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Description of Model Changes for the 2003 Release of the CMAQ Model

1. Introduction

The Community Multiscale Air Quality Model (CMAQ) has been extensively revised in 2003. Changes include: updated science, corrected implementations, efficiency enhancements, and bug fixes. There is a preliminary evaluation of the new release of the CMAQ model on the EPA Models-3 website comparing model results to observations of gas and aerosol species. There are also model-to-model comparisons between the 2003 release and the 2002 release. The biggest changes involve aerosol modeling, particularly nitrate aerosols and secondary organic aerosols (SOA). Nitrate modeling was updated so it is consistent with the most recent literature and the SOA implementation was corrected to allow for reversible semi-volatility. These changes resulted in substantially lower concentrations of both aerosol nitrates and SOA. Minor changes have also been made to aqueous processes and dry deposition. The details of changes to chemistry/transport modeling are presented in Section 2.

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