Topic Collection: Food Issues

This page lists the most recent publications related to food issues organized into four categories: domestic food programs, international food assistance, food prices, and food safety. It includes publications issued since 2000.

Domestic Food Programs

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Food Stamp Program: Options for Delivering Financial Incentives to Participants for Purchasing Targeted Foods
GAO-08-415, July 30, 2008
Food Stamp Program: Use of Alternative Methods to Apply for and Maintain Benefits Could Be Enhanced by Additional Evaluation and Information on Promising Practices
GAO-07-573, May 3, 2007
Food Stamp Program: FNS Could Improve Guidance and Monitoring to Help Ensure Appropriate Use of Noncash Categorical Eligibility
GAO-07-465, March 28, 2007
Food Stamp Program: Payment Errors and Trafficking Have Declined despite Increased Program Participation
GAO-07-422T, January 31, 2007
WIC Program: More Detailed Price and Quantity Data Could Enhance Agriculture's Assessment of WIC Program Expenditures
GAO-06-664, July 28, 2006
Food Assistance: FNS Could Take Additional Steps to Contain WIC Infant Formula Costs
GAO-06-380, March 28, 2006
Breastfeeding: Some Strategies Used to Market Infant Formula May Discourage Breastfeeding; State Contracts Should Better Protect Against Misuse of WIC Name
GAO-06-282, February 8, 2006
School Meal Programs: Competitive Foods Are Widely Available and Generate Substantial Revenues for Schools
GAO-05-563, August 8, 2005
Food Stamp Program: States Have Made Progress Reducing Payment Errors, and Further Challenges Remain
GAO-05-245, May 5, 2005
Means-Tested Programs: Information on Program Access Can Be an Important Management Tool
GAO-05-221, April 11, 2005
Food Stamp Program: Farm Bill Options Ease Administrative Burden, but Opportunities Exist to Streamline Participant Reporting Rules among Programs
GAO-04-916, September 16, 2004
Nutrition Education: USDA Provides Services through Multiple Programs, but Stronger Linkages among Efforts Are Needed
GAO-04-528, April 27, 2004
School Meal Programs: Competitive Foods Are Available in Many Schools; Actions Taken to Restrict Them Differ by State and Locality
GAO-04-673, April 23, 2004
Food Stamp Program: Steps Have Been Taken to Increase Participation of Working Families, but Better Tracking of Efforts Is Needed
GAO-04-346, March 5, 2004
School Meal Program: Few Instances of Foodborne Outbreaks Reported, but Opportunities Exist to Enhance Outbreak Data and Food Safety Practices
GAO-03-530, May 9, 2003
School Meal Programs: Revenue and Expense Information from Selected States
GAO-03-569, May 9, 2003
School Lunch Program: Efforts Needed to Improve Nutrition and Encourage Healthy Eating
GAO-03-506, May 9, 2003
Food Stamp Employment and Training Program: Better Data Needed to Understand Who Is Served and What the Program Achieves
GAO-03-388, March 12, 2003
Food Assistance: Potential to Serve More WIC Infants by Reducing Formula Cost
GAO-03-331, February 12, 2003
Major Management Challenges and Program Risks: Department of Agriculture
GAO-03-96, January 1, 2003
Welfare Reform: Implementation of Fugitive Felon Provisions Should Be Strengthened
GAO-02-716, September 25, 2002
School Meal Programs: Estimated Costs for Three Administrative Processes at Selected Locations
GAO-02-944, September 25, 2002
Fruits and Vegetables: Enhanced Federal Efforts to Increase Consumption Could Yield Health Benefits for Americans
GAO-02-657, July 25, 2002
Food Safety: Continued Vigilance Needed to Ensure Safety of School Meals
GAO-02-669T, April 30, 2002
Food Stamp Program: States' Use of Options and Waivers to Improve Program Administration and Promote Access
GAO-02-409, February 22, 2002
Food Stamp Program: Implementation of Electronic Benefit Transfer Systems
GAO-02-332, January 16, 2002
Food Assistance: WIC Faces Challenges in Providing Nutrition Services
GAO-02-142, December 7, 2001
Means-Tested Programs: Determining Financial Eligibility Is Cumbersome and Can Be Simplified
GAO-02-58, November 2, 2001
Food Stamp Program: Program Integrity and Participation Challenges
GAO-01-881T, June 27, 2001
Food Assistance: Research Provides Limited Information on the Effectiveness of Specific WIC Nutrition Services
GAO-01-442, March 30, 2001
Food Assistance: Performance Measures for Assessing Three WIC Services
GAO-01-339, February 28, 2001
Food Stamp Program: States Seek to Reduce Payment Errors and Program Complexity
GAO-01-272, January 19, 2001
Title III, Older Americans Act: Carryover Funds Are Not Creating a Serious Meal Service Problem Nationwide
GAO-01-211, January 9, 2001
Food Assistance: Activities and Use of Nonprogram Resources at Six WIC Agencies
RCED-00-202, September 29, 2000
Food Assistance: Options for Improving Nutrition for Older Americans
RCED-00-238, August 17, 2000
Food Assistance: Reducing the Trafficking of Food Stamp Benefits
T-RCED-00-250, July 19, 2000
Food Stamp Program: Better Use of Electronic Data Could Result in Disqualifying More Recipients Who Traffic Benefits
RCED-00-61, March 7, 2000
Food Assistance: Financial Information on WIC Nutrition Services and Administrative Costs
RCED-00-66, March 6, 2000
School Meal Programs: Few Outbreaks of Foodborne Illness Reported
RCED-00-53, February 22, 2000
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