Working With GAO

GAO, an independent, nonpartisan federal agency, examines how taxpayer dollars are spent and advises Congress and other agencies on ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the U.S. government.

Primarily at the request of Congress, but also under its own authority, GAO evaluates an extensive range of federal programs, activities, and urgent national issues, providing timely, objective, fact-based information and analysis, and, when appropriate, recommendations. GAO's core values — accountability, integrity, and reliability — form the basis for all of its work.

Also in this section:

  • "Protocols" describes GAO's policies and practices for working with Congress and agencies; and
  • GAO Contacts lists GAO executives who can give congressional and agency staff more information about transition issues related to specific agencies.
GAO Contact
portrait of Chuck Young

Chuck Young

Managing Director, Public Affairs

(202) 512-4800

portrait of Ralph Dawn, Jr.

Ralph C. Dawn, Jr.

Managing Director, Congressional Relations

(202) 512-4400