Station Issues, and Information on Consumer Awareness of the DTV Transition
GAO-08-881T, June 10, 2008
Utility Regulation: Opportunities Exist to Improve Oversight
GAO-08-752T, May 1, 2008
Digital Television Transition: GAO DTV Broadcaster Survey (GAO-08-528SP, April 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-510
GAO-08-528SP, April 30, 2008
Digital Television Transition: Majority of Broadcasters Are Prepared for the DTV Transition, but Some Technical and Coordination Issues Remain
GAO-08-510, April 30, 2008
Media Ownership: Economic Factors Influence the Number of Media Outlets in Local Markets, While Ownership by Minorities and Women Appears Limited and Is Difficult to Assess
GAO-08-383, March 12, 2008
Telecommunications: FCC Has Made Some Progress in the Management of Its Enforcement Program but Faces Limitations, and Additional Actions Are Needed
GAO-08-125, February 15, 2008
Telecommunications: Preliminary Information on Media Ownership
GAO-08-330R, December 14, 2007
Bankruptcy: Implementation of Reform Act's Debt Reaffirmation Agreement Provisions
GAO-08-94, December 7, 2007
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Civil Rights

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Recommendations and Options to Address Management Deficiencies in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights
GAO-09-62, October 22, 2008
Diversity at GAO: Sustained Attention Needed to Build on Gains in SES and Managers
GAO-08-1156T, September 16, 2008
Diversity Management: Important Actions Taken and Planned to Further Enhance Diversity
GAO-08-1160T, September 16, 2008
Diversity at GAO: Sustained Attention Needed to Build on Gains in SES and Managers
GAO-08-1098, September 10, 2008
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Sharing Promising Practices and Fully Implementing Strategic Human Capital Planning Can Improve Management of Growing Workload
GAO-08-589, June 23, 2008
Legal Services Corporation: Improvements Needed in Governance, Accountability, and Grants Management and Oversight
GAO-08-833T, May 22, 2008
U.S. Department of Agriculture: Management of Civil Rights Efforts Continues to Be Deficient Despite Years of Attention
GAO-08-755T, May 14, 2008
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Economic Development

Disaster Recovery: Past Experiences Offer Insights for Recovering from Hurricanes Ike and Gustav and Other Recent Natural Disasters
GAO-08-1120, September 26, 2008
Mass Care in Disasters: FEMA Should Update the Red Cross Role in Catastrophic Events and More Fully Assess Voluntary Organizations' Mass Care Capabilities
GAO-08-1175T, September 23, 2008
Rural Economic Development: Collaboration between SBA and USDA Could Be Improved
GAO-08-1123, September 18, 2008
Voluntary Organizations: FEMA Should More Fully Assess Organization's Mass Care Capabilities and Update the Red Cross Role in Catastrophic Events
GAO-08-823, September 18, 2008
National Flood Insurance Program: Financial Challenges Underscore Need for Improved Oversight of Mitigation Programs and Key Contracts
GAO-08-437, June 16, 2008
Natural Catastrophe Insurance: Analysis of a Proposed Combined Federal Flood and Wind Insurance Program
GAO-08-504, April 25, 2008
National Disaster Response: FEMA Should Take Action to Improve Capacity and Coordination between Government and Voluntary Sectors
GAO-08-369, February 27, 2008
Disaster Cost Estimates: FEMA Can Improve Its Learning from Past Experience and Management of Disaster-Related Resources
GAO-08-301, February 22, 2008
National Flood Insurance Program: Greater Transparency and Oversight of Wind and Flood Damage Determinations Are Needed
GAO-08-28, December 28, 2007
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Bureau of Indian Education: Improving Interior's Assistance Would Aid Tribal Groups Developing Academic Accountability Systems
GAO-08-1125T, September 9, 2008
Bureau of Indian Education Schools: Improving Interior's Assistance Would Help Some Tribal Groups Implement Academic Accountability Systems
GAO-08-679, June 27, 2008
Higher Education: Veteran Students Received Similar Amounts of Title IV Aid As Nonveterans but More Total Aid with GI Benefits
GAO-08-741, June 20, 2008
Higher Education: United States' and Other Countries' Strategies for Attracting and Funding International Students
GAO-08-878T, June 19, 2008
Higher Education: Multiple Higher Education Tax Incentives Create Opportunities for Taxpayers to Make Costly Mistakes
GAO-08-717T, May 1, 2008
Native Hawaiian Education Act: Greater Oversight Would Increase Accountability and Enable Targeting of Funds to Areas with Greatest Need
GAO-08-422, March 25, 2008
District of Columbia Public Schools: While Early Reform Efforts Tackle Critical Management Issues, a District-Wide Strategic Education Plan Would Help Guide Long-Term Efforts
GAO-08-549T, March 14, 2008
No Child Left Behind Act: Education Actions Could Improve the Targeting of School Improvement Funds to Schools Most in Need of Assistance
GAO-08-380, February 29, 2008
Disconnected Youth: Federal Action Could Address Some of the Challenges Faced by Local Programs That Reconnect Youth to Education and Employment
GAO-08-313, February 28, 2008
Head Start: A More Comprehensive Risk Management Strategy and Data Improvements Could Further Strengthen Program Oversight
GAO-08-221, February 12, 2008
DOD Schools: Additional Reporting Could Improve Accountability for Academic Achievement of Students with Dyslexia
GAO-08-70, December 6, 2007
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Human Capital: Selected Agencies Have Implemented Key Features of Their Senior Executive Performance-Based Pay Systems, but Refinements Are Needed
GAO-08-1019T, July 22, 2008
Department of Labor: Case Studies from Ongoing Work Show Examples in Which Wage and Hour Division Did Not Adequately Pursue Labor Violations
GAO-08-973T, July 15, 2008
Fair Labor Standards Act: Better Use of Available Resources and Consistent Reporting Could Improve Compliance
GAO-08-962T, July 15, 2008
Employment Verification: Challenges Exist in Implementing a Mandatory Electronic Employment Verification System
GAO-08-895T, June 10, 2008
Human Capital: Workforce Diversity Governmentwide and at the Department of Homeland Security
GAO-08-815T, May 21, 2008
Workforce Development: Community Colleges and One-Stop Centers Collaborate to Meet 21st Century Workforce Needs
GAO-08-547, May 15, 2008
Employment and Training Program Grants: Evaluating Impact and Enhancing Monitoring Would Improve Accountability
GAO-08-486, May 7, 2008
Human Capital: Corps of Engineers Needs to Update Its Workforce Planning Process to More Effectively Address Its Current and Future Workforce Needs
GAO-08-596, May 7, 2008
Employment Verification: Challenges Exist in Implementing a Mandatory Electronic Employment Verification System
GAO-08-729T, May 6, 2008
Older Workers: Federal Agencies Face Challenges, but Have Opportunities to Hire and Retain Experienced Employees
GAO-08-630T, April 30, 2008
Human Capital: Workforce Diversity Governmentwide and at the Small Business Administration
GAO-08-725T, April 23, 2008
Employment and Training: Most One-Stop Career Centers Are Taking Multiple Actions to Link Employers and Older Workers
GAO-08-548, April 21, 2008
Mine Safety: Additional Guidance and Oversight of Mines' Emergency Response Plans Would Improve the Safety of Underground Coal Miners
GAO-08-424, April 8, 2008
Human Capital: Diversity in the Federal SES and Senior Levels of the U.S. Postal Service and Processes for Selecting New Executives
GAO-08-609T, April 3, 2008
Posthearing Questions Related to Federal Agencies' Activities regarding the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
GAO-08-397R, January 9, 2008
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Energy Efficiency: Potential Fuel Savings Generated by a National Speed Limit Would Be Influenced by Many Other Factors
GAO-09-153R, November 7, 2008
Nuclear Safety: Department of Energy Needs to Strengthen Its Independent Oversight of Nuclear Facilities and Operations
GAO-09-61, October 23, 2008
Federal Energy Management: Agencies Are Acquiring Alternative Fuel Vehicles but Face Challenges in Meeting Other Fleet Objectives
GAO-09-75R, October 22, 2008
Energy Markets: Refinery Outages Can Impact Petroleum Product Prices, but No Federal Requirements to Report Outages Exist
GAO-09-87, October 7, 2008
Federal Energy Management: Addressing Challenges through Better Plans and Clarifying the Greenhouse Gas Emission Measure Will Help Meet Long-term Goals for Buildings
GAO-08-977, September 30, 2008
Nuclear Waste: Action Needed to Improve Accountability and Management of DOE's Major Cleanup Projects
GAO-08-1081, September 26, 2008
Energy Markets: Analysis of More Past Mergers Could Enhance Federal Trade Commission's Efforts to Maintain Competition in the Petroleum Industry
GAO-08-1082, September 25, 2008
Motor Fuels: Stakeholder Views on Compensating for the Effects of Gasoline Temperature on Volume at the Pump
GAO-08-1114, September 25, 2008
Nuclear Security: Los Alamos National Laboratory Faces Challenges In Sustaining Physical and Cyber Security Improvements
GAO-08-1180T, September 25, 2008
Electricity Restructuring: FERC Could Take Additional Steps to Analyze Regional Transmission Organizations' Benefits and Performance
GAO-08-987, September 22, 2008
Oil and Gas Royalties: The Federal System for Collecting Oil and Gas Revenues Needs Comprehensive Reassessment
GAO-08-691, September 3, 2008
Nuclear Material: DOE Needs to Take Action to Reduce Risks Before Processing Additional Nuclear Material at the Savannah River Site's H-Canyon
GAO-08-840, July 25, 2008
Nuclear Weapons: Views on NNSA's Proposal to Transform the Nuclear Weapons Complex
GAO-08-1032T, July 17, 2008
Department of Energy: New Loan Guarantee Program Should Complete Activities Necessary for Effective and Accountable Program Management
GAO-08-750, July 7, 2008
Nuclear Safety: NRC's Oversight of Fire Protection at U.S. Commercial Nuclear Reactor Units Could Be Strengthened
GAO-08-747, June 30, 2008
Nuclear Waste: DOE Lacks Critical Information Needed to Assess Its Tank Management Strategy at Hanford
GAO-08-793, June 30, 2008
Department of Energy: Information on Its Management of Costs and Liabilities for Contractors' Pension and Postretirement Benefit Plans
GAO-08-642R, June 19, 2008
Department of Energy: Implementation and Use of Other Transactions Authority Provided in the Energy Policy Act of 2005
GAO-08-798R, June 6, 2008
Department of Energy: Office of Science Has Kept Majority of Projects within Budget and on Schedule, but Funding and Other Challenges May Grow
GAO-08-641, May 30, 2008
Low-Level Radioactive Waste: Status of Disposal Availability in the United States and Other Countries
GAO-08-813T, May 20, 2008
Economic and Other Implications of Switching from Coal to Natural Gas at the Capitol Power Plant and at Electricity-Generating Units Nationwide
GAO-08-601R, May 1, 2008
Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of Filling the Reserve
GAO-08-726T, April 24, 2008
Global Nuclear Energy Partnership: DOE Should Reassess Its Approach to Designing and Building Spent Nuclear Fuel Recycling Facilities
GAO-08-483, April 22, 2008
Nuclear Material: Several Potential Options for Dealing with DOE's Depleted Uranium Tails Could Benefit the Government
GAO-08-613T, April 3, 2008
Nuclear Material: DOE Has Several Potential Options for Dealing with Depleted Uranium Tails, Each of Which Could Benefit the Government
GAO-08-606R, March 31, 2008
Advanced Energy Technologies: Budget Trends and Challenges for DOE's Energy R&D Program
GAO-08-556T, March 5, 2008
Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Options to Improve the Cost-Effectiveness of Filling the Reserve
GAO-08-521T, February 26, 2008
Utility Oversight: Recent Changes in Law Call for Improved Vigilance by FERC
GAO-08-289, February 25, 2008
Utility Oversight: Survey of State Public Utility Commissions on Utility Commission Authorities and Reporting Responsibilities For Overseeing Utilities Since the Passage of EPAct 2005 (GAO-08-290SP, February 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-289
GAO-08-290SP, February 25, 2008
Nuclear Security: Action May Be Needed to Reassess the Security of NRC-Licensed Research Reactors
GAO-08-403, January 31, 2008
Hydrogen Fuel Initiative: DOE Has Made Important Progress and Involved Stakeholders but Needs to Update What It Expects to Achieve by Its 2015 Target
GAO-08-305, January 11, 2008
Los Alamos National Laboratory: Information on Security of Classified Data, Nuclear Material Controls, Nuclear and Worker Safety, and Project Management Weaknesses
GAO-08-173R, January 10, 2008
Energy Markets: Increasing Globalization of Petroleum Products Markets, Tightening Refining Demand and Supply Balance, and Other Trends Have Implications for U.S. Energy Supply, Prices, and Price Volatility
GAO-08-14, December 20, 2007
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Environmental Protection

International Climate Change Programs: Lessons Learned from the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme and the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism
GAO-09-151, November 18, 2008
Aviation and the Environment: Initial Voluntary Airport Low Emissions Program Projects Reduce Emissions, and FAA Plans to Assess the Program's Overall Performance as Participation Increases
GAO-09-37, November 7, 2008
Climate Change: Federal Actions Will Greatly Affect the Viability of Carbon Capture and Storage As a Key Mitigation Option
GAO-08-1080, September 30, 2008
EPA's Execution of Its Fiscal year 2007 New Budget Authority for the Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Program in the Regional Offices
GAO-08-1109R, September 26, 2008
Environmental Enforcement: EPA Needs to Improve the Accuracy and Transparency of Measures Used to Report on Program Effectiveness
GAO-08-1111R, September 18, 2008
EPA Science: New Assessment Process Further Limits the Credibility and Timeliness of EPA's Assessments of Toxic Chemicals
GAO-08-1168T, September 18, 2008
Electronic Waste: Harmful U.S. Exports Flow Virtually Unrestricted Because of Minimal EPA Enforcement and Narrow Regulation
GAO-08-1166T, September 17, 2008
Environmental Health: EPA Efforts to Address Children's Health Issues Need Greater Focus, Direction, and Top-Level Commitment
GAO-08-1155T, September 16, 2008
Coastal Zone Management: Measuring Program's Effectiveness Continues to Be a Challenge
GAO-08-1045, September 12, 2008
Carbon Offsets: The U.S. Voluntary Market Is Growing, but Quality Assurance Poses Challenges for Market Participants
GAO-08-1048, August 29, 2008
Recent Actions by the Chesapeake Bay Program Are Positive Steps Toward More Effectively Guiding the Restoration Effort, but Additional Steps Are Needed
GAO-08-1131R, August 28, 2008
Hurricane Katrina: Continuing Debris Removal and Disposal Issues
GAO-08-985R, August 25, 2008
Chemical Safety Board: Improvements in Management and Oversight Are Needed
GAO-08-864R, August 22, 2008
Chesapeake Bay Program: Recent Actions Are Positive Steps Toward More Effectively Guiding the Restoration Effort
GAO-08-1033T, July 30, 2008
Superfund: Funding and Reported Costs of Enforcement and Administration Activities
GAO-08-841R, July 18, 2008
Environmental Satellites: Polar-orbiting Satellite Acquisition Faces Delays; Decisions Needed on Whether and How to Ensure Climate Data Continuity
GAO-08-899T, June 19, 2008
Architect of the Capitol: Progress in Improving Energy Efficiency and Options for Decreasing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
GAO-08-917T, June 18, 2008
Chemical Assessments: EPA's New Assessment Process Will Further Limit the Productivity and Credibility of Its Integrated Risk Information System
GAO-08-810T, May 21, 2008
Environmental Satellites: Polar-orbiting Satellite Acquisition Faces Delays; Decisions Needed on Whether and How to Ensure Climate Data Continuity
GAO-08-518, May 16, 2008
Climate Change: Expert Opinion on the Economics of Policy Options to Address Climate Change
GAO-08-605, May 9, 2008
Offshore Marine Aquaculture: Multiple Administrative and Environmental Issues Need to Be Addressed in Establishing a U.S. Regulatory Framework
GAO-08-594, May 9, 2008
Aboveground Oil Storage Tanks: More Complete Facility Data Could Improve Implementation of EPA's Spill Prevention Program
GAO-08-482, April 30, 2008
Toxic Chemicals: EPA's New Assessment Process Will Increase Challenges EPA Faces in Evaluating and Regulating Chemicals
GAO-08-743T, April 29, 2008
International Boundary and Water Commission: Two Alternatives for Improving Wastewater Treatment at the United States-Mexico Border
GAO-08-595R, April 24, 2008
Environmental Protection: EPA Needs to Follow Best Practices and Procedures When Reorganizing Its Library Network
GAO-08-579T, March 13, 2008
Chemical Assessments: Low Productivity and New Interagency Review Process Limit the Usefulness and Credibility of EPA's Integrated Risk Information System
GAO-08-440, March 7, 2008
Environmental Protection: EPA Needs to Ensure That Best Practices and Procedures Are Followed When Making Further Changes to Its Library Network
GAO-08-304, February 29, 2008
Great Lakes Initiative: EPA and States Have Made Progress, but Much Remains to Be Done If Water Quality Goals Are to Be Achieved
GAO-08-312T, January 23, 2008
Bureau of Reclamation: Reimbursement of California's Central Valley Project Capital Construction Costs by San Luis Unit Irrigation Water Districts
GAO-08-307R, December 18, 2007
Coastal Wetlands: Lessons Learned from Past Efforts in Louisiana Could Help Guide Future Restoration and Protection
GAO-08-130, December 14, 2007
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Financial Institutions

