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October 31, 2008

Contracts data was updated for all 24 CFO Act agencies at this time.

Assistance data was updated for 20 of 24 CFO act agencies. Updates are currently pending for the following agencies: DHS, NRC, NSF and TREAS.

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This is a data's-eye view of the contents of, organized by the type of search used rather than by the subject of the search (as in the buttons at left). "Tables" are pre-prepared, static pages. "Searches" are real-time, dynamic searches of the contracts and grants databases.



Simple Searches for Contracts
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Table for Contracts
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Top 100 Contractors:
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Advanced Searches for Contracts:
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Simple Searches for Grants
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Tables for Grants
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Top 20 Recipients by Agency: (FY2004-2005)
Type of Recipient by Type of Assistance

Advanced Searches for Grants
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