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Code of Federal Regulations Pertaining to U.S. Department of Labor

Title 29  



Chapter XXV  

Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration, Department of Labor



Part 2530  

Rules and Regulations for Minimum Standards for Employee Pension Benefit Plans




Subpart B  

Participation, Vesting and Benefit Accrual

29 CFR 2530.203-1 - Vesting; general.

  • Section Number: 2530.203-1
  • Section Name: Vesting; general.

    (a) Section 203 of the Act and section 411(a) of the Code contain 
minimum vesting standards relating to certain employee pension benefit 
plans. In general, a pension plan subject to section 203 of the Act of 
section 411(a) of the Code must meet certain requirements relating to an 
employee's nonforfeitable (``vested'') right to his or her normal 
retirement benefit. One of these requirements specifies that an 
employee's accrued benefit derived from employer contributions must be 
vested in accordance with certain schedules. The schedules (or 
alternative minimum vesting standards) are generally based on the 
employee's number of years of service with the employer or employers 
maintaining the plan. Section 2530.203-2 sets forth rules relating to 
the computation periods used to determine whether an employee has 
completed a year of service for vesting purposes (``vesting computation 
    (b) For rules relating to service with the employer or employers 
maintaining the plan, see Sec. 2530.210.
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