Troubled Asset Relief Program: Status of Efforts to Address Defaults and Foreclosures on Home Mortgages
GAO-09-231T, December 4, 2008
Troubled Asset Relief Program: Additional Actions Needed to Better Ensure Integrity, Accountability, and Transparency
GAO-09-161, December 2, 2008
Check 21 Act: Most Consumers Have Accepted and Banks Are Progressing Toward Full Adoption of Check Truncation
GAO-09-8, October 28, 2008
Check 21 Act: Questions for Consumers about Check 21 Act (GAO-09-9SP, October 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-09-8
GAO-09-9SP, October 28, 2008
Risk-Based Capital: New Basel II Rules Reduced Certain Competitive Concerns, but Bank Regulators Should Address Remaining Uncertainties
GAO-08-953, September 12, 2008
Private Equity: Recent Growth in Leveraged Buyouts Exposed Risks That Warrant Continued Attention
GAO-08-885, September 9, 2008
Sovereign Wealth Funds: Publicly Available Data on Sizes and Investments for Some Funds Are Limited
GAO-08-946, September 9, 2008
Fair Lending: Race and Gender Data Are Limited for Nonmortgage Lending
GAO-08-1023T, July 17, 2008
Management Report: Opportunities for Improvements in FDIC's Internal Controls and Accounting Procedures
GAO-08-863R, July 11, 2008
Fair Lending: Race and Gender Data Are Limited for Nonmortgage Lending
GAO-08-698, June 27, 2008
Federal Reserve Banks: Areas for Improvement in Information Security Controls
GAO-08-836R, June 16, 2008
Credit and Debit Cards: Federal Entities Are Taking Actions to Limit Their Interchange Fees, but Additional Revenue Collection Cost Savings May Exist
GAO-08-558, May 15, 2008
Internal Control: Improvements Needed in SEC's Accounting and Financial Reporting Process
GAO-08-461R, April 1, 2008
U.S. Coins: The Federal Reserve Banks Are Fulfilling Coin Demand, but Optimal Inventory Ranges Are Undefined
GAO-08-401, March 21, 2008
Financial Services Industry: Overall Trends in Management-Level Diversity and Diversity Initiatives, 1993-2006
GAO-08-445T, February 7, 2008
Bank Fees: Federal Banking Regulators Could Better Ensure That Consumers Have Required Disclosure Documents Prior to Opening Checking or Savings Accounts
GAO-08-281, January 31, 2008
Hedge Funds: Regulators and Market Participants Are Taking Steps to Strengthen Market Discipline, but Continued Attention Is Needed
GAO-08-200, January 24, 2008
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Financial Management

Auto Industry: A Framework for Considering Federal Financial Assistance
GAO-09-242T, December 4, 2008
Financial Audit: Securities and Exchange Commission's Financial Statements for Fiscal Years 2008 and 2007
GAO-09-173, November 14, 2008
Financial Audit: IRS's Fiscal Years 2008 and 2007 Financial Statements
GAO-09-119, November 10, 2008
Financial Audit: Bureau of the Public Debt's Fiscal Years 2008 and 2007 Schedules of Federal Debt
GAO-09-44, November 7, 2008
Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures: Fiscal Year 2008 Airport and Airway Trust Fund Excise Taxes
GAO-09-90R, November 3, 2008
Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures: Fiscal Year 2008 Highway Trust Fund Excise Taxes
GAO-09-91R, November 3, 2008
Flood Insurance: FEMA's Rate-Setting Process Warrants Attention
GAO-09-12, October 31, 2008
Financial Management: Persistent Financial Management Systems Issues Remain for Many CFO Act Agencies
GAO-08-1018, September 30, 2008
DOD Financial Management: Improvements Are Needed in Antideficiency Act Controls and Investigations
GAO-08-1063, September 26, 2008
Audit of Special Counsel Expenditures for the 6 Months Ended March 31, 2008
GAO-08-1122R, September 24, 2008
DCAA Audits: Allegations That Certain Audits at Three Locations Did Not Meet Professional Standards Were Substantiated
GAO-08-993T, September 10, 2008
Grants Management: Attention Needed to Address Undisbursed Balances in Expired Grant Accounts
GAO-08-432, August 29, 2008
DOD Financial Management: Adjudication of Butterbaugh Claims for the Restoration of Annual Leave or Pay
GAO-08-948R, July 28, 2008
Financial Management: DOD's Ability to Prevent, Identify, Investigate, and Report on Antideficiency Act Violations
GAO-08-941R, July 28, 2008
Financial Audit Manual: Volume 1, July 2008
GAO-08-585G, July 25, 2008
Financial Audit Manual: Volume 2, July 2008
GAO-08-586G, July 25, 2008
DCAA Audits: Allegations That Certain Audits at Three Locations Did Not Meet Professional Standards Were Substantiated
GAO-08-857, July 22, 2008
Financial Management: FBI Has Designed and Implemented Stronger Internal Controls over Sentinel Contractor Invoice Review and Equipment Purchases, but Additional Actions Are Needed
GAO-08-716R, July 15, 2008
Improper Payments: Responses to Posthearing Questions Related to Status of Agencies' Efforts to Address Improper Payment and Recovery Auditing Requirements
GAO-08-819R, June 20, 2008
Financial Audit: Material Weaknesses in Internal Control over the Processes Used to Prepare the Consolidated Financial Statements of the U.S. Government
GAO-08-748, June 17, 2008
Governmentwide Accounts Payable
GAO-08-711R, May 20, 2008
Financial Audit: Congressional Award Foundation's Fiscal Years 2007 and 2006 Financial Statements
GAO-08-715, May 15, 2008
Financial Audit: Special Counsel Expenditures for the Six Months Ended September 30, 2007
GAO-08-541, March 31, 2008
Financial Audit: Senate Restaurants Revolving Fund for Fiscal Years 2007 and 2006
GAO-08-463, March 7, 2008
Financial Audit: American Battle Monuments Commission's Financial Statements for Fiscal Years 2007 and 2006
GAO-08-326, February 29, 2008
Bank Secrecy Act: Increased Use of Exemption Provisions Could Reduce Currency Transaction Reporting While Maintaining Usefulness to Law Enforcement Efforts
GAO-08-355, February 21, 2008
Bank Secrecy Act: Surveys of Financial Institutions and CTR Users (GAO-08-385SP, February 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-355
GAO-08-385SP, February 21, 2008
Financial Audit: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Funds' 2007 and 2006 Financial Statements
GAO-08-416, February 11, 2008
Improper Payments: Status of Agencies' Efforts to Address Improper Payment and Recovery Auditing Requirements
GAO-08-438T, January 31, 2008
Improper Payments: Federal Executive Branch Agencies' Fiscal Year 2007 Improper Payment Estimate Reporting
GAO-08-377R, January 23, 2008
HUD and Treasury Programs: More Information on Leverage Measures' Accuracy and Linkage to Program Goals Is Needed in Assessing Performance
GAO-08-136, January 18, 2008
Audits of Public Companies: Continued Concentration in Audit Market for Large Public Companies Does Not Call for Immediate Action
GAO-08-163, January 9, 2008
Audits of Public Companies: Survey of Public Accounting Firms and Public Companies (GAO-08-164SP, January 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-163
GAO-08-164SP, January 9, 2008
Government Auditing Standards: Implementation Tool: Professional Requirements Tool for Use in Implementing Requirements Identified by "Must" and "Should" in the July 2007 Revision of Government Auditing Standards
GAO-08-210G, December 31, 2007
Legal Services Corporation: Improved Internal Controls Needed in Grants Management and Oversight
GAO-08-37, December 28, 2007
DOD Travel Improper Payments: Fiscal Year 2006 Reporting Was Incomplete and Planned Improvement Efforts Face Challenges
GAO-08-16, December 14, 2007
Agreed-Upon Procedures: Senate Office of Public Records Revolving Fund, Fiscal Years 2006 and 2007
GAO-08-201R, December 7, 2007
Responses to Posthearing Questions Related to Improving Single Audit Quality
GAO-08-318R, December 7, 2007
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Government Operations

