Executive Vacancy Database Search

The database includes only information on vacancies actually reported to GAO by federal departments and agencies, and therefore may not include all existing vacancies or the most up to date information regarding these vacancies.

Information on the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998

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The options below allow you to search, in any or all agencies, for positions that currently are vacant, or that were reported as vacant but recently (within the last 60 days) were filled, or both.

Vacancy Status:

To search the database, you may select any one or any combination of the following options:

  • The agency dropdown list option will provide vacancies existing within a specific agency or department. (Sub agencies can be searched after running a search under the full agency name.)
  • The vacancy status dropdown list option provides data selection based on one of the following criteria: All vacancies in the database; Vacant Positions in the database; Vacant Positions with Pending Nomination; Vacant Positions with No Acting Official; Vacant Positions with Acting Official; or recently Filled Vacancies.
  • In the bottom search window, select from the dropdown list one of the following elements: Vacancy Title; Acting Officials name; or Nominees name. In the adjoining text box enter a single key word or words to complete the search criteria.