Serving the Congress and the Nation

Video Message: Gene Dodaro,
Acting Comptroller General

Following each presidential election, GAO serves as a resource to assist with the transition to a new Congress and administration. On this Web site, using its institutional knowledge and broad-based, nonpartisan work on matters across the government spectrum, GAO provides insight into, and recommendations for addressing, the nation’s major issues, risks and challenges. Also located throughout the site are key reports for further research, as well as contact information for and video messages from GAO experts.

Urgent Issues

A number of pressing issues demand urgent attention and continuing oversight to ensure the nation's security and well-being.

Upcoming Reports on Major Issues

Examples of upcoming GAO work on major national issues confronting the 111th Congress and the new administration.

Agency-by-Agency Issues

Each agency faces a range of distinctive major challenges affecting its mission, budget, and programs.

Long-Term Fiscal Outlook

Given the federal government's long-term fiscal challenges, consideration should be given to an array of efforts to address the growing imbalance between expected spending and tax revenues.

Management Challenges Across the Government

Agencies share a number of management challenges to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness and address current and emerging demands. These challenges must be addressed to effectively and efficiently implement new policy and program initiatives.

Working with GAO

GAO supports Congress in meeting its constitutional responsibilities and to help improve the performance and ensure the accountability of the federal government for the benefit of the American people.

Major Cost-Saving Opportunities

A number of opportunities exist to limit costs and reduce waste across agencies and programs.

Video Message: Gene Dodaro,
Acting Comptroller General