Human Capital: Diversity in the Federal SES and Processes for Selecting New Executives
GAO-09-110, November 26, 2008
Department of Labor: Better Cost Assessments and Departmentwide Performance Tracking Are Needed to Effectively Manage Competitive Sourcing Program
GAO-09-14, November 21, 2008
Confirmation of Political Appointees: Eliciting Nominees' Views on Management Challenges within Agencies and across Government
GAO-09-194, November 17, 2008
U.S. Government Accountability Office: Performance and Accountability Report Fiscal Year 2008
GAO-09-1SP, November 14, 2008
National Applications Office Certification Review
GAO-09-105R, November 6, 2008
Status of GSA's Implementation of Selected Green Building Provisions of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
GAO-09-111R, October 31, 2008
Federal Real Property: Government's Fiscal Exposure from Repair and Maintenance Backlogs Is Unclear
GAO-09-10, October 16, 2008
Federal Research: Opportunities Exist to Improve the Management and Oversight of Federally Funded Research and Development Centers
GAO-09-15, October 8, 2008
2010 Census: Census Bureau Needs Procedures for Estimating the Response Rate and Selecting for Testing Methods to Increase Response Rate
GAO-08-1012, September 30, 2008
Lobbying Disclosure: Observations on Lobbyists' Compliance with New Disclosure Requirements
GAO-08-1099, September 30, 2008
Elections: 2007 Survey of State Voting System Programs (GAO-08-1147SP, September 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-874
GAO-08-1147SP, September 25, 2008
Elections: States, Territories, and the District Are Taking a Range of Important Steps to Manage Their Varied Voting System Environments
GAO-08-874, September 25, 2008
U.S. Postal Service: Progress Made Toward Implementing GAO's Recommendations to Strengthen Network Realignment Planning and Accountability and Improve Communication
GAO-08-1134R, September 25, 2008
Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Project's Schedule and Cost as of September 24, 2008
GAO-08-1172T, September 24, 2008
The Upcoming Transition: GAO's Efforts to Assist the 111th Congress and the Next Administration
GAO-08-1174T, September 24, 2008
2010 Census: The Bureau's Plans for Reducing the Undercount Show Promise, but Key Uncertainties Remain
GAO-08-1167T, September 23, 2008
Employment and Training Program Grants: Labor Has Outlined Steps for Additional Documentation and Monitoring but Assessing Impact Still Remains an Issue
GAO-08-1140T, September 23, 2008
Briefing on Observations on the Office of Management and Budget's Report on the Human Resources Line of Business Initiative
GAO-08-1163R, September 19, 2008
Biosafety Laboratories: Perimeter Security Assessment of the Nation's Five BSL-4 Laboratories
GAO-08-1092, September 17, 2008
Elections: Federal Program for Certifying Voting Systems Needs to Be Further Defined, Fully Implemented, and Expanded
GAO-08-814, September 16, 2008
Federal Courthouse Construction: Estimated Costs to House the L.A. District Court Have Tripled and There Is No Consensus on How to Proceed
GAO-08-889, September 12, 2008
Federal Real Property: Progress Made in Reducing Unneeded Property, but VA Needs Better Information to Make Further Reductions
GAO-08-939, September 10, 2008
The Upcoming Transition: GAO's Efforts to Assist the 111th Congress and the Next Administration
GAO-08-1153T, September 10, 2008
U.S. Postal Service: New Delivery Performance Measures Could Enhance Managers' Pay for Performance Program
GAO-08-996, September 10, 2008
Assessment of the Explanation That Immigration and Customs Enforcement Provided for Its Subsequent Transfer from the Spectrum Relocation Fund
GAO-08-846R, September 9, 2008
Elections: Federal Programs for Accrediting Laboratories That Test Voting Systems Need to Be Better Defined and Implemented
GAO-08-770, September 9, 2008
Information Security: Actions Needed to Better Protect Los Alamos National Laboratory's Unclassified Computer Network
GAO-08-1001, September 9, 2008
Women's Earnings: Federal Agencies Should Better Monitor Their Performance in Enforcing Anti-Discrimination Laws
GAO-08-799, August 11, 2008
2010 Census: Census Bureau's Decision to Continue with Handheld Computers for Address Canvassing Makes Planning and Testing Critical
GAO-08-936, July 31, 2008
Indian Health Service: Mismanagement Led to Millions of Dollars in Lost or Stolen Property and Wasteful Spending
GAO-08-1069T, July 31, 2008
Information Technology: Agencies Need to Establish Comprehensive Policies to Address Changes to Projects' Cost, Schedule, and Performance Goals
GAO-08-925, July 31, 2008
United States Postal Service: Information on the Irradiation of Federal Mail in the Washington, D.C., Area
GAO-08-938R, July 31, 2008
Personnel Security Clearances: Preliminary Observations on Joint Reform Efforts to Improve the Governmentwide Clearance Eligibility Process
GAO-08-1050T, July 30, 2008
Post-Government Employment Restrictions and Foreign Agent Registration: Additional Action Needed to Enhance Implementation of Requirements
GAO-08-855, July 30, 2008
Government Performance: 2007 Federal Managers Survey on Performance and Management Issues: (GAO-08-1036SP, July 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-1026T
GAO-08-1036SP, July 24, 2008
Government Performance: Lessons Learned for the Next Administration on Using Performance Information to Improve Results
GAO-08-1026T, July 24, 2008
U.S. Postal Service: Data Needed to Assess the Effectiveness of Outsourcing
GAO-08-787, July 24, 2008
U.S. Postal Service: USPS Has Taken Steps to Strengthen Network Realignment Planning and Accountability and Improve Communication
GAO-08-1022T, July 24, 2008
U.S. Capitol Police: Progress Made in Addressing Prior GAO Recommendations on Administrative and Management Operations
GAO-08-1000T, July 16, 2008
Schedule and Timing Issues Complicate Withholding Premiums for Medicare Parts C and D from Social Security Payments
GAO-08-816R, July 15, 2008
Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Project's Schedule and Cost as of June 27, 2008
GAO-08-900T, July 8, 2008
Telecommunications: Agencies Are Generally Following Sound Transition Planning Practices, and GSA Is Taking Action to Resolve Challenges
GAO-08-759, June 27, 2008
Defense Production Act: Agencies Lack Policies and Guidance for Use of Key Authorities
GAO-08-854, June 26, 2008
Electronic Payments: Many Programs Electronically Disburse Federal Benefits, and More Outreach Could Increase Use
GAO-08-645, June 23, 2008
Indian Health Service: IHS Mismanagement Led to Millions of Dollars in Lost or Stolen Property
GAO-08-727, June 18, 2008
2010 Census: Census Bureau Should Take Action to Improve the Credibility and Accuracy of Its Cost Estimate for the Decennial Census
GAO-08-554, June 16, 2008
Federal Real Property: Property Conveyances between the District of Columbia and the Federal Government Await Completion, and Development Will Take Many Years
GAO-08-684, June 13, 2008
2010 Census: Plans for Decennial Census Operations and Technology Have Progressed, But Much Uncertainty Remains
GAO-08-886T, June 11, 2008
U.S. Postal Service: Mail-Related Recycling Initiatives and Possible Opportunities for Improvement
GAO-08-599, June 3, 2008
Privacy: Agencies Should Ensure That Designated Senior Officials Have Oversight of Key Functions
GAO-08-603, May 30, 2008
Federal User Fees: A Design Guide
GAO-08-386SP, May 29, 2008
Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Project's Schedule and Cost as of May 22, 2008
GAO-08-811T, May 22, 2008
Privacy: Alternatives Exist for Enhancing Protection of Personally Identifiable Information
GAO-08-536, May 19, 2008
Smithsonian Institution: Board of Regents Has Implemented Many Governance Reforms, but Ensuring Accountability and Oversight Will Require Ongoing Action
GAO-08-632, May 15, 2008
Federal Real Property: Corps of Engineers Needs to Improve the Reliability of Its Real Property Disposal Data
GAO-08-349, May 9, 2008
Human Capital: Transforming Federal Recruiting and Hiring Efforts
GAO-08-762T, May 8, 2008
Interagency Contracting: Need for Improved Information and Policy Implementation at the Department of State
GAO-08-578, May 8, 2008
U.S. Capitol Police: Status of Efforts to Address Prior GAO Recommendations on Administrative and Management Operations
GAO-08-540T, May 1, 2008
2010 Census: Bureau Needs to Specify How It Will Assess Coverage Follow-up Techniques and When It Will Produce Coverage Measurement Results
GAO-08-414, April 15, 2008
2010 Census: Census at Critical Juncture for Implementing Risk Reduction Strategies
GAO-08-685T, April 15, 2008
Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Project's Schedule and Cost as of April 15, 2008
GAO-08-677T, April 15, 2008
Census 2010: Census at Critical Juncture for Implementing Risk Reduction Strategies
GAO-08-659T, April 9, 2008
Employee Security: Implementation of Identification Cards and DOD's Personnel Security Clearance Program Need Improvement
GAO-08-551T, April 9, 2008
Federal Advisory Committee Act: Issues Related to the Independence and Balance of Advisory Committees
GAO-08-611T, April 2, 2008
Federal Compensation Programs: Perspectives on Four Programs for Individuals Injured by Exposure to Harmful Substances
GAO-08-628T, April 1, 2008
Federal Contracting: Congressional Action Needed to Address Long-standing Problems with Reporting of Advisory and Assistance Services
GAO-08-319, March 31, 2008
Comments on the Office of Personnel Management's February 20, 2008 Report to Congress Regarding the Retirement Systems Modernization
GAO-08-576R, March 28, 2008
Governmentwide Purchase Cards: Actions Needed to Strengthen Internal Controls to Reduce Fraudulent, Improper, and Abusive Purchases
GAO-08-333, March 14, 2008
"The Government Accountability Office (GAO) Act of 2007" (H.R. 3268), and Other GAO Reforms
GAO-08-587T, March 13, 2008
U.S. Government Accountability Office: Human Capital Initiatives and Additional Legislative Authorities
GAO-08-573T, March 13, 2008
Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Project's Schedule and Cost as of March 12, 2008
GAO-08-545T, March 12, 2008
Intellectual Property: Federal Enforcement Has Generally Increased, but Assessing Performance Could Strengthen Law Enforcement Efforts
GAO-08-157, March 11, 2008
Presidential Signing Statements: Agency Implementation of Selected Provisions of Law
GAO-08-553T, March 11, 2008
Electronic Government: Additional OMB Leadership Needed to Optimize Use of New Federal Employee Identification Cards
GAO-08-292, February 29, 2008
Intelligence Reform: GAO Can Assist the Congress and the Intelligence Community on Management Reform Initiatives
GAO-08-413T, February 29, 2008
Management Letter: Recommendations for Improvements to MCC's Internal Controls and Policies on Premium Class Air Travel
GAO-08-468R, February 29, 2008
Postal Reform Law: Early Transition Is Promising, but Challenges to Successful Implementation Remain
GAO-08-503T, February 28, 2008
Federal Acquisition: Oversight Plan Needed to Help Implement Acquisition Advisory Panel's Recommendations
GAO-08-515T, February 27, 2008
Personnel Clearances: Key Factors to Consider in Efforts to Reform Security Clearance Processes
GAO-08-352T, February 27, 2008
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: Hiring Efforts Are Not Sufficient to Reduce the Patent Application Backlog
GAO-08-527T, February 27, 2008
Federal Workers' Compensation: Better Data and Management Strategies Would Strengthen Efforts to Prevent and Address Improper Payments
GAO-08-284, February 26, 2008
The Judgment Fund: Status of Reimbursements Required by the No FEAR Act and Contract Disputes Act
GAO-08-295R, February 26, 2008
Federal User Fees: Substantive Reviews Needed to Align Port-Related Fees with the Programs They Support
GAO-08-321, February 22, 2008
GAO's Performance Plan for Fiscal Year 2009: Mission, Performance Plans, Resources, and Strategies
GAO-08-507SP, February 19, 2008
Elections: Results of GAO's Testing of Voting Systems Used in Sarasota County in Florida's 13th Congressional District
GAO-08-425T, February 8, 2008
Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Project's Schedule and Cost as of February 7, 2008
GAO-08-475T, February 7, 2008
Elderly Voters: Some Improvements in Voting Accessibility from 2000 to 2004 Elections, but Gaps in Policy and Implementation Remain
GAO-08-442T, January 31, 2008
Feasibility of Outsourcing the Management and Operation of the Capitol Power Plant
GAO-08-382R, January 31, 2008
Supplemental Appropriations: Opportunities Exist to Increase Transparency and Provide Additional Controls
GAO-08-314, January 31, 2008
Federal Real Property: Strategy Needed to Address Agencies' Long-standing Reliance on Costly Leasing
GAO-08-197, January 24, 2008
State and Local Governments: Growing Fiscal Challenges Will Emerge during the Next 10 Years
GAO-08-317, January 22, 2008
Bilingual Voting Assistance: Selected Jurisdictions' Strategies for Identifying Needs and Providing Assistance
GAO-08-182, January 18, 2008
Entitlement Reform Process: Other Countries' Experiences Provide Useful Insights for the United States
GAO-08-372, January 18, 2008
GAO Performance and Accountability Highlights: Fiscal Year 2007
GAO-08-2SP, January 2, 2008
Federal Acquisition: Oversight Plan Needed to Help Implement Acquisition Advisory Panel Recommendations
GAO-08-160, December 20, 2007
Postal Service and Mailing Industry Mail-Related Recycling: Accomplishments and Postal Opportunities--Interim Results
GAO-08-348R, December 20, 2007
A Call For Stewardship: Enhancing the Federal Government's Ability to Address Key Fiscal and Other 21st Century Challenges
GAO-08-93SP, December 17, 2007
Organizational Transformation: Implementing Chief Operating Officer/Chief Management Officer Positions in Federal Agencies
GAO-08-322T, December 13, 2007
Smithsonian Institution: Status of Efforts to Address a Range of Funding and Governance Challenges
GAO-08-250T, December 12, 2007
U.S. Postal Service Facilities: Improvements in Data Would Strengthen Maintenance and Alignment of Access to Retail Services
GAO-08-41, December 10, 2007
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Health Information Technology: More Detailed Plans Needed for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Redesigned BioSense Program
GAO-09-100, November 20, 2008
State and Local Fiscal Challenges: Rising Health Care Costs Drive Long-term and Immediate Pressures
GAO-09-210T, November 19, 2008
Public Health and Border Security: HHS and DHS Should Further Strengthen Their Ability to Respond to TB Incidents
GAO-09-58, October 14, 2008
FDA Advisory Committees: Process for Recruiting Members and Evaluating Potential Conflicts of Interest
GAO-08-640, September 30, 2008
Indoor Mold: Better Coordination of Research on Health Effects and More Consistent Guidance Would Improve Federal Efforts
GAO-08-980, September 30, 2008
Indoor Mold: Ongoing and Recently Completed Federal Research Activities (GAO-08-984SP, September 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-980
GAO-08-984SP, September 30, 2008
Influenza Pandemic: HHS Needs to Continue Its Actions and Finalize Guidance for Pharmaceutical Interventions
GAO-08-671, September 30, 2008
Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage: Federal Oversight of Reported Price Concessions Data
GAO-08-1074R, September 30, 2008
Health-Care-Associated Infections in Hospitals: Number Associated with Medical Devices Unknown, but Experts Report Provider Practices as a Significant Factor
GAO-08-1091R, September 26, 2008
Medicare: Trends in Fees, Utilization, and Expenditures for Imaging Services before and after Implementation of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
GAO-08-1102R, September 26, 2008
Medicaid: Extent of Dental Disease in Children Has Not Decreased
GAO-08-1176T, September 23, 2008
Medicaid: Extent of Dental Disease in Children Has Not Decreased, and Millions Are Estimated to Have Untreated Tooth Decay
GAO-08-1121, September 23, 2008
Drug Safety: Better Data Management and More Inspections Are Needed to Strengthen FDA's Foreign Drug Inspection Program
GAO-08-970, September 22, 2008
Nonprofit Hospitals: Variation in Standards and Guidance Limits Comparison of How Hospitals Meet Community Benefit Requirements
GAO-08-880, September 12, 2008
Health-Care-Associated Infections in Hospitals: An Overview of State Reporting Programs and Individual Hospital Initiatives to Reduce Certain Infections
GAO-08-808, September 5, 2008
Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy: Assets and Income Are Both Important in Subsidy Denials, and Access to State and Manufacturer Drug Programs Is Uneven
GAO-08-824, September 5, 2008
Health Resources and Services Administration: Many Underserved Areas Lack a Health Center Site, and the Health Center Program Needs More Oversight
GAO-08-723, August 8, 2008
Food and Drug Administration: Approval and Oversight of the Drug Mifeprex
GAO-08-751, August 7, 2008
Prescription Drugs: FDA's Oversight of the Promotion of Drugs for Off-Label Uses
GAO-08-835, July 28, 2008
Long-Term Care Insurance: State Oversight of Rate Setting and Claims Settlement Practices
GAO-08-1016T, July 24, 2008
Medicare Part D: Some Plan Sponsors Have Not Completely Implemented Fraud and Abuse Programs, and CMS Oversight Has Been Limited
GAO-08-760, July 21, 2008
Hurricane Katrina: Trends in the Operating Results of Five Hospitals in New Orleans before and after Hurricane Katrina
GAO-08-681R, July 17, 2008
Medicare and Medicaid: CMS and State Efforts to Interact with the Indian Health Service and Indian Tribes
GAO-08-724, July 11, 2008
Medicare: Covert Testing Exposes Weaknesses in the Durable Medical Equipment Supplier Screening Process
GAO-08-955, July 3, 2008
Long-Term Care Insurance: Oversight of Rate Setting and Claims Settlement Practices
GAO-08-712, June 30, 2008
Medicare Part D: Complaint Rates Are Declining, but Operational and Oversight Challenges Remain
GAO-08-719, June 27, 2008
Medicare Advantage Organizations: Actual Expenses and Profits Compared to Projections for 2005
GAO-08-827R, June 24, 2008
Young Adults With Serious Mental Illness: Some States and Federal Agencies Are Taking Steps to Address Their Transition Challenges
GAO-08-678, June 23, 2008
Influenza Pandemic: Federal Agencies Should Continue to Assist States to Address Gaps in Pandemic Planning
GAO-08-539, June 19, 2008
Emergency Preparedness: States Are Planning for Medical Surge, but Could Benefit from Shared Guidance for Allocating Scarce Medical Resources
GAO-08-668, June 13, 2008
Medicare Part B Imaging Services: Rapid Spending Growth and Shift to Physician Offices Indicate Need for CMS to Consider Additional Management Practices
GAO-08-452, June 13, 2008
Medicare: Thousands of Medicare Providers Abuse the Federal Tax System
GAO-08-618, June 13, 2008
Medicaid: CMS Needs More Information on the Billions of Dollars Spent on Supplemental Payments
GAO-08-614, May 30, 2008
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Human Capital Planning Has Improved, but Strategic View of Contractor Workforce Is Needed
GAO-08-582, May 28, 2008
Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waivers: CMS Should Encourage States to Conduct Mortality Reviews for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
GAO-08-529, May 23, 2008
Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy: SSA Continues to Approve Applicants, but Millions of Individuals Have Not Yet Applied
GAO-08-812T, May 22, 2008
Congressional Review Act: Applicability to CMS Letter on State Children's Health Insurance Program
GAO-08-785T, May 15, 2008
Health Savings Accounts: Participation Grew, and Many HSA-Eligible Plan Enrollees Did Not Open HSAs while Individuals Who Did Had Higher Incomes
GAO-08-802T, May 14, 2008
Medical Devices: FDA Faces Challenges in Conducting Inspections of Foreign Manufacturing Establishments
GAO-08-780T, May 14, 2008
Nursing Homes: Federal Monitoring Surveys Demonstrate Continued Understatement of Serious Care Problems and CMS Oversight Weaknesses
GAO-08-517, May 9, 2008
Prescription Drugs: Trends in FDA's Oversight of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising
GAO-08-758T, May 8, 2008
Medicare: Competitive Bidding for Medical Equipment and Supplies Could Reduce Program Payments, but Adequate Oversight Is Critical
GAO-08-767T, May 6, 2008
Organ Transplant Programs: Federal Agencies Have Acted to Improve Oversight, but Implementation Issues Remain
GAO-08-412, April 29, 2008
Food and Drug Administration: Agency Complied with Statutory Requirement to Reexamine Condom Labels
GAO-08-565R, April 25, 2008
Abstinence Education: Assessing the Accuracy and Effectiveness of Federally Funded Programs
GAO-08-664T, April 23, 2008
Drug Safety: Preliminary Findings Suggest Recent FDA Initiatives Have Potential, but Do Not Fully Address Weaknesses in Its Foreign Drug Inspection Program
GAO-08-701T, April 22, 2008
Health-Care-Associated Infections in Hospitals: Leadership Needed from HHS to Prioritize Prevention Practices and Improve Data on These Infections
GAO-08-673T, April 16, 2008
Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorders: NIH Supports a Wide Range of Research
GAO-08-454R, April 4, 2008
Medicaid Financing: Long-standing Concerns about Inappropriate State Arrangements Support Need for Improved Federal Oversight
GAO-08-650T, April 3, 2008
Global HIV/AIDS: A More Country-Based Approach Could Improve Allocation of PEPFAR Funding
GAO-08-480, April 2, 2008
Global HIV/AIDS: Survey of PEPFAR Country Team Officials (GAO-08-534SP), an E-supplement to GAO-08-480
GAO-08-534SP, April 2, 2008
Health Savings Accounts: Participation Increased and Was More Common among Individuals with Higher Incomes
GAO-08-474R, April 1, 2008
Health and Safety Information: EPA and OSHA Could Improve Their Processes for Preparing Communication Products
GAO-08-265, March 31, 2008
Health-Care-Associated Infections in Hospitals: Leadership Needed from HHS to Prioritize Prevention Practices and Improve Data on These Infections
GAO-08-283, March 31, 2008
Health Insurance: Most College Students Are Covered through Employer-Sponsored Plans, and Some Colleges and States Are Taking Steps to Increase Coverage
GAO-08-389, March 28, 2008
September 11: Fiscal Year 2008 Cost Estimation Process for World Trade Center Health Programs
GAO-08-537R, March 11, 2008
Hospital Quality Data: Issues and Challenges Related to How Hospitals Submit Data and How CMS Ensures Data Reliability
GAO-08-555T, March 6, 2008
Catastrophic Disasters: Federal Efforts Help States Prepare for and Respond to Psychological Consequences, but FEMA's Crisis Counseling Program Needs Improvements
GAO-08-22, February 29, 2008
Medicare Advantage: Higher Spending Relative to Medicare Fee-for-Service May Not Ensure Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs for Beneficiaries
GAO-08-522T, February 28, 2008
DOD and VA: Preliminary Observations on Efforts to Improve Care Management and Disability Evaluations for Servicemembers
GAO-08-514T, February 27, 2008
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Changes in Obligations and Activities before and after Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Reorganization
GAO-08-328R, February 25, 2008
Medicare Advantage: Increased Spending Relative to Medicare Fee-for-Service May Not Always Reduce Beneficiary Out-of-Pocket Costs
GAO-08-359, February 22, 2008
Medicare Physician Payment: Care Coordination Programs Used in Demonstration Show Promise, but Wider Use of Payment Approach May Be Limited
GAO-08-65, February 15, 2008
Health Information Technology: HHS Is Pursuing Efforts to Advance Nationwide Implementation, but Has Not Yet Completed a National Strategy
GAO-08-499T, February 14, 2008
Primary Care Professionals: Recent Supply Trends, Projections, and Valuation of Services
GAO-08-472T, February 12, 2008
Medicaid Demonstration Waivers: Recent HHS Approvals Continue to Raise Cost and Oversight Concerns
GAO-08-87, January 31, 2008
Reprocessed Single-Use Medical Devices: FDA Oversight Has Increased, and Available Information Does Not Indicate That Use Presents an Elevated Health Risk
GAO-08-147, January 31, 2008
Medical Devices: Challenges for FDA in Conducting Manufacturer Inspections
GAO-08-428T, January 29, 2008
Medicare Part D: Plan Sponsors' Processing and CMS Monitoring of Drug Coverage Requests Could Be Improved
GAO-08-47, January 22, 2008
September 11: Improvements Still Needed in Availability of Health Screening and Monitoring Services for Responders outside the New York City Area
GAO-08-429T, January 22, 2008
Influenza Pandemic: Efforts Under Way to Address Constraints on Using Antivirals and Vaccines to Forestall a Pandemic
GAO-08-92, December 21, 2007
End-of-Life Care: Key Components Provided by Programs in Four States
GAO-08-66, December 14, 2007
Indian Health Service: HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment Services for American Indians and Alaska Natives
GAO-08-90, December 14, 2007
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Homeland Security

