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Multimedia Integrated Modeling System (MIMS)

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There is a growing interest in studying and addressing issues that have influences and effects that cross physical media, such as air, water, and soil. Examples of multimedia problems include atmospheric emissions of nitrogen and mercury that eventually affect surface water and burial of hazardous wastes that leak into groundwater.

Numerical models provide an important tool in studying and addressing such issues. These models are computer programs that contain mathematical representations of relevant information and processes. The models are used to test our understanding of ecosystems, diagnose causes of problems, and predict conditions given assumptions about future influences on the environment.

Successfully modeling cross-media ecosystems entails solving a number of scientific and computational challenges, such as ensuring that consistent assumptions are used at the boundary of the media and managing the large number of models and data sets that are typically required. EPA's Multimedia Integrated Modeling System (MIMS) project is researching and developing solutions for some of those challenges.





Model Coupling

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MIMS work can generally be categorized as scientific or modeling framework R&D. The project has also sponsored several multimedia modeling workshops.

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