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Management Team

Click a name or title on the organizational chart below for details regarding each individual and their position.


Print Procurement, Managing Director, Ricardo S. Garcia Director, Labor Relations, Mendelssohn V. McLean Agency Accounts & Marketing, Managing Director, Bill Kurtz Chief Acquisition Officer, Herbert Jackson Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Administration, Steven Shedd Chief Human Capital Officer, William T. Harris Chief Information Officer, Information Technology and Systems, Michael L. Wash Managing Director for Security and Intelligent Documents, Steve LeBlanc Chief Management Officer, Janet Sansone Chief Technology Officer, Reynold Schweickhardt Acting Managing Director of Plant Operations, Olivier A. Girod INSPECTOR GENERAL, J. Anthony Ogden Director, Library Services and Content Management, Richard G. Davis Managing Director of Official Journals of Government, Jim Bradley Director of the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity for the U.S Government Printing Office, Nadine L. Elzy Director of Congressional Relations, Andrew M. Sherman Deputy Chief of Staff at the U.S. Government Printing Office, Maria S. Lefevre Deputy Public Printer, Paul Erickson Public Printer,  Robert Tapella Publication & Information Sales, Davita Vance-Cooks, Managing Director Acting Superintendent of Documents, Richard G. Davis General Counsel, Nick Lefevre