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Engaging beyond the enterprise

PDF and Adobe® Flash® technologies come together to more effectively engage customers, constituents, partners, and employees in key business processes.

Adobe LiveCycle® ES (Enterprise Suite) software is an integrated server solution that blends data capture, information assurance, document output, process management, and content services to help you create and deliver rich and engaging applications that reduce paperwork, accelerate decision-making, and help ensure regulatory compliance.

Customer successes


Why LiveCycle ES

Online applications offer dramatic cost savings to your company and a more positive and productive experience for your customers, constituents, partners, and employees. But if the applications are not intuitive and lack compelling interactivity, people won't use them.

Adobe LiveCycle ES can help you:

  • Build more engaging experiences that scale from paper forms to rich and interactive online applications
  • Reduce development time with intuitive and integrated developer resources
  • Protect sensitive information to inspire confidence on both ends of a transaction
  • Extend your enterprise with new applications that reach inside and outside the firewall
  • Build end-to-end business processes that create the perfect mix of print and electronic communications

More information

LiveCycle ES summary card
(PDF, 627k)

LiveCycle ES business white paper (PDF, 332k)

Adobe LiveCycle ES Business Transformation Edition (PDF, 173k)


LiveCycle ES Diagram

Composed of foundation technology, development tools, and solution components, LiveCycle ES is an integrated server solution that provides everything you need to create customer engagement applications and automate document-intensive processes. And because LiveCycle ES is J2EE compatible and runs on industry-standard operating systems and Java™ application servers, you can easily integrate LiveCycle ES applications with your existing IT environment.

Foundation technology

Adobe LiveCycle ES Foundation software provides the underlying server capabilities that enable the deployment, execution, and management of LiveCycle ES solution components.

Development tools

An intuitive and graphical Eclipse-based integrated development environment enables developers, designers, and business analysts to collaborate.

Solution components

LiveCycle ES solution components span data capture, information assurance, document output, process management, and content services, working together to create compelling and comprehensive customer engagement applications.

Client software

By leveraging free and ubiquitous cross-platform clients, including Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe AIR™, you can be sure your applications will be easily accessible, immediately usable, and consistent across platforms and devices.

User interface technologies

LiveCycle ES leverages Adobe Flex® and Flash software, PDF and XML, HTML and Ajax, and AIR to deliver dynamic and interactive user experiences.

Reviews & awards

News, reviews, and awards


Jolt Awards Productivity Winner

LiveCycle ES is named Productivity Winner for the Enterprise Tools category by Dr. Dobb's Journal 18th Annual Jolt Awards.

By Jon Erickson, Dr. Dobb's Portal, March 2008

Editors' Choice Awards 2008 logo

Adobe Honored with Intelligent Enterprise 2008 Editors' Choice Awards

"THE DOZEN: The 12 companies that will matter the most to the intelligent enterprise in 2008."

Intelligent Enterprise,
January 2, 2008

InfoWorld logo

InfoWorld review

"From BPM to ERP, Adobe LiveCycle bridges apps across the board"

By Mike Heck, InfoWorld, November 2007

More news, reviews, and awards

Analyst reports

Analyst reports

Data capture

RIAs Bring People-Centered Design to Information Workplaces

Forrester logo

"Rich Internet applications (RIAs) are emerging as vehicles to enable the next generation of Information Workplaces that are best suited for decision-makers and task-oriented workers who engage in complex, multistep processes — people who need seamless, individualized, and highly visual user experiences."

Erica Driver and Ron Rogowski,
November 26, 2007

Download now (PDF, 535k)

Process management

Adobe Wows Customers in Document-Centric BPMS Processes

Forrester logo

"Adobe's strength in BPM is where content moves between the customer and the business to support customer engagement processes, such as customer service and new accounts. Adobe totally gets it."

Craig Le Clair and Colin Teubner,
July 9, 2007

Download now (PDF, 208k)

Information assurance

Electronic Signature and Secure Forms in the Insurance Industry: Taking the P&C Pen to the Web

Forrester logo

"Insurance carriers must transition away from traditional paper-based, wet-signature processes and adopt secure document and electronic signature technology. The technical complexity may appear daunting, but technology solutions providers and experts in the marketplace can partner with carriers to overcome this hurdle."

Karen Pauli,
October 2007

Download now (PDF, 331k)

Document output

Market Overview: Document Output Management

Forrester logo

"Adobe looks well-positioned to repeat its desktop publishing success with DOM technology."

Craig Le Clair,
February 8, 2008

Download now (PDF, 559k)

More analyst reports


Solution Accelerators

Adobe® Solution Accelerators include deployable and extensible code, best practice methodologies, solution guides, and technical documentation built around common uses of Adobe LiveCycle ES. Developed by Adobe based on successful implementations with our customers, Solution Accelerators can help you reduce development time and increase the quality of your enterprise applications.

Adobe Solution Accelerators for:



Improve data integrity, speed up processing time, and minimize manual and repetitive processes.

Correspondence Management

Generate letters that leverage multiple templates and can be easily customized.

Financial Services

Account Enrollment

Onboard customers securely and efficiently, across product lines and channels.

Correspondence Management

Manage multiple content and template objects across your customer correspondence processes.


Benefits and Services Delivery

Rapidly transform program initiatives and policies into deployed solutions.

Next steps