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Bremerton Bridge Project at State Highways 16 and 160

Bremerton Bridge project involves collecting and analyzing data for comparison to a mathematical model and to provide retrofitting guidelines. graohic of modelled bridge

Current Status

Eleven sets of data were collected on September 23, 1998 using 3 sets of recorders. These recorders were placed on the North side of the bridge (see detailed drawings for exact location) to record accelerations of dynamic loads. There were three types of dynamic loading:

1. Normal traffic loads.

2. Slow moving truck.

3. Fast moving truck, suddenly stopping at different locations.

As of now we are analyzing the data using traditional Fourier analysis, as well as state of the art system identification and signal processing techniques.

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Region Location Map regional map showing generalized location of bridge test south of Bremerton, west of Puget Sound map

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