Northern Border Security: DHS's Report Could Better Inform Congress by Identifying Actions, Resources, and Time Frames Needed to Address Vulnerabilities
GAO-09-93, November 25, 2008
Department of Homeland Security: A Strategic Approach Is Needed to Better Ensure the Acquisition Workforce Can Meet Mission Needs
GAO-09-30, November 19, 2008
Department of Homeland Security: Billions Invested in Major Programs Lack Appropriate Oversight
GAO-09-29, November 18, 2008
Combating Nuclear Smuggling: DHS's Phase 3 Test Report on Advanced Portal Monitors Does Not Fully Disclose the Limitations of the Test Results
GAO-08-979, September 30, 2008
Combating Nuclear Smuggling: DHS Needs to Consider the Full Costs and Complete All Tests Prior to Making a Decision on Whether to Purchase Advanced Portal Monitors
GAO-08-1178T, September 25, 2008
Federal User Fees: Improvements Could Be Made to Performance Standards and Penalties in USCIS's Service Center Contracts
GAO-08-1170R, September 25, 2008
Department of Homeland Security: Improvements Could Further Enhance Ability to Acquire Innovative Technologies Using Other Transaction Authority
GAO-08-1088, September 23, 2008
Combating Nuclear Smuggling: DHS's Program to Procure and Deploy Advanced Radiation Detection Portal Monitors Is Likely to Exceed the Department's Previous Cost Estimates
GAO-08-1108R, September 22, 2008
Secure Border Initiative: DHS Needs to Address Significant Risks in Delivering Key Technology Investment
GAO-08-1086, September 22, 2008
Department of Homeland Security: Progress and Continuing Concerns with Acquisition Management
GAO-08-1164T, September 17, 2008
Critical Infrastructure Protection: DHS Needs to Better Address Its Cybersecurity Responsibilities
GAO-08-1157T, September 16, 2008
Terrorism Insurance: Status of Efforts by Policyholders to Obtain Coverage
GAO-08-1057, September 15, 2008
Secure Border Initiative: DHS Needs to Address Significant Risks in Delivering Key Technology Investment
GAO-08-1148T, September 10, 2008
Secure Border Initiative: Observations on Deployment Challenges
GAO-08-1141T, September 10, 2008
Aviation Security: TSA Is Enhancing Its Oversight of Air Carrier Efforts to Screen Passengers against Terrorist Watch-List Records, but Expects Ultimate Solution to Be Implementation of Secure Flight
GAO-08-1136T, September 9, 2008
Critical Infrastructure Protection: DHS Needs to Fully Address Lessons Learned from Its First Cyber Storm Exercise
GAO-08-825, September 9, 2008
Various Issues Led to the Termination of the United States-Canada Shared Border Management Pilot Project
GAO-08-1038R, September 4, 2008
Supply Chain Security: CBP Works with International Entities to Promote Global Customs Security Standards and Initiatives, but Challenges Remain
GAO-08-538, August 15, 2008
Transportation Security: TSA Has Developed a Risk-Based Covert Testing Program, but Could Better Mitigate Aviation Security Vulnerabilities Identified Through Covert Tests
GAO-08-958, August 8, 2008
Cyber Analysis and Warning: DHS Faces Challenges in Establishing a Comprehensive National Capability
GAO-08-588, July 31, 2008
TSA's Explosives Detection Canine Program: Status of Increasing Number of Explosives Detection Canine Teams
GAO-08-933R, July 31, 2008
Biosurveillance: Preliminary Observations on Department of Homeland Security's Biosurveillance Initiatives
GAO-08-960T, July 16, 2008
Nuclear Detection: Preliminary Observations on the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office's Efforts to Develop a Global Nuclear Detection Architecture
GAO-08-999T, July 16, 2008
Aviation Security: Transportation Security Administration May Face Resource and Other Challenges in Developing a System to Screen All Cargo Transported on Passenger Aircraft
GAO-08-959T, July 15, 2008
Emergency Management: GAO Responses to Post-hearing Questions for the Record
GAO-08-1003R, July 15, 2008
Initial Results on Availability of Terrorism Insurance in Specific Geographic Markets
GAO-08-919R, July 11, 2008
Homeland Security: DHS Risk-Based Grant Methodology Is Reasonable, But Current Version's Measure of Vulnerability is Limited
GAO-08-852, June 27, 2008
Homeland Security: First Responders' Ability to Detect and Model Hazardous Releases in Urban Areas Is Significantly Limited
GAO-08-180, June 27, 2008
Secure Border Initiative Fiscal Year 2008 Expenditure Plan Shows Improvement, but Deficiencies Limit Congressional Oversight and DHS Accountability
GAO-08-739R, June 26, 2008
Risk Management: Strengthening the Use of Risk Management Principles in Homeland Security
GAO-08-904T, June 25, 2008
Coast Guard: Change in Course Improves Deepwater Management and Oversight, but Outcome Still Uncertain
GAO-08-745, June 24, 2008
Maritime Security: National Strategy and Supporting Plans Were Generally Well-Developed and Are Being Implemented
GAO-08-672, June 20, 2008
Homeland Security: The Federal Protective Service Faces Several Challenges That Raise Concerns About Protection of Federal Facilities
GAO-08-897T, June 19, 2008
Nuclear Security: NRC and DHS Need to Take Additional Steps to Better Track and Detect Radioactive Materials
GAO-08-598, June 19, 2008
Homeland Security: The Federal Protective Service Faces Several Challenges That Raise Concerns About Protection of Federal Facilities
GAO-08-914T, June 18, 2008
Supply Chain Security: Challenges to Scanning 100 Percent of U.S.-Bound Cargo Containers
GAO-08-533T, June 12, 2008
Emergency Management: Observations on DHS's Preparedness for Catastrophic Disasters
GAO-08-868T, June 11, 2008
Homeland Security: The Federal Protective Service Faces Several Challenges That Hamper Its Ability to Protect Federal Facilities
GAO-08-683, June 11, 2008
National Response Framework: FEMA Needs Policies and Procedures to Better Integrate Non-Federal Stakeholders in the Revision Process
GAO-08-768, June 11, 2008
Alien Detention Standards: Observations on the Adherence to ICE's Medical Standards in Detention Facilities
GAO-08-869T, June 4, 2008
September 11: HHS Needs to Develop a Plan That Incorporates Lessons from the Responder Health Programs
GAO-08-610, May 30, 2008
High-Containment Biosafety Laboratories: DHS Lacks Evidence to Conclude That Foot-and-Mouth Disease Research Can Be Done Safely on the U.S. Mainland
GAO-08-821T, May 22, 2008
Border Security: Summary of Covert Tests and Security Assessments for the Senate Committee on Finance, 2003-2007
GAO-08-757, May 16, 2008
Department of Homeland Security: Better Planning and Oversight Needed to Improve Complex Service Acquisition Outcomes
GAO-08-765T, May 8, 2008
Supply Chain Security: U.S. Customs and Border Protection Has Enhanced Its Partnership with Import Trade Sectors, but Challenges Remain in Verifying Security Practices
GAO-08-240, April 25, 2008
Department of Homeland Security: Better Planning and Assessment Needed to Improve Outcomes for Complex Service Acquisitions
GAO-08-263, April 22, 2008
Homeland Security: Federal Efforts Are Helping to Address Some Challenges Faced by State and Local Fusion Centers
GAO-08-636T, April 17, 2008
Department of Homeland Security: Progress Made in Implementation of Management Functions, but More Work Remains
GAO-08-646T, April 9, 2008
Homeland Security: DHS Improved its Risk-Based Grant Programs' Allocation and Management Methods, But Measuring Programs' Impact on National Capabilities Remains a Challenge
GAO-08-488T, March 11, 2008
Status of Selected Aspects of the Coast Guard's Deepwater Program
GAO-08-270R, March 11, 2008
Homeland Security: DHS Has Taken Actions to Strengthen Border Security Programs and Operations, but Challenges Remain
GAO-08-542T, March 6, 2008
Coast Guard: Deepwater Program Management Initiatives and Key Homeland Security Missions
GAO-08-531T, March 5, 2008
Homeland Security: Strategic Solution for US-VISIT Program Needs to Be Better Defined, Justified, and Coordinated
GAO-08-361, February 29, 2008
Visa Waiver Program: Limitations with Department of Homeland Security's Plan to Verify Departure of Foreign Nationals
GAO-08-458T, February 28, 2008
Secure Border Initiative: Observations on the Importance of Applying Lessons Learned to Future Projects
GAO-08-508T, February 27, 2008
Maritime Security: Coast Guard Inspections Identify and Correct Facility Deficiencies, but More Analysis Needed of Program's Staffing, Practices, and Data
GAO-08-12, February 14, 2008
Department of Homeland Security: Progress Made in Implementation of Management and Mission Functions, but More Work Remains
GAO-08-457T, February 13, 2008
Homeland Security: Preliminary Observations on the Federal Protective Service's Efforts to Protect Federal Property
GAO-08-476T, February 8, 2008
Department of Homeland Security: Status and Accountability Challenges Associated with the Use of Special DHS Acquisition Authority
GAO-08-471T, February 7, 2008
Supply Chain Security: Examinations of High-Risk Cargo at Foreign Seaports Have Increased, but Improved Data Collection and Performance Measures Are Needed
GAO-08-187, January 25, 2008
Border Security: Despite Progress, Weaknesses in Traveler Inspections Exist at Our Nation's Ports of Entry
GAO-08-329T, January 3, 2008
Observations on Implementing the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative
GAO-08-274R, December 20, 2007
Plum Island Animal Disease Center: DHS Has Made Significant Progress Implementing Security Recommendations, but Several Recommendations Remain Open
GAO-08-306R, December 17, 2007
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Green Affordable Housing: HUD Has Made Progress in Promoting Green Building, but Expanding Efforts Could Help Reduce Energy Costs and Benefit Tenants
GAO-09-46, October 7, 2008
Housing Government-Sponsored Enterprises: A Single Regulator Will Better Ensure Safety and Soundness and Mission Achievement
GAO-08-563T, March 6, 2008
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Income Security

Social Security Disability: Management Controls Needed to Strengthen Demonstration Projects
GAO-08-1053, September 26, 2008
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: Improvements Needed to Address Financial and Management Challenges
GAO-08-1162T, September 24, 2008
Federal Pensions: Judicial Survivors' Annuities System Costs
GAO-08-1104, September 17, 2008
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: Need for Improved Oversight Persists
GAO-08-1062, September 10, 2008
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: Some Steps Have Been Taken to Improve Contracting, but a More Strategic Approach is Needed
GAO-08-871, August 18, 2008
Defined Benefit Pension Plans: Guidance Needed to Better Inform Plans of the Challenges and Risks of Investing in Hedge Funds and Private Equity
GAO-08-692, August 14, 2008
Defined Benefit Pensions: Plan Freezes Affect Millions of Participants and May Pose Retirement Income Challenges
GAO-08-817, July 21, 2008
Defined Benefit Pensions: Survey of Sponsors of Large Defined Benefit Pension Plans (GAO-08-818SP, July 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-817
GAO-08-818SP, July 21, 2008
PBGC Assets: Implementation of New Investment Policy Will Need Stronger Board Oversight
GAO-08-667, July 17, 2008
Private Pensions: Fulfilling Fiduciary Obligations Can Present Challenges for 401(k) Plan Sponsors
GAO-08-774, July 16, 2008
Private Pensions: GAO Survey of 401(k) Plan Sponsor Practices (GAO-08-870SP, July 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-774
GAO-08-870SP, July 16, 2008
State and Local Government Pension Plans: Current Structure and Funded Status
GAO-08-983T, July 10, 2008
Individual Retirement Accounts: Government Actions Could Encourage More Employers to Offer IRAs to Employees
GAO-08-890T, June 26, 2008
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: A More Strategic Approach Could Improve Human Capital Management
GAO-08-624, June 12, 2008
Individual Retirement Accounts: Government Actions Could Encourage More Employers to Offer IRAs to Employees
GAO-08-590, June 4, 2008
Federal Disability Programs: More Strategic Coordination Could Help Overcome Challenges to Needed Transformation
GAO-08-635, May 20, 2008
Social Security Administration Field Offices: Reduced Workforce Faces Challenges as Baby Boomers Retire
GAO-08-737T, May 8, 2008
Office of Personnel Management: Improvements Needed to Ensure Successful Retirement Systems Modernization
GAO-08-345, January 31, 2008
State and Local Government Retiree Benefits: Current Funded Status of Pension and Health Benefits
GAO-08-223, January 29, 2008
Social Security Disability: Better Planning, Management, and Evaluation Could Help Address Backlogs
GAO-08-40, December 7, 2007
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Information Management

