Adobe Distiller Server 8

"We're very excited to see Adobe releasing a new generation of Distiller Server. Distiller Server plays a key role in our newspaper production process, with the reliability and speed we need to meet our demanding deadlines. Keeping pace with the latest technology is important to our business, so moving to Distiller Server 8 with support for the latest versions of PDF, including PDF/A for archiving, was an easy decision for us."

Andy Beale
Technology director, Guardian News & Media

Centralized high-volume Adobe PDF file creation from PostScript

Adobe® Distiller® Server 8 software converts PostScript® to Adobe PDF using a server. With Distiller Server 8, your workgroup can:

  • Create reliable, compact final files
  • Easily integrate Adobe PDF into document workflows
  • Utilize Adobe PDF technology and standards

Adobe Distiller Server 8 datasheet (PDF, 382k)

Acrobat Distiller Server

Centralize PostScript to Adobe PDF file creation

Server-based conversion of PostScript to Adobe PDF

Centralize the conversion of PostScript files to Adobe PDF for print, e-mail, and any web-enabled device.

Simplified Adobe PDF file creation

Automatically convert high volumes of PostScript files to Adobe PDF through mechanisms such as watched folders.

Centralized control over job settings

Control document conversion settings to comply with regulatory or departmental guidelines.

Create reliable, compact final files

Reliable document format

Preserve the visual integrity of business documents so they display as intended across a variety of platforms.

Administrator-specified security options

Help protect electronic documents with 128-bit encryption and password protection controlled centrally by the administrator.

Electronic distribution

Quickly send compact documents that are more secure than paper ones — saving time and money on printing and delivery fees.

A recognized standard

Produce Adobe PDF files that can be viewed with free and widely available Adobe Reader® software; to date, more than 700 million copies of Adobe Reader have been distributed worldwide.

Easily integrate Adobe PDF into document workflows

Flexible, scalable integration

Easily integrate Adobe PDF file creation into ISV solutions and content management and fulfillment systems.

Compatibility with existing applications

Generate PostScript documents from desktop or core business applications and convert them to Adobe PDF.

Scalability for faster production

Take advantage of higher performance and scalability when using Linux® or UNIX® operating systems.

Use Adobe PDF technology and standards

PDF/X and JDF support for prepress content exchange

Adapt printing workflows to the international PDF/X standards with features to aid in the creation of files that are PDF/X-3 and PDF/X-1a compliant. Create job tickets in Portable Job Ticket Format (PJTF) and Job Definition Format (JDF) so that important processing instructions are included within a PDF file.

Adobe PDF 1.7 for compatibility with Adobe Acrobat 8

Take advantage of the Adobe PDF 1.7 specification for compatibility with Adobe Acrobat® 8 software, with support for XMP to store information about the file.

PDF/A support for archiving

Streamline archiving processes by automatically converting documents to PDF/A, the ratified ISO standard for long-term archiving of digital records.

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