GAO Expenditure and Small Business Procurement Information


In September 2006, the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 was enacted to provide public access to information about federal expenditures above $25,000 made to private entities and state and local governments. Under the direction of the Office of Management and Budget, the executive branch reports this information through a new public website,  As a legislative branch agency, GAO is not subject to the Act, but we are exploring options to make our expenditures available to the public consistent with the spirit of the Act. We have historically complied with the spirit of management laws that apply to the executive branch.

The following information represents our initial effort to provide transparency regarding GAO's expenditures. Because GAO makes no grant or other financial assistance payments, this information includes only procurement contract expenditures.

Current Status

This page provides the following:

The contract and subcontract awards table contains the contract number (except for subcontracts), vendor, vendor location, fiscal year 2007 award dollars, and business classification of each firm awarded a contract by GAO or a small business subcontract by a GAO contractor.  While the Act does not require release of small business procurement information and will not require subcontract information until next year, GAO is providing that information in this initial release.  In addition, GAO also provides information on significant contracts acquired through the General Services Administration’s FEDSIM program.  We will update this information quarterly.

GAO does not release contract information directly related to an in-progress audit, investigative, or other engagement until the GAO report or other product has been issued.

Future Goal

We are currently in discussions with the Director of the Federal Procurement Data Center at the General Services Administration on using the Federal Procurement Data System as GAO’s reporting mechanism for contract expenditure information.