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1994/95 Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program

Council documents 94-55 (Dec 94) and 95-20 (Sep 95)

Note that this Program is being replaced by the 2000 Fish and Wildlife Program and its successive mainstem and subbasin plans.

1994 Program Amendments

Detailed table of contents (PDF format)

All sections in HTML format include 1995 amendments, but Adobe PDF versions do not (1995 amendments also available as separate PDF files below).

Sections (or all as 1.2mb PDF file):

  1. Introduction, also as 65k PDF
  2. Systemwide goal and framework, also as 30k PDF
  3. Coordinated implementation, research, monitoring and evaluation, also as 45k PDF
  4. Salmon goal and framework, also as 45k PDF
  5. Juvenile salmon migration, also as 150k PDF
  6. Adult salmon migration, also as 20k PDF
  7. Coordinated salmon production and habitat, also as 190k PDF
  8. Salmon harvest, also as 45k PDF
  9. Mitigation for adverse effects of salmon and steelhead measures, also as 10k PDF
  10. Resident fish, also as 60k PDF
  11. Wildlife (PDF only)
  12. Future hydroelectric development, also as 20k PDF
  13. Amendment process (PDF only)
  14. Disclaimers (PDF only)
  15. Findings on the recommendations for amendments to the anadromous fish portions of the program (450 kb PDF)
Appendices in PDF format (or all as 450k PDF file):
  1. Recommendations regarding habitat objectives and funding sources
  2. Summary of hydropower costs and impacts of the mainstem passage actions
  3. Assuring an adequate, efficient, economical and reliable power supply
  4. Staff analysis of biological benefits of mainstem passage actions
  5. Minority opinion
  6. Response to comments (200k)

1995 Program Amendments

Single 930k PDF file, or in sections:

       Section 1     
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5
Section 10
Section 11
Section 12
Section 16 (660k PDF)


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