Next NASA Mars Mission Rescheduled for 2011

NASA's Mars Science Laboratory will launch two years later than previously planned. The 2009 launch date is no longer feasible because of testing and hardware challenges that must be addressed. › Read More and Comment

NASA Orbiter Finds Martian Rock Record With 10 Beats to the Bar

Climate cycles persisting for millions of years on ancient Mars left a record of rhythmic patterns in thick stacks of sedimentary rock layers, revealed by a telescopic camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. › Read more

Astronaut Cabana Reflects on Building the Space Station

Astronaut Bob Cabana -- now director of NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida -- recalls vividly the first trip to the fledgling station in 1998. › Read More

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Galaxy Messier 101

Chandra Embraces Hot 'Arms' of Pinwheel Galaxy

With a diameter of about 170,000 light years, galaxy Messier 101 (M101) is nearly twice the size of our Milky Way. Its orientation allows telescopes...

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Endeavour in California

Shuttle Prepares for Ferry Flight Back to Florida

Ares 1-X

Pieces Coming Together for First Test Launch of NASA's New Spacecraft

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Swift comet image

Swift Looks to Comets for a Cool View

Hubble servicing mission

Hubble Servicing Mission Targeted for May 12, 2009

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