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River and Stream Water Quality Model (QUAL2K)


QUAL2K (or Q2K) is a river and stream water quality model that is intended to represent a modernized version of the QUAL2E (or Q2E) model (Brown and Barnwell 1987). Q2K is similar to Q2E in the following respects:

One dimensional. The channel is well-mixed vertically and laterally.

The QUAL2K framework includes the following new elements:

Software Environment and Interface. Q2K is implemented within the Microsoft Windows environment. It is programmed in the Windows macro language: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Excel is used as the graphical user interface.

QUAL2K Model Information
Current Version
Release Date
March, 2007
Operating System
Windows ME/2000/XP / MS Office 2000 or Higher
Intended Audience
Environmental Engineers/Scientists, Regulatory Agencies
Key Words
aquatic biology, assessment, compliance, discharge, environmental effects, hydrology, NPS related, NPDES, point source(s), surface water, test/analysis, TMDL related
Surface Water
Pollutant Types
Conventional Pollutants (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Dissolved Oxygen, BOD, Sediment Oxygen Demand, Algae), pH, Periphyton, Pathogens
File Type/Priority Filename/Format/Size File Description
File Download Information

-- Zip File

Containing Spreadsheet Interface, Model Executable and Users Manual

3.5 MB

This file contains the QUAL2K model and Users Manual. Note that Microsoft Excel 2000 or higher is REQUIRED to use this model.

QUAL2K Fact Sheet -- (PDF, 1 pp., 213KB, about PDF)

This file contains a Fact Sheet about the QUAL2K Modeling System in PDF Format.

Technical Support Center fact sheet (PDF, 2 pp., 733 KB, about PDF)

TMDL fact sheet (PDF, 2 pp., 697 KB, about PDF)

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