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Science Algorithms of the EPA Models-3 Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) Modeling System. EPA/600/R-99/030, March 1999

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download, to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

Cover thru Executive Summary (PDF, 22 pp, 116KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Models-3 Framework and the Community Multiscale Air Quality Model (CMAQ) (PDF, 18 pp, 102KB)
Chapter 3: Developing Meteorological Fields (PDF, 16 pp, 49KB)
Chapter 5: Fundamentals of One-Atmosphere Dynamics for Multiscale Air Quality Modeling (PDF, 39 pp, 300KB)
Chapter 6: Governing Equations and Computational Structure of the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) Chemical Transport Model (PDF, 37 pp, 300KB)
Chapter 7: Numerical Transport Algorithms for the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) Chemical Transport Model in Generalized Coordinates (PDF, 56 pp, 376KB)
Chapter 8: Gas-Phase Chemistry (PDF, 87 pp, 300KB)
Chapter 9: Plume-in-Grid Treatment of Major Point Source Emissions (PDF, 40 pp, 240KB)
Chapter 10: The Aerosol Portion of Models-3 CMAQ (PDF, 24 pp, 160KB)
Chapter 11: Cloud Dynamics and Chemistry (PDF, 10 pp, 109KB)
Chapter 12: Meteorology-Chemistry Interface Processor (MCIP) for Models 3 Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) Modeling System (PDF, 91 pp, 422KB)
Chapter 13: The Initial Concentration and Boundary Condition Processors (PDF, 19 pp, 84KB)
Chapter 14: Photolysis Rates for CMAQ (PDF, 8 pp, 45KB)
Chapter 15: Program Control Processing in Models-3 (PDF, 17 pp, 52KB)
Chapter 16: Process Analysis (PDF, 37 pp, 282KB)
Chapter 17: An Aggregation and Episode Selection Scheme Designed to Support Models-3 CMAQ
    Part 1 of 5 (PDF, 36 pp, 287KB)
Part 2 of 5 (PDF, 4 pp, 552KB)
Part 3 of 5 (PDF, 13 pp, 590KB)
Part 4 of 5 (PDF, 7 pp, 439KB)
Part 5 of 5 (PDF, 5 pp, 267KB)
Chapter 18: Integration of Science Codes into Models-3 (PDF, 25 pp, 84KB)
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