Past Week's Reports and Testimonies

Released November 26, 2008

Human Capital: Diversity in the Federal SES and Processes for Selecting New Executives
GAO-09-110, November 26, 2008
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Released November 25, 2008

Defense Management: Preliminary Observations on DOD's Plans for Developing Language and Cultural Awareness Capabilities
GAO-09-176R, November 25, 2008
Northern Border Security: DHS's Report Could Better Inform Congress by Identifying Actions, Resources, and Time Frames Needed to Address Vulnerabilities
GAO-09-93, November 25, 2008
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Released November 24, 2008

Confirmation of Political Appointees: Eliciting Nominees' Views on Management Challenges within Agencies and across Government
GAO-09-194, November 17, 2008
Federal Farm Programs: USDA Needs to Strengthen Controls to Prevent Payments to Individuals Who Exceed Income Eligibility Limits
GAO-09-67, October 24, 2008
Foreign Assistance: Continued Efforts Needed to Strengthen USAID's Oversight of U.S. Democracy Assistance for Cuba
GAO-09-165, November 24, 2008
Wildland Fire Management: Interagency Budget Tool Needs Further Development to Fully Meet Key Objectives
GAO-09-68, November 24, 2008
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Released November 21, 2008

Defense Acquisitions: Timely and Accurate Estimates of Costs and Requirements Are Needed to Define Optimal Future Strategic Airlift Mix
GAO-09-50, November 21, 2008
Department of Labor: Better Cost Assessments and Departmentwide Performance Tracking Are Needed to Effectively Manage Competitive Sourcing Program
GAO-09-14, November 21, 2008
Federal Judgeships: General Accuracy of District and Appellate Judgeship Case-Related Workload Measures
GAO-08-928T, June 17, 2008
Foreign Assistance: State Department Foreign Aid Information Systems Have Improved Change Management Practices but Do Not Follow Risk Management Best Practices
GAO-09-52R, November 21, 2008
Highway Safety Improvement Program: Further Efforts Needed to Address Data Limitations and Better Align Funding with States' Top Safety Priorities
GAO-09-35, November 21, 2008
Small Business Administration: Agency Should Assess Resources Devoted to Contracting and Improve Several Processes in the 8(a) Program
GAO-09-16, November 21, 2008
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Released November 20, 2008

Approaches to Mitigate Freight Congestion
GAO-09-163R, November 20, 2008
Contract Management: DOD Developed Draft Guidance for Operational Contract Support but Has Not Met All Legislative Requirements
GAO-09-114R, November 20, 2008
Department of Homeland Security: Billions Invested in Major Programs Lack Appropriate Oversight
GAO-09-29, November 18, 2008
Health Information Technology: More Detailed Plans Needed for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Redesigned BioSense Program
GAO-09-100, November 20, 2008
International Environmental Oversight: U.S. Agencies Follow Certain Procedures Required by Law, but Have Limited Impact
GAO-09-99, November 20, 2008
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