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Chemical Security Assessment Tool


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The Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) is the Department of Homeland Security's system for collecting and analyzing key data from chemical facilities to

  • identify facilities that present a high level of risk, 
  • support the preliminary and final tiering decisions for individual high-risk facilities,
  • assess a facility’s security vulnerabilities, and 
  • evaluate a facility’s security plan to address vulnerabilities and meet Risk-Based Performance Standards.

The Chemical Security Assessment Tool comprises several web-based tools:

  • User Management
  • Top-Screen questionnaire
  • Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA)
  • CFATS CVI document repository
  • Site Security Plan (SSP)

After registering for CSAT, facilities are provided access to the Top-Screen, which enables the Department to determine if they are a high-risk chemical facility covered by the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Interim Final Rule (CFATS).  For facilities that are determined to be high risk, other tools, specifically the SVA and SPP, are made available to satisfy additional CFATS requirements.

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Register to Access CSAT

To complete and submit a Top-Screen, required by the Chemical Facility Anti-terrorism Standards 6 CFR 27, please register for access to the Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT).

Register Now

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Update My Information Tool

CSAT has recently been updated to include a new “Update My Information” tool that will allow you to edit information you entered during CSAT registration. You may use this tool to do the following:

  • Update your personal information (address, phone number, etc.)
  • Change your password
  • Transfer your responsibilities to another CSAT user – this feature has been improved to allow individual role and/or facility transfers.

To ensure that you continue to receive CFATS and CSAT communications, we encourage you to log into CSAT (https://csat.dhs.gov/csat/) and select the “Update My Information” link to confirm that your information is correct and up to date. If you have more than one username, please remember to update the information associated with each one.

To get more information about this tool, please access the CSAT User Account Management Guide, (PDF, 32 pages - 1.4 MB).

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CSAT Top-Screen

Any facility that manufactured, used, stored or distributed certain chemicals above a specified quantity must complete and submit a CSAT Top-Screen.  Appendix A: Chemicals of Interest List (PDF, 16 pages - 2 MB), is available.

The Department may also notify facilities – either directly or through a Federal Register notice – that they need to complete and submit a CSAT Top-Screen.

  • CSAT Top-Screen Questions (PDF, 165 pages - 12.29 MB) List of questions provided to assist chemical facility owners and operators in assembling the information needed to complete the secure web-based CSAT application. This has been updated to reflect the Appendix A updates to the current Top-Screen. Please contact the CSAT Help Desk if you need help accessing this document.
  • CSAT Top-Screen User Manual (PDF, 87 pages - 1.17 MB)
  • The Section 508 compliant versions of these two files will be available on November 18, 2008.

Once a Top-Screen has been completed and submitted, it cannot be recalled and edited. Please enter Top-Screen data carefully and proofread entries before submitting. Your submitter should keep a copy of the Top-Screen for future reference.

If you need to resubmit your Top-Screen, please see FAQ #1406 at http://csat-help.dhs.gov.

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Security Vulnerability Assessment

The Department’s implementation of the Chemical Facility Anti-terrorism Standards, published May 2007, entered its second stage with launch of the secure, on-line Security Vulnerability Assessment tool. Only high-risk facilities notified in writing by the Department are required to complete and submit the CSAT SVA to the Department. Facilities that receive such a letter are initially considered high risk and preliminary assigned to Tier 1, 2, 3 or 4 based on an analysis of the Top-Screen questionnaire they submitted to the Department.  

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CSAT SVA Submission Deadlines

Deadlines to submit the DHS Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) are as follows:

  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 facilities - In accordance with the letters sent by the Department to each facility, which contain the following deadlines:
    • Preliminary Tier 1 facilities have 90 days to complete and submit the DHS SVA;
    • Preliminary Tier 2 facilities have 120 days to complete and submit the DHS SVA;
    • Preliminary Tier 3 facilities have 150 days to complete and submit the DHS SVA; and
    • Preliminary Tier 4 facilities have 180 days to complete and submit the DHS SVA or a DHS approved Alternative Security Plan (ASP).

These deadlines were established by the Assistant Secretary of Infrastructure Protection consistent with his discretion under the Interim Final Rule, published on June 8, 2007.

Submission Deadlines for the Site Security Plan have yet to be determined.

Notwithstanding the SVA submission deadlines, any facility that comes into possession of an Appendix A Chemical of Interest at or above the applicable Screening Threshold Quantity has 60 days to complete and submit a CSAT Top-Screen to DHS.

If a facility would like to request an extension or submit an Alternative Security Plan for DHS's consideration, formal letters can be sent via regular mail to:

Department of Homeland Security
Chemical Security and Compliance Division
Mail Stop 8100
Washington, D.C. 20528-8100

With the publication of the final Appendix A, all provisions of 6 CFR Part 27 are now operative and in effect.

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