Information Technology: Management Improvements Needed on the Department of Homeland Security's Next Generation Information Sharing System
GAO-09-40, October 8, 2008
Information Management: The National Archives and Records Administration's Fiscal Year 2008 Expenditure Plan
GAO-08-1105, September 26, 2008
Information Technology: DOD and VA Have Increased Their Sharing of Health Information, but Further Actions Are Needed
GAO-08-1158T, September 24, 2008
Information Technology: FBI Is Implementing Key Acquisition Methods on Its New Case Management System, but Related Agencywide Guidance Needs to Be Improved
GAO-08-1014, September 23, 2008
Information Technology: Treasury Needs to Better Define and Implement Its Earned Value Management Policy
GAO-08-951, September 22, 2008
Social Security Numbers Are Widely Available in Bulk and Online Records, but Changes to Enhance Security Are Occurring
GAO-08-1009R, September 19, 2008
Social Security Numbers: Transfers and Sales of Public Records That May Contain Social Security Numbers (GAO-08-1004SP, September 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-1009R
GAO-08-1004SP, September 19, 2008
Health Information Technology: HHS Has Taken Important Steps to Address Privacy Principles and Challenges, Although More Work Remains
GAO-08-1138, September 17, 2008
Information Technology: Federal Laws, Regulations, and Mandatory Standards to Securing Private Sector Information Technology Systems and Data in Critical Infrastructure Sectors
GAO-08-1075R, September 16, 2008
Information Technology: SSA Has Taken Key Steps for Managing Its Investments, but Needs to Strengthen Oversight and Fully Define Policies and Procedures
GAO-08-1020, September 12, 2008
Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual (FISCAM): Exposure Draft
GAO-08-1029G, July 31, 2008
Information Technology: OMB and Agencies Need to Improve Planning, Management, and Oversight of Projects Totaling Billions of Dollars
GAO-08-1051T, July 31, 2008
Information Sharing: Definition of the Results to Be Achieved in Terrorism-Related Information Sharing Is Needed to Guide Implementation and Assess Progress
GAO-08-637T, July 23, 2008
Information Security: Federal Agency Efforts to Encrypt Sensitive Information Are Under Way, but Work Remains
GAO-08-525, June 27, 2008
Critical Infrastructure Protection: Further Efforts Needed to Integrate Planning for and Response to Disruptions on Converged Voice and Data Networks
GAO-08-607, June 26, 2008
Information Sharing Environment: Definition of the Results to Be Achieved in Improving Terrorism-Related Information Sharing Is Needed to Guide Implementation and Assess Progress
GAO-08-492, June 25, 2008
Privacy: Congress Should Consider Alternatives for Strengthening Protection of Personally Identifiable Information
GAO-08-795T, June 18, 2008
Federal Records: National Archives and Selected Agencies Need to Strengthen E-Mail Management
GAO-08-742, June 13, 2008
Federal Disability Programs: Coordination Could Facilitate Better Data Collection to Assess the Status of People with Disabilities
GAO-08-872T, June 4, 2008
Information Security: FDIC Sustains Progress but Needs to Improve Configuration Management of Key Financial Systems
GAO-08-564, May 30, 2008
Bureau of the Public Debt: Areas for Improvement in Information Security Controls
GAO-08-625R, May 27, 2008
Information Security: TVA Needs to Address Weaknesses in Control Systems and Networks
GAO-08-526, May 21, 2008
Information Security: TVA Needs to Enhance Security of Critical Infrastructure Control Systems and Networks
GAO-08-775T, May 21, 2008
Information Technology: Agriculture Needs to Strengthen Management Practices for Stabilizing and Modernizing Its Farm Program Delivery Systems
GAO-08-657, May 16, 2008
Information Management: Challenges in Implementing an Electronic Records Archive
GAO-08-738T, May 14, 2008
Federal Records: Agencies Face Challenges in Managing E-Mail
GAO-08-699T, April 23, 2008
Freedom of Information Act: Agencies Are Making Progress in Reducing Backlog, but Additional Guidance Is Needed
GAO-08-344, March 14, 2008
Information Security: Progress Reported, but Weaknesses at Federal Agencies Persist
GAO-08-571T, March 12, 2008
Privacy: Government Use of Data from Information Resellers Could Include Better Protections
GAO-08-543T, March 11, 2008
Information Technology: Significant Problems of Critical Automation Program Contribute to Risks Facing 2010 Census
GAO-08-550T, March 5, 2008
Information Security: Securities and Exchange Commission Needs to Continue to Improve Its Program
GAO-08-280, February 29, 2008
Information Security: Although Progress Reported, Federal Agencies Need to Resolve Significant Deficiencies
GAO-08-496T, February 14, 2008
Information Technology: VA Has Taken Important Steps to Centralize Control of Its Resources, but Effectiveness Depends on Additional Planned Actions
GAO-08-449T, February 13, 2008
Information Security: Protecting Personally Identifiable Information
GAO-08-343, January 25, 2008
Information Security: IRS Needs to Address Pervasive Weaknesses
GAO-08-211, January 8, 2008
Information Technology: Census Bureau Needs to Improve Its Risk Management of Decennial Systems
GAO-08-259T, December 11, 2007
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International Affairs

Foreign Assistance: Continued Efforts Needed to Strengthen USAID's Oversight of U.S. Democracy Assistance for Cuba
GAO-09-165, November 24, 2008
Foreign Assistance: State Department Foreign Aid Information Systems Have Improved Change Management Practices but Do Not Follow Risk Management Best Practices
GAO-09-52R, November 21, 2008
International Environmental Oversight: U.S. Agencies Follow Certain Procedures Required by Law, but Have Limited Impact
GAO-09-99, November 20, 2008
Nonproliferation: U.S. Agencies Have Taken Some Steps, but More Effort Is Needed to Strengthen and Expand the Proliferation Security Initiative
GAO-09-43, November 10, 2008
Contingency Contracting: DOD, State, and USAID Contracts and Contractor Personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan
GAO-09-19, October 1, 2008
Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan and Iraq
GAO-09-86R, October 1, 2008
Export Promotion: The Export-Import Bank's Financing of Dual-Use Exports
GAO-08-1182R, September 30, 2008
USA Patriot Act: Better Interagency Coordination and Implementing Guidance for Section 311 Could Improve U.S. Anti-Money Laundering Efforts
GAO-08-1058, September 30, 2008
Millennium Challenge Corporation: Summary Fact Sheets for 11 Compacts Entered into Force
GAO-08-1145R, September 26, 2008
USAID Acquisition and Assistance: Actions Needed to Develop and Implement a Strategic Workforce Plan
GAO-08-1059, September 26, 2008
Export Controls: Challenges with Commerce's Validated End-User Program May Limit Its Ability to Ensure That Semiconductor Equipment Exported to China Is Used as Intended
GAO-08-1095, September 25, 2008
Visa Waiver Program: Actions Are Needed to Improve Management of the Expansion Process, and to Assess and Mitigate Program Risks
GAO-08-1142T, September 24, 2008
NATO Enlargement: Reports on Albania and Croatia Respond to Senate Requirements, but Analysis of Financial Burdens Is Incomplete
GAO-08-1165R, September 22, 2008
United Nations Peacekeeping: Lines of Authority for Field Procurment Remain Unclear, but Reforms Have Addressed Some Issues
GAO-08-1094, September 18, 2008
Stabilizing and Rebuilding Iraq: Iraqi Revenues, Expenditures, and Surplus
GAO-08-1144T, September 16, 2008
Visa Waiver Program: Actions Are Needed to Improve Management of the Expansion Process, and to Assess and Mitigate Program Risks
GAO-08-967, September 15, 2008
Stabilizing and Rebuilding Iraq: Iraqi Revenues, Expenditures, and Surplus
GAO-08-1031, August 5, 2008
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: Managing Potential Economic Impact of Applying U.S. Immigration Law Requires Coordinated Federal Decisions and Additional Data
GAO-08-791, August 4, 2008
Border Security: State Department Is Taking Steps to Meet Projected Surge in Demand for Visas and Passports in Mexico
GAO-08-1006, July 31, 2008
Combating Terrorism: Actions Needed to Enhance Implementation of Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership
GAO-08-860, July 31, 2008
Human Rights: U.S. Government's Efforts to Address Alleged Abuse of Household Workers by Foreign Diplomats with Immunity Could Be Strengthened
GAO-08-892, July 29, 2008
State Department: Comprehensive Strategy Needed to Improve Passport Operations
GAO-08-891, July 25, 2008
Agencies Believe Strengthening International Agreements to Improve Collection of Antidumping and Countervailing Duties Would Be Difficult and Ineffective
GAO-08-876R, July 24, 2008
Developing Countries: U.S. Financing for Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative Currently Experiencing a Shortfall
GAO-08-888R, July 24, 2008
Securing, Stabilizing, and Rebuilding Iraq: Progress Report: Some Gains Made, Updated Strategy Needed
GAO-08-1021T, July 23, 2008
Food Insecurity Persists in Sub-Saharan Africa despite Efforts to Halve Hunger by 2015
GAO-08-1007R, July 17, 2008
Drug Control: Cooperation with Many Major Drug Transit Countries Has Improved, but Better Performance Reporting and Sustainability Plans Are Needed
GAO-08-784, July 15, 2008
Force Structure: Preliminary Observations on the Progress and Challenges Associated with Establishing the U.S. Africa Command
GAO-08-947T, July 15, 2008
Broadcasting to Cuba: Weaknesses in Contracting Practices Reduced Visibility into Selected Award Decisions
GAO-08-764, July 11, 2008
Afghanistan Reconstruction: Progress Made in Constructing Roads, but Assessments for Determining Impact and a Sustainable Maintenance Program Are Needed
GAO-08-689, July 8, 2008
American Samoa: Issues Associated with Potential Changes to the Current System for Adjudicating Matters of Federal Law
GAO-08-655, June 27, 2008
Peacekeeping: Thousands Trained but United States Is Unlikely to Complete All Activities by 2010 and Some Improvements Are Needed
GAO-08-754, June 26, 2008
Border Security: State Department Expects to Meet Projected Surge in Demand for Visas and Passports in Mexico
GAO-08-931T, June 25, 2008
Combating Terrorism: Increased Oversight and Accountability Needed over Pakistan Reimbursement Claims for Coalition Support Funds
GAO-08-806, June 24, 2008
Combating Terrorism: U.S. Oversight of Pakistan Reimbursement Claims for Coalition Support Funds
GAO-08-932T, June 24, 2008
Securing, Stabilizing, and Rebuilding Iraq: Progress Report: Some Gains Made, Updated Strategy Needed
GAO-08-837, June 23, 2008
Afghanistan Security: Further Congressional Action May Be Needed to Ensure Completion of a Detailed Plan to Develop and Sustain Capable Afghan National Security Forces
GAO-08-661, June 18, 2008
Afghanistan Security: U.S. Efforts to Develop Capable Afghan Police Forces Face Challenges and Need a Coordinated, Detailed Plan to Help Ensure Accountability
GAO-08-883T, June 18, 2008
Intellectual Property: Leadership and Accountability Needed to Strengthen Federal Protection and Enforcement
GAO-08-921T, June 17, 2008
Millennium Challenge Corporation: Independent Reviews and Consistent Approaches Will Strengthen Projections of Program Impact
GAO-08-730, June 17, 2008
Compact of Free Association: U.S. Assistance to Palau, Accountability Over Assistance Provided, and Palau's Prospects For Economic Self-Sufficiency
GAO-08-858T, June 12, 2008
International Trade: The United States Needs an Integrated Approach to Trade Preference Programs
GAO-08-907T, June 12, 2008
Compact of Free Association: Micronesia Faces Challenges to Achieving Compact Goals
GAO-08-859T, June 10, 2008
Compact of Free Association: Palau's Use of and Accountability for U.S. Assistance and Prospects for Economic Self-Sufficiency
GAO-08-732, June 10, 2008
Combating Terrorism: Guidance for State Department's Antiterrorism Assistance Program Is Limited and State Does Not Systematically Assess Outcomes
GAO-08-875T, June 4, 2008
International Food Security: Insufficient Efforts by Host Governments and Donors Threaten Progress to Halve Hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2015
GAO-08-680, May 29, 2008
Border Security: State Department Should Plan for Potentially Significant Staffing and Facilities Shortfalls Caused by Changes in the Visa Waiver Program
GAO-08-623, May 22, 2008
Combating Terrorism: U.S. Efforts to Address the Terrorist Threat in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas Require a Comprehensive Plan and Continued Oversight
GAO-08-820T, May 20, 2008
Preliminary Observations on the Use and Oversight of U.S. Coalition Support Funds Provided to Pakistan
GAO-08-735R, May 6, 2008
Export Controls: State and Commerce Have Not Taken Basic Steps to Better Ensure U.S. Interests Are Protected
GAO-08-710T, April 24, 2008
Combating Terrorism: The United States Lacks Comprehensive Plan to Destroy the Terrorist Threat and Close the Safe Haven in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas
GAO-08-622, April 17, 2008
U.S.-China Trade: USTR's China Compliance Reports and Plans Could Be Improved
GAO-08-405, April 14, 2008
Millennium Challenge Corporation: Analysis of Compact Development and Future Obligations and Current Disbursements of Compact Assistance
GAO-08-577R, April 11, 2008
United Nations: Renovation Schedule Accelerated after Delays, but Risks Remain in Key Areas
GAO-08-513R, April 9, 2008
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: Pending Legislation Would Apply U.S. Immigration Law to the CNMI with a Transition Period
GAO-08-466, March 28, 2008
Antidumping and Countervailing Duties: Congress and Agencies Should Take Additional Steps to Reduce Substantial Shortfalls in Duty Collection
GAO-08-391, March 26, 2008
Stabilizing and Rebuilding Iraq: Actions Needed to Address Inadequate Accountability over U.S. Efforts and Investments
GAO-08-568T, March 11, 2008
International Trade: U.S. Trade Preference Programs Provide Important Benefits, but a More Integrated Approach Would Better Ensure Programs Meet Shared Goals
GAO-08-443, March 7, 2008
The Democratic Republic of the Congo: Major Challenges Impede Efforts to Achieve U.S. Policy Objectives; Systematic Assessment of Progress Is Needed
GAO-08-562T, March 6, 2008
Combating Terrorism: State Department's Antiterrorism Program Needs Improved Guidance and More Systematic Assessments of Outcomes
GAO-08-336, February 29, 2008
Foreign Investment: Laws and Policies Regulating Foreign Investment in 10 Countries
GAO-08-320, February 28, 2008
Somalia: Several Challenges Limit U.S. and International Stabilization, Humanitarian, and Development Efforts
GAO-08-351, February 19, 2008
United Nations: Management Reforms and Operational Issues
GAO-08-246T, January 24, 2008
Nuclear Nonproliferation: DOE Needs to Reassess Its Program to Assist Weapons Scientists in Russia and Other Countries
GAO-08-434T, January 23, 2008
Embassy Security: Upgrades Have Enhanced Security, but Site Conditions Prevent Full Adherence to Standards
GAO-08-162, January 18, 2008
Export Promotion: Export-Import Bank Has Met Target for Small Business Financing Share
GAO-08-419T, January 17, 2008
Iraq Reconstruction: Better Data Needed to Assess Iraq's Budget Execution
GAO-08-153, January 15, 2008
Iran Sanctions: Impact in Furthering U.S. Objectives Is Unclear and Should Be Reviewed
GAO-08-58, December 18, 2007
Rebuilding Iraq: International Donor Pledges for Reconstruction Efforts in Iraq
GAO-08-365R, December 18, 2007
The Democratic Republic of the Congo: Systematic Assessment Is Needed to Determine Agencies' Progress toward U.S. Policy Objectives
GAO-08-188, December 14, 2007
Nuclear Nonproliferation: DOE's Program to Assist Weapons Scientists in Russia and Other Countries Needs to Be Reassessed
GAO-08-189, December 12, 2007
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Justice and Law Enforcement

