The Government Accountability Office maintains FraudNET to facilitate reporting of allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement of federal funds.

In all cases, please provide as much detail as possible concerning the who, when, where, what, how and how much. You do not need to provide your name.

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Although it is not necessary, you may provide your name and address or pseudonym if you wish.

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The following are examples of information you may be able to provide:

  • Type of federal funds or programs involved and any specific restrictions, rules, or regulations that relate to them.
  • What the individual(s) did. Include anything the individual may have done to avoid detection.
  • Names, positions, organizations involved in the activity, as well as the names of individuals involved. Include the name, address, and telephone numbers, if possible.
  • Date(s) of the misconduct or wrongdoing.

When providing information concerning contractor and/or grantee fraud, it is helpful to provide the:

  1. name and address of the sub- and primary contractors;
  2. nature of the wrongdoing (e.g., intentional misuse of funds for other purposes, cost mischarging, defective pricing, or conflict of interest);
  3. type of contract (e.g., fixed-fee or cost-plus);
  4. bid, contract, or grant numbers;
  5. date of the contract or grant award;
  6. name of the agency official responsible for the contract or grant; and
  7. cost and terms of the contract.

If the misconduct has been reported to another federal office, provide as much information as possible on when it was reported and who received the report.

Enter allegations you wish to send to the GAO FraudNET. Please also provide us with any special instructions about contacting you during the day.