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Second Life 2009
Virtual Launch of the Doing Business 2009 report in Second Life: The second annual virtual release of the Doing Business report. The World Bank spokesperson Dahlia Khalifa hosted a two-hour live event on "This Second Island" to present the findings of the Doing Business 2009 report and answer questions on October 30. Learn more...
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Gender Law Library
Doing Business Gender Law Library: The Gender Law Library contains legislation impacting women's ability to do business across 181 economies. Laws are searchable by six Doing Business indicators, 15 additional categories which distinguish between men and women, and legislation type. Access to this information facilitates comparative analysis, provides information that can contribute to reforms, and serves as a foundation for research. 
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Doing Business in Landlocked Economies
Doing Business in Landlocked Economies: This report analyses the ease of doing business in 38 landlocked economies. Overall, landlocked economies have an average ranking of 107 out of 181 economies covered by the global Doing Business 2009 report. Landlocked economies in high-income OECD countries have the most business-friendly regulatory environment, while African and Central Asian landlocked economies present the most challenges.
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French version of report:
The full French version of Doing Business 2009 is now available for download
Doing Business Profiles:
Profiles of 181 economies and 13 regions are available for download
Doing Business 2009:
For the fifth year in a row, Eastern Europe and Central Asia lead the world
Top reformer:
Azerbaijan led the world as the top reformer in 2007/08
World Bank official highlights the findings of Doing Business 2009 report (PPT, 1.9 MB)
Countries added:
Doing Business 2009 expands coverage to the Bahamas, Bahrain, and Qatar
Regional data & report:
First regional and subnational Doing Business report on S.E. Europe covers 22 cities
Celebrating reformers:
Sixteen Doing Business reform case studies available for download
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Doing Business 2009 is the sixth in a series of annual reports comparing business regulations in 181 countries. Place your order today.
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Doing Business 2007 + 2008 set.
Celebrating Reform 2007: Eleven case studies of successful reforms from the Doing Business team.

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Doing Business BlogDoing Business Blog: Shares the experiences and insights of the Doing Business team, its local partners, and successful reformers.

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Simulator Simulate reforms: See the impact of reforms by using the ranking simulator (Excel, 420KB) to change indicator values.

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