Plan Colombia: Drug Reduction Goals Were Not Fully Met, but Security Has Improved; U.S. Agencies Need More Detailed Plans for Reducing Assistance
GAO-09-71, October 6, 2008
U.S. Asylum System: Agencies Have Taken Actions to Help Ensure Quality in the Asylum Adjudication Process, but Challenges Remain
GAO-08-935, September 25, 2008
U.S. Asylum System: Significant Variation Existed in Asylum Outcomes across Immigration Courts and Judges
GAO-08-940, September 25, 2008
American Samoa: Issues Associated with Some Federal Court Options
GAO-08-1124T, September 18, 2008
International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005: Agencies Have Implemented Some, but Not All of the Act's Requirements
GAO-08-862, August 8, 2008
Bureau of Justice Statistics Funding to States to Improve Criminal Records
GAO-08-898R, July 8, 2008
Federal Judgeships: General Accuracy of District and Appellate Judgeship Case-Related Workload Measures
GAO-08-928T, June 17, 2008
Prison Construction: Clear Communication on the Accuracy of Cost Estimates and Project Changes is Needed
GAO-08-634, May 29, 2008
Internet Sales: Undercover Purchases on eBay and Craigslist Reveal a Market for Sensitive and Stolen U.S. Military Items
GAO-08-644T, April 10, 2008
Immigration Benefits: Internal Controls for Adjudicating Humanitarian Parole Cases Are Generally Effective, but Some Can Be Strengthened
GAO-08-282, February 6, 2008
Convicted Sex Offenders: Factors That Could Affect the Successful Implementation of Driver's License-Related Processes to Encourage Registration and Enhance Monitoring
GAO-08-116, January 30, 2008
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National Defense

Defense Management: Preliminary Observations on DOD's Plans for Developing Language and Cultural Awareness Capabilities
GAO-09-176R, November 25, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Timely and Accurate Estimates of Costs and Requirements Are Needed to Define Optimal Future Strategic Airlift Mix
GAO-09-50, November 21, 2008
Contract Management: DOD Developed Draft Guidance for Operational Contract Support but Has Not Met All Legislative Requirements
GAO-09-114R, November 20, 2008
Mandate on the Department of Defense's Contract Award Procedures for Directed Spending Items
GAO-09-113R, November 19, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Status of the Safety, Performance, and Reliability of the Expeditionary Fire Support System
GAO-09-189R, November 18, 2008
Force Structure: The Army Needs a Results-Oriented Plan to Equip and Staff Modular Forces and a Thorough Assessment of Their Capabilities
GAO-09-131, November 14, 2008
Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Additional Actions Needed to Improve Management and Integration of DOD Efforts to Support Warfighter Needs
GAO-09-175, November 14, 2008
Defense Health Care: Additional Efforts Needed to Ensure Compliance with Personality Disorder Separation Requirements
GAO-09-31, October 31, 2008
Defense Critical Infrastructure: Developing Training Standards and an Awareness of Existing Expertise Would Help DOD Assure the Availability of Critical Infrastructure
GAO-09-42, October 30, 2008
Defense Management: DOD Can Establish More Guidance for Biometrics Collection and Explore Broader Data Sharing
GAO-09-49, October 15, 2008
Department of Defense: A Departmentwide Framework to Identify and Report Gaps in the Defense Supplier Base Is Needed
GAO-09-5, October 7, 2008
Space Acquisitions: DOD's Goals for Resolving Space Based Infrared System Software Problems Are Ambitious
GAO-08-1073, September 30, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Sound Business Case Needed to Implement Missile Defense Agency's Targets Program
GAO-08-1113, September 26, 2008
Defense Management: DOD Needs to Establish Clear Goals and Objectives, Guidance, and a Designated Budget to Manage Its Biometrics Activities
GAO-08-1065, September 26, 2008
Military Operations: DOD Needs to Address Contract Oversight and Quality Assurance Issues for Contracts Used to Support Contingency Operations
GAO-08-1087, September 26, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: DOD's Requirements Determination Process Has Not Been Effective in Prioritizing Joint Capabilities
GAO-08-1060, September 25, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Fundamental Changes Are Needed to Improve Weapon Program Outcomes
GAO-08-1159T, September 25, 2008
Missile Defense: Actions Needed to Improve Planning and Cost Estimates for Long-Term Support of Ballistic Missile Defense
GAO-08-1068, September 25, 2008
Military Disability System: Increased Supports for Servicemembers and Better Pilot Planning Could Improve the Disability Evaluation Process
GAO-08-1137, September 24, 2008
Defense Infrastructure: NORAD and USNORTHCOM Need to Reevaluate Vulnerabilities Associated with Moving the NORAD Command Center from Cheyenne Mountain to Peterson Air Force Base, and to Acknowledge Acceptance of the Risks
GAO-08-1054R, September 18, 2008
Military Personnel: Evaluation Methods Linked to Anticipated Outcomes Needed to Inform Decisions on Army Retirement Incentives
GAO-08-1037R, September 18, 2008
Defense Infrastructure: Opportunity to Improve the Timeliness of Future Overseas Planning Reports and Factors Affecting the Master Planning Effort for the Military Buildup on Guam
GAO-08-1005, September 17, 2008
Defense Budget: Independent Review Is Needed to Ensure DOD's Use of Cost Estimating Tool for Contingency Operations Follows Best Practices
GAO-08-982, September 15, 2008
Global War on Terrorism: Reported Obligations for the Department of Defense
GAO-08-1128R, September 15, 2008
Human Capital: DOD Needs to Improve Implementation of and Address Employee Concerns about Its National Security Personnel System
GAO-08-773, September 10, 2008
Military Personnel: Actions Needed to Strengthen Implementation and Oversight of DOD's and the Coast Guard's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Programs
GAO-08-1146T, September 10, 2008
Operation Iraqi Freedom: Actions Needed to Enhance DOD Planning for Reposturing of U.S. Forces from Iraq
GAO-08-930, September 10, 2008
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Important Management Controls Being Implemented on Major Navy Program, but Improvements Needed in Key Areas
GAO-08-896, September 8, 2008
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Planned Investment in Navy Program to Create Cashless Shipboard Environment Needs to Be Justified and Better Managed
GAO-08-922, September 8, 2008
DOD Systems Modernization: Maintaining Effective Communication Is Needed to Help Ensure the Army's Successful Deployment of the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System
GAO-08-927R, September 8, 2008
Defense Health Care: Oversight of Military Services' Post-Deployment Health Reassessment Completion Rates Is Limited
GAO-08-1025R, September 4, 2008
Military Personnel: DOD's and the Coast Guard's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Programs Face Implementation and Oversight Challenges
GAO-08-924, August 29, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Department of Defense Needs Framework for Balancing Investments in Tactical Radios
GAO-08-877, August 15, 2008
Defense Critical Infrastructure: Adherence to Guidance Would Improve DOD's Approach to Identifying and Assuring the Availability of Critical Transportation Assets
GAO-08-851, August 15, 2008
Military Personnel: Improvements Needed to Increase Effectiveness of DOD's Programs to Promote Positive Working Relationships between Reservists and Their Employers
GAO-08-981R, August 15, 2008
Military Base Realignments and Closures: Army Is Developing Plans to Transfer Functions from Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, to Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, but Challenges Remain
GAO-08-1010R, August 13, 2008
DOD Business Transformation: Air Force's Current Approach Increases Risk That Asset Visibility Goals and Transformation Priorities Will Not Be Achieved
GAO-08-866, August 8, 2008
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Key Navy Programs' Compliance with DOD's Federated Business Enterprise Architecture Needs to Be Adequately Demonstrated
GAO-08-972, August 7, 2008
Ballistic Missile Defense: Actions Needed to Improve Process for Identifying and Addressing Combatant Command Priorities
GAO-08-740, July 31, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Cost to Deliver Zumwalt-Class Destroyers Likely to Exceed Budget
GAO-08-804, July 31, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Zumwalt-Class Destroyer Program Emblematic of Challenges Facing Navy Shipbuilding
GAO-08-1061T, July 31, 2008
Military Personnel: Preliminary Observations on DOD's and the Coast Guard's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Programs
GAO-08-1013T, July 31, 2008
Rebuilding Iraq: DOD and State Department Have Improved Oversight and Coordination of Private Security Contractors in Iraq, but Further Actions Are Needed to Sustain Improvements
GAO-08-966, July 31, 2008
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Key Marine Corps System Acquisition Needs to Be Better Justified, Defined, and Managed
GAO-08-822, July 28, 2008
Defense Infrastructure: Services' Use of Land Use Planning Authorities
GAO-08-850, July 23, 2008
Rapid Acquisition of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles
GAO-08-884R, July 15, 2008
Personnel Clearances: Questions for the Record Regarding Security Clearance Reform
GAO-08-965R, July 14, 2008
Defense Space Activities: DOD Needs to Further Clarify the Operationally Responsive Space Concept and Plan to Integrate and Support Future Satellites
GAO-08-831, July 11, 2008
Air Force Procurement: Aerial Refueling Tanker Protest
GAO-08-991T, July 10, 2008
Army Working Capital Fund: Actions Needed to Reduce Carryover at Army Depots
GAO-08-714, July 8, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: A Knowledge-Based Funding Approach Could Improve Major Weapon System Program Outcomes
GAO-08-619, July 2, 2008
Depot Maintenance: DOD's Report to Congress on Its Public-Private Partnerships at Its Centers of Industrial and Technical Excellence (CITEs) Is Not Complete and Additional Information Would Be Useful
GAO-08-902R, July 1, 2008
Military Construction: Kaiserslautern Military Community Center Project Continues to Experience Problems
GAO-08-923T, June 25, 2008
Military Operations: Actions Needed to Better Guide Project Selection for Commander's Emergency Response Program and Improve Oversight in Iraq
GAO-08-736R, June 23, 2008
Defense Infrastructure: High-Level Leadership Needed to Help Communities Address Challenges Caused by DOD-Related Growth
GAO-08-665, June 17, 2008
Global War on Terrorism: Reported Obligations for the Department of Defense
GAO-08-853R, June 13, 2008
Los Alamos National Laboratory: Long-Term Strategies Needed to Improve Security and Management Oversight
GAO-08-694, June 13, 2008
Military Personnel: Army Needs to Better Enforce Requirements and Improve Record Keeping for Soldiers Whose Medical Conditions May Call for Significant Duty Limitations
GAO-08-546, June 10, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Better Weapon Program Outcomes Require Discipline, Accountability, and Fundamental Changes in the Acquisition Environment
GAO-08-782T, June 3, 2008
Defense Management: Assessment of the Reorganization of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
GAO-08-830R, May 30, 2008
DOD Health Care: Mental Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Screening Efforts Implemented, but Consistent Pre-Deployment Medical Record Review Policies Needed
GAO-08-615, May 30, 2008
Military Readiness: Joint Policy Needed to Better Manage the Training and Use of Certain Forces to Meet Operational Demands
GAO-08-670, May 30, 2008
Department of Defense Pilot Authority for Acquiring Information Technology Services under OMB Circular A-76
GAO-08-753R, May 29, 2008
Force Structure: Ship Rotational Crewing Initiatives Would Benefit from Top-Level Leadership, Navy-wide Guidance, Comprehensive Analysis, and Improved Lessons-Learned Sharing
GAO-08-418, May 29, 2008
Review of the President's Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Request for the Defense Health Program's Private Sector Care Budget Activity Group
GAO-08-721R, May 28, 2008
Military Personnel: DOD Needs Data to Determine if Active Duty Service Has an Impact on the Ability of Guard and Reservists to Maintain Their Civilian Professional Licenses or Certificates
GAO-08-790R, May 27, 2008
Personnel Clearances: Key Factors for Reforming the Security Clearance Process
GAO-08-776T, May 22, 2008
Defense Contracting: Post-Government Employment of Former DOD Officials Needs Greater Transparency
GAO-08-485, May 21, 2008
Defense Contracting: Progress Made in Implementing Defense Base Act Requirements, but Complete Information on Costs Is Lacking
GAO-08-772T, May 15, 2008
Depot Maintenance: Issues and Options for Reporting on Military Depots
GAO-08-761R, May 15, 2008
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Progress in Establishing Corporate Management Controls Needs to Be Replicated Within Military Departments
GAO-08-705, May 15, 2008
Defense Logistics: Navy Needs to Develop and Implement a Plan to Ensure That Voyage Repairs Are Available to Ships Operating near Guam when Needed
GAO-08-427, May 12, 2008
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Military Departments Need to Strengthen Management of Enterprise Architecture Programs
GAO-08-519, May 12, 2008
Defense Infrastructure: Planning Efforts for the Proposed Military Buildup on Guam Are in Their Initial Stages, with Many Challenges Yet to Be Addressed
GAO-08-722T, May 1, 2008
Military Transformation: DOD Needs to Strengthen Implementation of Its Global Strike Concept and Provide a Comprehensive Investment Approach for Acquiring Needed Capabilities
GAO-08-325, April 30, 2008
VA and DOD Health Care: Progress Made on Implementation of 2003 President's Task Force Recommendations on Collaboration and Coordination, but More Remains to Be Done
GAO-08-495R, April 30, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Results of Annual Assessment of DOD Weapon Programs
GAO-08-674T, April 29, 2008
Defense Transportation: DOD Should Ensure that the Final Size and Mix of Airlift Force Study Plan Includes Sufficient Detail to Meet the Terms of the Law and Inform Decision Makers
GAO-08-704R, April 28, 2008
Defense Infrastructure: Continued Management Attention Is Needed to Support Installation Facilities and Operations
GAO-08-502, April 24, 2008
Department of Defense: Observations on the National Industrial Security Program
GAO-08-695T, April 16, 2008
Homeland Defense: Steps Have Been Taken to Improve U.S. Northern Command's Coordination with States and the National Guard Bureau, but Gaps Remain
GAO-08-252, April 16, 2008
Homeland Defense: U.S. Northern Command Has Made Progress but Needs to Address Force Allocation, Readiness Tracking Gaps, and Other Issues
GAO-08-251, April 16, 2008
Homeland Security: Enhanced National Guard Readiness for Civil Support Missions May Depend on DOD's Implementation of the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act
GAO-08-311, April 16, 2008
Defense Management: Observations on DOD's FY 2009 Budget Request for Corrosion Prevention and Control
GAO-08-663R, April 15, 2008
Defense Travel System: Overview of Prior Reported Challenges Faced by DOD in Implementation and Utilization
GAO-08-649T, April 15, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: 2009 Review of Future Combat System Is Critical to Program's Direction
GAO-08-638T, April 10, 2008
Force Structure: Restructuring and Rebuilding the Army Will Cost Billions of Dollars for Equipment but the Total Cost Is Uncertain
GAO-08-669T, April 10, 2008
DOD Pharmacy Program: Continued Efforts Needed to Reduce Growth in Spending at Retail Pharmacies
GAO-08-327, April 4, 2008
Defense Critical Infrastructure: DOD's Risk Analysis of Its Critical Infrastructure Omits Highly Sensitive Assets
GAO-08-373R, April 2, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Assessment of Progress Made on Block 2006 Missile Defense Capabilities and Oversight
GAO-08-608T, April 1, 2008
Defense Infrastructure: DOD Funding for Infrastructure and Road Improvements Surrounding Growth Installations
GAO-08-602R, April 1, 2008
Military Personnel: Better Debt Management Procedures and Resolution of Stipend Recoupment Issues Are Needed for Improved Collection of Medical Education Debts
GAO-08-612R, April 1, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs
GAO-08-467SP, March 31, 2008
Defense Contracting: Army Case Study Delineates Concerns with Use of Contractors as Contract Specialists
GAO-08-360, March 26, 2008
DOD Personnel Clearances: Questions for the Record Related to the Quality and Timeliness of Clearances
GAO-08-580R, March 25, 2008
Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance: DOD Can Better Assess and Integrate ISR Capabilities and Oversee Development of Future ISR Requirements
GAO-08-374, March 24, 2008
Global War on Terrorism: Reported Obligations for the Department of Defense
GAO-08-557R, March 17, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Progress Made in Fielding Missile Defense, but Program Is Short of Meeting Goals
GAO-08-448, March 14, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Termination Costs Are Generally Not a Compelling Reason to Continue Programs or Contracts That Otherwise Warrant Ending
GAO-08-379, March 14, 2008
Defense Management: Overarching Organizational Framework Could Improve DOD's Management of Energy Reduction Efforts for Military Operations
GAO-08-523T, March 13, 2008
Defense Management: Overarching Organizational Framework Needed to Guide and Oversee Energy Reduction Efforts for Military Operations
GAO-08-426, March 13, 2008
Defense Management: DOD Needs to Reexamine Its Extensive Reliance on Contractors and Continue to Improve Management and Oversight
GAO-08-572T, March 11, 2008
Joint Strike Fighter: Impact of Recent Decisions on Program Risks
GAO-08-569T, March 11, 2008
Joint Strike Fighter: Recent Decisions by DOD Add to Program Risks
GAO-08-388, March 11, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: 2009 Is a Critical Juncture for the Army's Future Combat System
GAO-08-408, March 7, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Significant Challenges Ahead in Developing and Demonstrating Future Combat System's Network and Software
GAO-08-409, March 7, 2008
Defense Contracting: Additional Personal Conflict of Interest Safeguards Needed for Certain DOD Contractor Employees
GAO-08-169, March 7, 2008
Military Training: Compliance with Environmental Laws Affects Some Training Activities, but DOD Has Not Made a Sound Business Case for Additional Environmental Exemptions
GAO-08-407, March 7, 2008
Defense Infrastructure: Army and Marine Corps Grow the Force Construction Projects Generally Support the Initiative
GAO-08-375, March 6, 2008
Defense Management: More Transparency Needed over the Financial and Human Capital Operations of the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization
GAO-08-342, March 6, 2008
Military Base Realignments and Closures: Higher Costs and Lower Savings Projected for Implementing Two Key Supply-Related BRAC Recommendations
GAO-08-315, March 5, 2008
Defense Travel System: Validity of Travel Payments Statistical Sampling in Question
GAO-08-444R, March 3, 2008
Chemical and Biological Defense: DOD and VA Need to Improve Efforts to Identify and Notify Individuals Potentially Exposed during Chemical and Biological Tests
GAO-08-366, February 28, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Assessment of DOD Efforts to Enhance Missile Defense Capabilities and Oversight
GAO-08-506T, February 26, 2008
Limitations in DOD's Evaluation Plan for EEO Complaint Pilot Program Hinder Determination of Pilot Results
GAO-08-387R, February 22, 2008
Military Readiness: Impact of Current Operations and Actions Needed to Rebuild Readiness of U.S. Ground Forces
GAO-08-497T, February 14, 2008
DOD Personnel Clearances: DOD Faces Multiple Challenges in Its Efforts to Improve Clearance Processes for Industry Personnel
GAO-08-470T, February 13, 2008
DOD Personnel Clearances: Improved Annual Reporting Would Enable More Informed Congressional Oversight
GAO-08-350, February 13, 2008
Defense Logistics: Army Has Not Fully Planned or Budgeted for the Reconstitution of Its Afloat Prepositioned Stocks
GAO-08-257R, February 8, 2008
Military Personnel: Guidance Needed for Any Future Conversions of Military Medical Positions to Civilian Positions
GAO-08-370R, February 8, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: DOD's Practices and Processes for Multiyear Procurement Should Be Improved
GAO-08-298, February 7, 2008
Defense Business Transformation: Sustaining Progress Requires Continuity of Leadership and an Integrated Approach
GAO-08-462T, February 7, 2008
The Department of Defense's Civilian Human Capital Strategic Plan Does Not Meet Most Statutory Requirements
GAO-08-439R, February 6, 2008
Best Practices: Increased Focus on Requirements and Oversight Needed to Improve DOD's Acquisition Environment and Weapon System Quality
GAO-08-294, February 1, 2008
Military Readiness: Navy Is Making Progress Implementing Its Fleet Response Plan, but Has Not Fully Developed Goals, Measures, and Resource Needs
GAO-08-264, February 1, 2008
Global War on Terrorism: Reported Obligations for the Department of Defense
GAO-08-423R, January 30, 2008
Defense Contracting: Contract Risk a Key Factor in Assessing Excessive Pass-Through Charges
GAO-08-269, January 25, 2008
VA and DOD Health Care: Administration of DOD's Post-Deployment Health Reassessment to National Guard and Reserve Servicemembers and VA's Interaction with DOD
GAO-08-181R, January 25, 2008
Military Operations: Implementation of Existing Guidance and Other Actions Needed to Improve DOD's Oversight and Management of Contractors in Future Operations
GAO-08-436T, January 24, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: DOD's Increased Reliance on Service Contractors Exacerbates Long-standing Challenges
GAO-08-621T, January 23, 2008
Defense Logistics: The Army Needs to Implement an Effective Management and Oversight Plan for the Equipment Maintenance Contract in Kuwait
GAO-08-316R, January 22, 2008
Defense Infrastructure: Realignment of Air Force Special Operations Command Units to Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico
GAO-08-244R, January 18, 2008
Force Structure--Need for Greater Transparency for the Army's Grow the Force Initiative Funding Plan
GAO-08-354R, January 18, 2008
Military Personnel: The DOD and Coast Guard Academies Have Taken Steps to Address Incidents of Sexual Harassment and Assault, but Greater Federal Oversight Is Needed
GAO-08-296, January 17, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Departmentwide Direction Is Needed for Implementation of the Anti-tamper Policy
GAO-08-91, January 11, 2008
Army Corps of Engineers: Known Performance Issues with New Orleans Drainage Canal Pumps Have Been Addressed, but Guidance on Future Contracts Is Needed
GAO-08-288, December 31, 2007
Defense Acquisitions: Status of the Expeditionary Fire Support System
GAO-08-331R, December 21, 2007
Military Health Care: Cost Data Indicate That TRICARE Reserve Select Premiums Exceeded the Costs of Providing Program Benefits
GAO-08-104, December 21, 2007
Force Structure: Better Management Controls Are Needed to Oversee the Army's Modular Force and Expansion Initiatives and Improve Accountability for Results
GAO-08-145, December 14, 2007
Military Base Realignments and Closures: Estimated Costs Have Increased and Estimated Savings Have Decreased
GAO-08-341T, December 12, 2007
Military Base Realignments and Closures: Cost Estimates Have Increased and Are Likely to Continue to Evolve
GAO-08-159, December 11, 2007
Maritime Security: Federal Efforts Needed to Address Challenges in Preventing and Responding to Terrorist Attacks on Energy Commodity Tankers
GAO-08-141, December 10, 2007
Chemical Demilitarization: Additional Management Actions Needed to Meet Key Performance Goals of DOD's Chemical Demilitarization Program
GAO-08-134, December 6, 2007
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Natural Resources

