Topic Collection: Base Realignment and Closure Program

This page lists the most recent publications related to the Department of Defense Base Realignment and Closure Program. It also includes key publications issued since November 1989.

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Military Base Realignments and Closures: Army Is Developing Plans to Transfer Functions from Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, to Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, but Challenges Remain
GAO-08-1010R, August 13, 2008
Defense Infrastructure: High-Level Leadership Needed to Help Communities Address Challenges Caused by DOD-Related Growth
GAO-08-665, June 17, 2008
Defense Infrastructure: DOD Funding for Infrastructure and Road Improvements Surrounding Growth Installations
GAO-08-602R, April 1, 2008
Military Base Realignments and Closures: Higher Costs and Lower Savings Projected for Implementing Two Key Supply-Related BRAC Recommendations
GAO-08-315, March 5, 2008
Defense Infrastructure: Realignment of Air Force Special Operations Command Units to Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico
GAO-08-244R, January 18, 2008
Military Base Realignments and Closures: Estimated Costs Have Increased and Estimated Savings Have Decreased
GAO-08-341T, December 12, 2007
Military Base Realignments and Closures: Cost Estimates Have Increased and Are Likely to Continue to Evolve
GAO-08-159, December 11, 2007
Military Base Realignments and Closures: Impact of Terminating, Relocating, or Outsourcing the Services of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
GAO-08-20, November 9, 2007
Military Base Realignments and Closures: Transfer of Supply, Storage, and Distribution Functions from Military Services to Defense Logistics Agency
GAO-08-121R, October 26, 2007
Defense Infrastructure: Challenges Increase Risks for Providing Timely Infrastructure Support for Army Installations Expecting Substantial Personnel Growth
GAO-07-1007, September 13, 2007
Military Base Realignments and Closures: Plan Needed to Monitor Challenges for Completing More Than 100 Armed Forces Reserve Centers
GAO-07-1040, September 13, 2007
Military Base Realignments and Closures: Observations Related to the 2005 Round
GAO-07-1203R, September 6, 2007
Military Base Closures: Projected Savings from Fleet Readiness Centers Likely Overstated and Actions Needed to Track Actual Savings and Overcome Certain Challenges
GAO-07-304, June 29, 2007
Military Base Closures: Management Strategy Needed to Mitigate Challenges and Improve Communication to Help Ensure Timely Implementation of Air National Guard Recommendations
GAO-07-641, May 16, 2007
Military Base Closures: Opportunities Exist to Improve Environmental Cleanup Cost Reporting and to Expedite Transfer of Unneeded Property
GAO-07-166, January 30, 2007
Military Bases: Observations on DOD's 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Selection Process and Recommendations
GAO-05-905, July 18, 2005
Military Bases: Analysis of DOD's 2005 Selection Process and Recommendations for Base Closures and Realignments
GAO-05-785, July 1, 2005
Military Base Closures: Observations on Prior and Current BRAC Rounds
GAO-05-614, May 3, 2005
Military Base Closures: Updated Status of Prior Base Realignments and Closures
GAO-05-138, January 13, 2005
High-Risk Series: An Update
GAO-05-207, January 1, 2005
Military Base Closures: Assessment of DOD's 2004 Report on the Need for a Base Realignment and Closure Round
GAO-04-760, May 17, 2004
Military Base Closures: Observations on Preparations for the Upcoming Base Realignment and Closure Round
GAO-04-558T, March 25, 2004
Defense Infrastructure: Long-term Challenges in Managing the Military Construction Program
GAO-04-288, February 24, 2004
Military Base Closures: Better Planning Needed for Future Reserve Enclaves
GAO-03-723, June 27, 2003
Defense Infrastructure: Changes in Funding Priorities and Management Processes Needed to Improve Condition and Reduce Costs of Guard and Reserve Facilities
GAO-03-516, May 15, 2003
Defense Infrastructure: Changes in Funding Priorities and Strategic Planning Needed to Improve the Condition of Military Facilities
GAO-03-274, February 19, 2003
Defense Infrastructure: Greater Management Emphasis Needed to Increase the Services' Use of Expanded Leasing Authority
GAO-02-475, June 6, 2002
Military Base Closures: Progress in Completing Actions from Prior Realignments and Closures
GAO-02-433, April 5, 2002
Military Base Closures: Overview of Economic Recovery, Property Transfer, and Environmental Cleanup
GAO-01-1054T, August 28, 2001
Military Base Closures: DOD's Updated Net Savings Estimate Remains Substantial
GAO-01-971, July 31, 2001
Military Base Closures: Lack of Data Inhibits Cost-Effectiveness of Analyses of Privatization-in Place Initiatives
NSIAD-00-23, December 20, 1999
Military Bases: Status of Prior Base Realignment and Closure Rounds
NSIAD-99-36, December 11, 1998
Military Bases: Review of DOD's 1998 Report on Base Realignment and Closure
NSIAD-99-17, November 13, 1998
Navy Depot Maintenance: Privatizing Louisville Operations in Place Is Not Cost-Effective
NSIAD-97-52, July 31, 1997
Military Bases: Lessons Learned From Prior Base Closure Rounds
NSIAD-97-151, July 25, 1997
Military Base Closures: Reducing High Costs of Environmental Cleanup Requires Difficult Choices
NSIAD-96-172, September 5, 1996
Military Bases: Closure and Realignment Savings Are Significant, but Not Easily Quantified
NSIAD-96-67, April 8, 1996
Military Bases: Analysis of DOD's 1995 Process and Recommendations for Closure and Realignment
NSIAD-95-133, April 14, 1995
Military Bases: Analysis of DOD's Recommendations and Selection Process for Closures and Realignments
NSIAD-93-173, April 15, 1993
Military Bases: Observations on the Analyses Supporting Proposed Closures and Realignments
NSIAD-91-224, May 15, 1991
Military Bases: An Analysis of the Commission's Realignment and Closure Recommendations
NSIAD-90-42, November 29, 1989
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