Federal Vacancies Act Reporting Form

Use this form to report to Congress and GAO information about the temporary filling of vacant executive agency positions that require presidential appointment with Senate confirmation.

Complete the form and print the completed form or print a blank form and complete it with a typewriter. Please do not complete the form by hand.

Instructions for the Electronic Form:

  1. Click on the "hand" tool and then on the first button in the Addressees field.
  2. Tab to the appropriate button and click or hit the space bar.
  3. To erase a filled button, click on it again.
  4. Tab to the next fields and enter the information as appropriate.
  5. When all of the applicable fields have been completed, print the document. (Form updated April 24, 2001)

Send form to GAO
    • By fax to Janet Dolen, (202) 512-7703
    • By mail to Janet Dolen, Office of General Counsel, Room 7182, 441 G Street N.W. DC 20548
    • By e-mail to FederalVacancies@gao.gov