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Global Climate Change

NASA's Eyes on the Earth

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Hurricane Catalina as photographed from the ISS
Hurricane Resource Page

Latest storm images and data from NASA

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California fires
Fire and Smoke: Earth's Climate

Helping firefighters battle blazes

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Arctic Sea Ice Decline Shakes Up Ocean Ecosystems

map of phytoplankton growth

Researchers took advantage of NASA satellite images to show that the microscopic floating plants are teeming in regions of recent ice melt.

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NASA Gauges Sea Level, Glacier Changes

Malaspina Glacier

Researchers have used satellite data to make the most precise measurements to date of changes in Alaskan glaciers.

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2008 Ozone Hole Maximum Announced

Image of the 2008 ozone hole maximum from September 12, 2008

The Antarctic ozone hole reached its annual maximum on Sept. 12, 2008, stretching over 27 million kilometers, or 10.5 square miles.

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