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Duties and Responsibilities
of Citizens of all Americans

Men can be asked to serve in the armed forces. During times of war, any man who is physically able can be called upon to fight for the US. In peaceful times, there can be a draft or men can enlist voluntarily. The U.S. has had both systems in the past, and the system changes from time to time. In some states or local areas, any person may be ordered to help the sheriff arrest a criminal or to enforce peace and order.

Every person is expected to obey the laws of the community, state and country in which he/she lives. All Americans are expected to respect the rights of others. All persons living in the U.S. are expected to pay their income taxes and other taxes honestly and on time. The tax money is used by different government agencies to pay for the services provided to Americans, such as:

  • Protection of life, rights, property, and safety: Police, fire and rescue squads, court system, armed forces
  • Health: Pure water and food, inspected milk and meat, maintaining hospitals, etc.
  • Education: Public schools and libraries
  • Maintenance, repair and building of roads, highways and streets
  • Conservation or protection of wildlife, forests, natural resources
  • Protection of savings, by inspecting banks and insuring savings in banks
  • Relief and aid: In emergencies for droughts, floods
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