Wildland Fire Management: Interagency Budget Tool Needs Further Development to Fully Meet Key Objectives
GAO-09-68, November 24, 2008
Federal Land Management: Use of Stewardship Contracting Is Increasing, but Agencies Could Benefit from Better Data and Contracting Strategies
GAO-09-23, November 13, 2008
Bureau of Land Management: Effective Long-Term Options Needed to Manage Unadoptable Wild Horses
GAO-09-77, October 9, 2008
Oil and Gas Leasing: Interior Could Do More to Encourage Diligent Development
GAO-09-74, October 3, 2008
Oil and Gas Royalties: MMS's Oversight of Its Royalty-in-Kind Program Can Be Improved through Additional Use of Production Verification Data and Enhanced Reporting of Financial Benefits and Costs
GAO-08-942R, September 26, 2008
Wildlife Refuges: Trends in Funding, Staffing, Habitat Management, and Visitor Services for Fiscal Years 2002 through 2007
GAO-08-1179T, September 24, 2008
Wildlife Refuges: Changes in Funding, Staffing, and Other Factors Create Concerns about Future Sustainability
GAO-08-797, September 22, 2008
Mineral Revenues: Data Management Problems and Reliance on Self-Reported Data for Compliance Efforts Put MMS Royalty Collections at Risk
GAO-08-893R, September 12, 2008
Hardrock Mining: Information on State Royalties and Trends in Mineral Imports and Exports
GAO-08-849R, July 21, 2008
Oil and Gas Royalties: Litigation over Royalty Relief Could Cost the Federal Government Billions of Dollars
GAO-08-792R, June 5, 2008
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Endangered Species Act Decision Making
GAO-08-688T, May 21, 2008
Drinking Water: The District of Columbia and Communities Nationwide Face Serious Challenges in Their Efforts to Safeguard Water Supplies
GAO-08-687T, April 15, 2008
Hardrock Mining: Information on Abandoned Mines and Value and Coverage of Financial Assurances on BLM Land
GAO-08-574T, March 12, 2008
Mineral Revenues: Data Management Problems and Reliance on Self-Reported Data for Compliance Efforts Put MMS Royalty Collections at Risk
GAO-08-560T, March 11, 2008
Yellowstone Bison: Interagency Plan and Agencies' Management Need Improvement to Better Address Bison-Cattle Brucellosis Controversy
GAO-08-291, March 7, 2008
Natural Resource Management: Opportunities Exist to Enhance Federal Participation in Collaborative Efforts to Reduce Conflicts and Improve Natural Resource Conditions
GAO-08-262, February 12, 2008
Wildland Fire Management: Federal Agencies Lack Key Long- and Short-Term Management Strategies for Using Program Funds Effectively
GAO-08-433T, February 12, 2008
Federal Land Management: Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act Restrictions and Management Weaknesses Limit Future Sales and Acquisitions
GAO-08-196, February 5, 2008
Forest Service: Better Planning, Guidance, and Data Are Needed to Improve Management of the Competitive Sourcing Program
GAO-08-195, January 22, 2008
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Science, Space, and Technology

NASA: Agency Faces Challenges Defining Scope and Costs of Space Shuttle Transition and Retirement
GAO-08-1096, September 30, 2008
Space Acquisitions: Uncertainties in the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Program Pose Management and Oversight Challenges
GAO-08-1039, September 26, 2008
NASA Workforce: Briefing on National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Use of Term Appointments
GAO-08-920R, September 10, 2008
Nuclear Weapons: NNSA Needs to Establish a Cost and Schedule Baseline for Manufacturing a Critical Nuclear Weapon Component
GAO-08-593, May 23, 2008
Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Federal Actions Needed to Ensure Safety and Expand Their Potential Uses within the National Airspace System
GAO-08-511, May 15, 2008
Space Acquisitions: DOD Is Making Progress to Rapidly Deliver Low Cost Space Capabilities, but Challenges Remain
GAO-08-516, April 25, 2008
Nanotechnology: Accuracy of Data on Federally Funded Environmental, Health, and Safety Research Could Be Improved
GAO-08-709T, April 24, 2008
NASA: Challenges in Completing and Sustaining the International Space Station
GAO-08-581T, April 24, 2008
NASA: Ares I and Orion Project Risks and Key Indicators to Measure Progress
GAO-08-186T, April 3, 2008
Nanotechnology: Better Guidance Is Needed to Ensure Accurate Reporting of Federal Research Focused on Environmental, Health, and Safety Risks
GAO-08-402, March 31, 2008
Defense Space Activities: National Security Space Strategy Needed to Guide Future DOD Space Efforts
GAO-08-431R, March 27, 2008
Space Acquisitions: Major Space Programs Still at Risk for Cost and Schedule Increases
GAO-08-552T, March 4, 2008
Aviation and the Environment: FAA's and NASA's Research and Development Plans for Noise Reduction Are Aligned but the Prospects of Achieving Noise Reduction Goals Are Uncertain
GAO-08-384, February 15, 2008
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Social Services

Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Initiative: Further Progress Is Needed in Developing a Risk-Based Monitoring Approach to Help HHS Improve Program Oversight
GAO-08-1002, September 26, 2008
African American Children in Foster Care: HHS and Congressional Actions Could Help Reduce Proportion in Care
GAO-08-1064T, July 31, 2008
Drug-Free Communities Support Program: Stronger Internal Controls and Other Actions Needed to Better Manage the Grant-Making Process
GAO-08-57, July 31, 2008
Residential Facilities: Improved Data and Enhanced Oversight Would Help Safeguard the Well-Being of Youth with Behavioral and Emotional Challenges
GAO-08-346, May 13, 2008
Residential Facilities: Surveys of State Child Welfare, Health and Mental Health, and Juvenile Justice Directors (GAO-08-631SP, May 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-346
GAO-08-631SP, May 13, 2008
Residential Facilities: State and Federal Oversight Gaps May Increase Risk to Youth Well-Being
GAO-08-696T, April 24, 2008
Residential Programs: Selected Cases of Death, Abuse, and Deceptive Marketing
GAO-08-713T, April 24, 2008
Bankruptcy and Child Support Enforcement: Improved Information Sharing Possible without Routine Data Matching
GAO-08-100, January 23, 2008
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Tax Policy and Administration

