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Flash sample

New Flash ActionScript 3.0 samples

Learn about Flash by doing: These updated samples demonstrate features common in Flash development.

AIR sample

Adobe AIR sample applications

Be inspired by what your peers are building on AIR—and learn from them.

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Download and share extensions, scripts, templates, and other items that extend the functionality of Adobe applications.

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Certified Flex 2 Developer Exam: Now available

Set yourself apart from other IT professionals, and demonstrate your skills and knowledge with Flex by taking the new Flex certification exam.

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Forum Nokia Launchpad

Looking to excel in the mobile marketplace? Then you need to join Forum Nokia Launchpad, designed to accelerate mobile application development and elevate business visibility in the mobile world.

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LAFlashapaloozastock III

LAFlashapaloozastock III

This free, all-day event features talks from industry luminaries on topics like 3D, animation, coding, and creativity. Hosted by LA Flash, the Adobe User Group for Flash talent in the Los Angeles region, and produced by FITC, the largest conference in the Flash industry.

MAX 2008

MAX 2008 Japan

Connect with your peers, industry experts, and Adobe staff for education and inspiration.
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Developer Spotlight

Sven Claar

Sven Claar

Meet Sven Claar, picked for his use of Flex, Adobe AIR, and LiveCycle to deliver client applications.

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