High-Risk Series

Since 1990, GAO has identified and reported on government programs and operations at “high risk.” GAO’s High-Risk Series has brought much-needed focus to major program challenges that are impeding effective government and costing billions of dollars each year. GAO has made hundreds of recommendations to executive branch agencies and the Congress aimed at improving these programs.

Addressing these high-risk areas will

    • dramatically improve service to the American public,
    • continue to yield significant financial and non-financial benefits,
    • ensure that the government can deliver on its promises, and
    • strengthen public confidence in the performance and accountability of the federal government.

GAO provides its high-risk reports at the start of each new Congress. These reports help in setting congressional oversight agendas and also help Congress and the executive branch carry out their responsibilities while improving the government’s performance and enhancing its accountability. The reports, and related material, are available below.

GAO added the 2010 Census as a high-risk area in March 2008.

See the complete list of high risk areas as of March 2008 (PDF, 1 page)
See the highlights describing GAO’s designation of Census as high-risk (PDF, 1 page)

2007 High-Risk Series

High-Risk Series: An Update
GAO-07-310,   January 2007
Information Technology: Significant Problems of Critical Automation Program Contribute to Risks Facing 2010 Census
GAO-08-550T, March 5, 2008
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2005 High-Risk Series

High-Risk Series: An Update
GAO-05-207,   January 2005
High-Risk Program: National Flood Insurance Program
GAO-06-497T,   March 15, 2006
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2003 High-Risk Series

High-Risk Series: An Update
GAO-03-119,   January 2003
High-Risk Series: Strategic Human Capital Management
GAO-03-120,   January 2003
High-Risk Series: Protecting Information Systems Supporting the Federal Government and the Nation's Critical Infrastructures
GAO-03-121,   January 2003
High-Risk Series: Federal Real Property
GAO-03-122,   January 2003
High-Risk Series: Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation Single-Employer Insurance Program
GAO-03-1050SP,   July 2003
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2001 High-Risk Series

1999 High-Risk Series

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