Tax Gap: Actions That Could Improve Rental Real Estate Reporting Compliance
GAO-08-956, August 28, 2008
Tax Preparers: Oregon's Regulatory Regime May Lead to Improved Federal Tax Return Accuracy and Provides a Possible Model for National Regulation
GAO-08-781, August 15, 2008
Individual Retirement Accounts: Additional IRS Actions Could Help Taxpayers Facing Challenges in Complying with Key Tax Rules
GAO-08-654, August 14, 2008
U.S. Multinational Corporations: Effective Tax Rates Are Correlated with Where Income Is Reported
GAO-08-950, August 12, 2008
Tax Compliance: Businesses Owe Billions in Federal Payroll Taxes
GAO-08-1034T, July 29, 2008
Tax Compliance: Businesses Owe Billions in Federal Payroll Taxes
GAO-08-617, July 25, 2008
Cayman Islands: Business Advantages and Tax Minimization Attract U.S. Persons and Enforcement Challenges Exist
GAO-08-779T, July 24, 2008
Cayman Islands: Business and Tax Advantages Attract U.S. Persons and Enforcement Challenges Exist
GAO-08-778, July 24, 2008
Cayman Islands: Review of Cayman Islands and U.S. Laws Applicable to U.S. Persons' Financial Activity in the Cayman Islands, (GAO-08-1028SP), an E-supplement to GAO-08-778, July 2008
GAO-08-1028SP, July 24, 2008
Tax Administration: Comparison of the Reported Tax Liabilities of Foreign- and U.S.-Controlled Corporations, 1998-2005
GAO-08-957, July 24, 2008
Gulf Opportunity Zone: States Are Allocating Federal Tax Incentives to Finance Low-Income Housing and a Wide Range of Private Facilities
GAO-08-913, July 16, 2008
Internal Revenue Service: Status of GAO Financial Audit and Related Financial Management Report Recommendations
GAO-08-693, July 2, 2008
Tax Expenditures: Available Data Are Insufficient to Determine the Use and Impact of Indian Reservation Depreciation
GAO-08-731, June 26, 2008
Tax Administration: Data on the Effects of the Economic Stimulus Program on the Internal Revenue Service's Telephone Service and Costs
GAO-08-916T, June 19, 2008
Tax Debt Collection: IRS Has a Complex Process to Attempt to Collect Billions of Dollars in Unpaid Tax Debts
GAO-08-728, June 13, 2008
Refund Anticipation Loans
GAO-08-800R, June 5, 2008
Management Report: Improvements Needed in IRS's Internal Controls
GAO-08-368R, June 4, 2008
Internal Revenue Service: Assessment of the Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Request
GAO-08-620T, April 16, 2008
Value-Added Taxes: Lessons Learned from Other Countries on Compliance Risks, Administrative Costs, Compliance Burden, and Transition
GAO-08-566, April 4, 2008
Internal Revenue Service: Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Request and Interim Performance Results of IRS's 2008 Tax Filing Season
GAO-08-567, March 13, 2008
Business Systems Modernization: Internal Revenue Service's Fiscal Year 2008 Expenditure Plan
GAO-08-420, March 7, 2008
Tax Policy: Tax-Exempt Status of Certain Bonds Merits Reconsideration, and Apparent Noncompliance with Issuance Cost Limitations Should Be Addressed
GAO-08-364, February 15, 2008
Vehicle Donations: Selected Charities Reported Mixed Experiences after Changes in Vehicle Donation Rules
GAO-08-367, February 15, 2008
Tax Compliance: Qualified Intermediary Program Provides Some Assurance That Taxes on Foreign Investors Are Withheld and Reported, but Can Be Improved
GAO-08-99, December 19, 2007
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Highway Safety Improvement Program: Further Efforts Needed to Address Data Limitations and Better Align Funding with States' Top Safety Priorities
GAO-09-35, November 21, 2008
Approaches to Mitigate Freight Congestion
GAO-09-163R, November 20, 2008
Responses to Questions for the Record; September 2008 Hearing on the Next Generation Air Transportation System: Status and Issues
GAO-09-130R, October 20, 2008
Highway Safety: Foresight Issues Challenge DOT's Efforts to Assess and Respond to New Technology-Based Trends
GAO-09-56, October 3, 2008
Aviation Safety: FAA Has Increased Efforts to Address Runway Incursions
GAO-08-1169T, September 25, 2008
Aviation Safety: FAA Has Taken Steps to Determine That It Has Made Correct Medical Certification Decisions
GAO-08-997, September 17, 2008
Commercial Aviation: Impact of Airline Crew Scheduling on Delays and Cancellations of Commercial Flights
GAO-08-1041R, September 17, 2008
Transportation Security: Transportation Worker Identification Credential: A Status Update
GAO-08-1151T, September 17, 2008
Next Generation Air Transportation System: Status of Key Issues Associated with the Transition to NextGen
GAO-08-1154T, September 11, 2008
Next Generation Air Transportation System: Status of Systems Acquisition and the Transition to the Next Generation Air Transportation System
GAO-08-1078, September 11, 2008
Highway Bridge Program: Clearer Goals and Performance Measures Needed for a More Focused and Sustainable Program
GAO-08-1043, September 10, 2008
Highway Bridge Program: Clearer Goals and Performance Measures Needed for a More Focused and Sustainable Program
GAO-08-1127T, September 10, 2008
Aviation Security: TSA Is Enhancing Its Oversight of Air Carrier Efforts to Identify Passengers on the No Fly and Selectee Lists, but Expects Ultimate Solution to Be Implementation of Secure Flight
GAO-08-992, September 9, 2008
Highway Public-Private Partnerships: More Rigorous Up-Front Analysis Could Better Secure Potential Benefits and Protect the Public Interest
GAO-08-1149R, September 8, 2008
Review of the Transportation Security Administration's Air Cargo Screening Exemptions Report
GAO-08-1055R, August 15, 2008
Airline Industry: Potential Mergers and Acquisitions Driven by Financial and Competitive Pressures
GAO-08-845, July 31, 2008
FAA Airspace Redesign: An Analysis of the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia Project
GAO-08-786, July 31, 2008
Safe Routes to School: Progress in Implementing the Program, but a Comprehensive Plan to Evaluate Program Outcomes Is Needed
GAO-08-789, July 31, 2008
Surface Transportation Programs: Proposals Highlight Key Issues and Challenges in Restructuring the Programs
GAO-08-843R, July 29, 2008
Public Transportation: Improvements Are Needed to More Fully Assess Predicted Impacts of New Starts Projects
GAO-08-844, July 25, 2008
Aviation Security: Transportation Security Administration Has Strengthened Planning to Guide Investments in Key Aviation Security Programs, but More Work Remains
GAO-08-1024T, July 24, 2008
Commercial Drivers: Certification Process for Drivers with Serious Medical Conditions
GAO-08-1030T, July 24, 2008
Highway Public-Private Partnerships: Securing Potential Benefits and Protecting the Public Interest Could Result from More Rigorous Up-front Analysis
GAO-08-1052T, July 24, 2008
Air Traffic Control: FAA Uses Earned Value Techniques to Help Manage Information Technology Acquisitions, but Needs to Clarify Policy and Strengthen Oversight
GAO-08-756, July 18, 2008
Highway Safety: Preliminary Observations on Efforts to Implement Changes in the Highway Safety Improvement Program Since SAFETEA-LU
GAO-08-1015T, July 17, 2008
Traffic Safety Programs: Progress, States' Challenges, and Issues for Reauthorization
GAO-08-990T, July 16, 2008
National Airspace System: DOT and FAA Actions Will Likely Have a Limited Effect on Reducing Delays during Summer 2008 Travel Season
GAO-08-934T, July 15, 2008
Traffic Safety: NHTSA's Improved Oversight Could Identify Opportunities to Strengthen Management and Safety in Some States
GAO-08-788, July 14, 2008
Surface Transportation: Principles Can Guide Efforts to Restructure and Fund Federal Programs
GAO-08-744T, July 10, 2008
Commercial Drivers: Certification Process for Drivers with Serious Medical Conditions
GAO-08-826, June 30, 2008
Examples of Job Hopping by Commercial Drivers After Failing Drug Tests
GAO-08-829R, June 30, 2008
Coast Guard: Strategies for Mitigating the Loss of Patrol Boats Are Achieving Results in the Near Term, but They Come at a Cost and Longer Term Sustainability Is Unknown
GAO-08-660, June 23, 2008
Federal Aviation Administration: Efforts to Hire, Staff, and Train Air Traffic Controllers Are Generally on Track, but Challenges Remain
GAO-08-908T, June 11, 2008
Motor Carrier Safety: Improvements to Drug Testing Programs Could Better Identify Illegal Drug Users and Keep Them off the Road
GAO-08-600, May 15, 2008
Transportation Security: Transportation Security Administration Has Strengthened Planning to Guide Investments in Key Aviation and Surface Transportation Security Programs, but More Work Remains
GAO-08-487T, May 13, 2008
Physical Infrastructure: Challenges and Investment Options for the Nation's Infrastructure
GAO-08-763T, May 8, 2008
Aviation and the Environment: NextGen and Research and Development Are Keys to Reducing Emissions and Their Impact on Health and Climate
GAO-08-706T, May 6, 2008
Highways and Environment: Transportation Agencies Are Acting to Involve Others in Planning and Environmental Decisions
GAO-08-512R, April 25, 2008
Traffic Safety: Improved Reporting and Performance Measures Would Enhance Evaluation of High-Visibility Campaigns
GAO-08-477, April 25, 2008
National Transportation Safety Board: Progress Made in Management Practices, Investigation Priorities, Training Center Use, and Information Security, But These Areas Continue to Need Improvement
GAO-08-652T, April 23, 2008
Transportation Security: Efforts to Strengthen Aviation and Surface Transportation Security Continue to Progress, but More Work Remains
GAO-08-651T, April 15, 2008
Status of Implementation of GAO Recommendations on Evacuation of Transportation-Disadvantaged Populations and Patients and Residents of Health Care Facilities
GAO-08-544R, April 1, 2008
Traffic Safety: Grants Generally Address Key Safety Issues, Despite State Eligibility and Management Difficulties
GAO-08-398, March 14, 2008
Coast Guard: Observations on the Fiscal Year 2009 Budget, Recent Performance, and Related Challenges
GAO-08-494T, March 6, 2008
Surface Transportation: Restructured Federal Approach Needed for More Focused, Performance-Based, and Sustainable Programs
GAO-08-400, March 6, 2008
Aviation Security: Transportation Security Administration Has Strengthened Planning to Guide Investments in Key Aviation Security Programs, but More Work Remains
GAO-08-456T, February 28, 2008
Transportation Safety: Medical Certification and Background Check Requirements for Pilots, Vessel Masters, and Commercial Drivers Vary
GAO-08-421R, February 27, 2008
Aviation Weather: Services at Key Aviation Facilities Lack Performance Measures, but Improvement Efforts Are Under Way
GAO-08-491T, February 26, 2008
Emergency Transit Assistance: Federal Funding for Recent Disasters, and Options for the Future
GAO-08-243, February 15, 2008
Runway Safety: Progress on Reducing Runway Incursions Impeded by Leadership, Technology, and Other Challenges
GAO-08-481T, February 13, 2008
Highway Public-Private Partnerships: More Rigorous Up-front Analysis Could Better Secure Potential Benefits and Protect the Public Interest
GAO-08-44, February 8, 2008
Federal Aviation Administration: Challenges Facing the Agency in Fiscal Year 2009 and Beyond
GAO-08-460T, February 7, 2008
Surface Transportation: Preliminary Observations on Efforts to Restructure Current Program
GAO-08-478T, February 6, 2008
Transmission Lines: Issues Associated with High-Voltage Direct-Current Transmission Lines along Transportation Rights of Way
GAO-08-347R, February 1, 2008
Aviation Weather: FAA Is Reevaluating Services at Key Centers; Both FAA and the National Weather Service Need to Better Ensure Product Quality
GAO-08-258, January 11, 2008
Federal-Aid Highways: Increased Reliance on Contractors Can Pose Oversight Challenges for Federal and State Officials
GAO-08-198, January 8, 2008
Freight Transportation: National Policy and Strategies Can Help Improve Freight Mobility
GAO-08-287, January 7, 2008
Motor Carrier Safety: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Has Developed a Reasonable Framework for Managing and Testing Its Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 Initiative
GAO-08-242R, December 20, 2007
Air Traffic Control: FAA Reports Progress in System Acquisitions, but Changes in Performance Measurement Could Improve Usefulness of Information
GAO-08-42, December 18, 2007
Maritime Transportation: Major Oil Spills Occur Infrequently, but Risks Remain
GAO-08-357T, December 18, 2007
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Veterans Affairs

VA Health Care: Improved Staffing Methods and Greater Availability of Alternate and Flexible Work Schedules Could Enhance the Recruitment and Retention of Inpatient Nurses
GAO-09-17, October 24, 2008
VA National Initiatives and Local Programs that Address Education and Support for Families of Returning Veterans
GAO-09-22R, October 22, 2008
Multiple Agencies Provide Assistance to Service-disabled Veterans or Entrepreneurs, but Specific Needs Are Difficult to Identify and Coordination Is Weak
GAO-09-11R, October 15, 2008
Veterans Affairs: Additional Details Are Needed in Key Planning Documents to Guide the New Financial and Logistics Initiative
GAO-08-1097, September 22, 2008
Veterans' Benefits: Improvements Needed in VA's Training and Performance Management Systems
GAO-08-1126T, September 18, 2008
Veterans Health Administration: Improvements Needed in Design of Controls over Miscellaneous Obligations
GAO-08-976, September 11, 2008
Veterans' Disability Benefits: Better Accountability and Access Would Improve the Benefits Delivery at Discharge Program
GAO-08-901, September 9, 2008
Veterans Affairs: Continued Action Needed to Reduce IT Equipment Losses and Correct Control Weaknesses
GAO-08-918, July 31, 2008
Veterans Health Administration: Improvements Needed in Design of Controls over Miscellaneous Obligations
GAO-08-1056T, July 31, 2008
Electronic Health Records: DOD and VA Have Increased Their Sharing of Health Information, but More Work Remains
GAO-08-954, July 28, 2008
Veterans Affairs: Health Information System Modernization Far from Complete; Improved Project Planning and Oversight Needed
GAO-08-805, June 30, 2008
VA Health Care: Ineffective Controls over Medical Center Billings and Collections Limit Revenue from Third-Party Insurance Companies
GAO-08-675, June 10, 2008
VA Health Care: Facilities Have Taken Action to Provide Language Access Services and Culturally Appropriate Care to a Diverse Veteran Population
GAO-08-535, May 28, 2008
Veterans' Benefits: Increased Focus on Evaluation and Accountability Would Enhance Training and Performance Management for Claims Processors
GAO-08-561, May 27, 2008
VA Health Care: Recruitment and Retention Challenges and Efforts to Make Salaries Competitive for Nurse Anesthetists
GAO-08-647T, April 9, 2008
VA Health Care: Additional Efforts to Better Assess Joint Ventures Needed
GAO-08-399, March 28, 2008
Veterans' Benefits: Improved Management Would Enhance VA's Pension Program
GAO-08-112, February 14, 2008
Veterans' Disability Benefits: Claims Processing Challenges Persist, while VA Continues to Take Steps to Address Them
GAO-08-473T, February 14, 2008
VA Health Care: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Screening and Evaluation Implemented for OEF/OIF Veterans, but Challenges Remain
GAO-08-276, February 8, 2008
VA Health Care: Many Medical Facilities Have Challenges in Recruiting and Retaining Nurse Anesthetists
GAO-08-56, December 13, 2007
Veterans' Benefits: Improved Operational Controls and Management Data Would Enhance VBA's Disability Reevaluation Process
GAO-08-75, December 6, 2007
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