Adobe Reader Distribution

Distribute free Adobe Reader in your enterprise or bundle it with a CD or computer

Adobe Reader software is available for distribution beyond single-user installation and can be deployed in an organization or distributed through physical media like a CD or DVD and bundled with computers.

Distribute free Adobe Reader

Complete and submit the Adobe Reader Distribution Agreement. The Reader Distribution Agreement is for:

  • Corporations that would like to distribute Adobe Reader on a company intranet site or local network
  • Commercial vendors that would like to include Adobe Reader on CD

Note: You do not need to sign the Adobe Reader Distribution Agreement if you want to direct users from your website to in order that they can download Adobe Reader. The "Get Adobe Reader" logo can also be downloaded without an agreement.

OEMs and PC manufacturers

If you are an OEM or PC manufacturer and would like to bundle Adobe Reader with computers or other devices, send an e-mail to

Adobe PDF and Adobe Reader icons

Download Adobe PDF and Reader icons

To make it easier for your customers to recognize and view documents produced in Adobe PDF, you can use the "Adobe PDF" icon and "Get Adobe Reader" logos on your website.

Note: Third-party websites must link directly to for the download of Adobe Reader software. Hosting the software independently is not permitted.

Individual users

If you are an individual user who wants to download Adobe Reader for personal use, you do not need a Distribution Agreement. You can download the free Adobe Reader software directly from Adobe's website.

Support for Adobe Reader

Check out products, tools, and resources to accelerate and simplify your deployment of Adobe Reader.