EPLS - Excluded Parties List System
EPLS - Excluded Parties List System
Agency Contacts

Inquiries regarding excluded parties should be directed to the agency contacts noted below. Contacts are given in alphabetical order by agency abbreviations.




AFKathy R. Tennessee(703) 588-0158
AIDSuzanne Johnson(202) 712-1606
ARCRobert Decker(202) 884-7747
ARMYBelinda Fentress(703) 696-1500
ARMYGregory Campbell(703) 696-1556
BBGJoan Beverly(202) 205-9461
CCRPamela A. Dunston(202) 376-8105
CNSRoderick Gaither(202) 606-7573
CPSCRobert Frost(301) 504-0444
DHSCarol Burger(202) 447-5024
DHSGloria Sochon(202) 447-5307
DHS-ICEDenise Roberson(202) 616-8774
DHS-ICERandolph W. Sawyer(202) 353-3772
DISAJacquelyn Benjamin(703) 681-0307
DLANormand V. Lussier(703) 767-5032
DLAVickie Moore/DRMS-G(269) 961-5996(Code J)
DOCDenied Persons List(202) 482-4255Bureau of Industry and Security, Office of Enforcement Analysis
DOCEntity List(202) 482-4811Bureau of Industry and Security, Office of Exporter Services
DOCGary Johnson(202) 482-1679Grants and Cooperative Agreements
DOCGreg Crider(202) 482-5751Contracts
DODBrenda K. Leong(703) 695-5525
DODSandy Ross(703) 695-9774Contracts
DOECindy Yee(202) 287-1666
DOIDelia Emmerich(202) 208-3348
DOJChristine Rodriguez(301) 937-1542(Codes AA, BB and FF)
DOJVernon Carter(202) 616-3681
DOLTimothy Helm(202) 693-0574(C, C1, D, G, and L)
DOTEllen Shields(202) 366-4268
DOTLaVerne Taylor(202) 366-4279
DTRAPat Muncy(703) 767-3555
EDAlfreida Pettiford(202) 245-6110(Codes P, Q, R, S, V and X)
EDGary Weaver(202) 245-6138(Codes A, A1, B, N, N1, and O)
EDJoyce Green-Millner(202) 401-1941(Codes P, Q, R, S, V and X)
EEOCKenneth Janiak(202) 663-4222
EPASuzanne Hersh(202) 564-5374
EXIMKMark Pitra(202) 565-3338
FCAMike Inlow(703) 883-4149
FCCSonny Babers(202) 634-6624
FDICPeter Somerville(703) 562-2333
FDICStephen M. Hanas(703) 562-2329
FECLarry D. McCoy(202) 219-3570
FLRAJudy Mullen(202) 482-6690 ext 433
FMCSEileen Hoffman(202) 606-5444
FTCJean D. Sefchick(202) 326-2258
GAOJeanne Isrin(202) 512-8826
GPOJim Bradley(202) 512-0111
GSACharles Gray(202) 208-6726
HHSJoann Francis(410) 281-3069(Codes Z, Z1)
HHSNancy Weisman(202) 260-4573
HHSOn-line verifications @ http://oig.hhs.gov
HUDWednesday Hughes(202) 708-3041
IMLSTeresa LaHaie(202) 606-8637
MDAHarold Clary(703) 697-7890
NARAMike Zeleny(301) 713-6755 ext 227(A, A1, B, N, N1, and O)
NARANancy Copp(202) 501-5603(P, Q, R, S, and X)
NASADavid Forbes(202) 358-2051
NASATom Baugh(202) 358-1169
NAVYWillard D. Blalock(202) 685-6941
NEANicki Jacobs(202) 682-5546
NEHSusan G. Daisey(202) 606-8494(Codes P, Q, R, S, and X)
NGAJill A. Martin(301) 227-7366
NLRBAngela F. Crawford(202) 273-4040
NRCMary Lynn Scott(301) 415-6179
NSFJean Feldman(703) 292-8243
OPICMichael W. Swearingen(202) 336-8553
OPMDoris Dorsey(202) 606-2436Users should contact OPM if the exclusion identifies only OPM as the action agency. If the exclusion identifies both OPM and HHS, contact the agency whose exclusion has the earlier effective date.
PCPaul Allman(202) 606-3513
PSSusan Witt(202) 268-4833
RRBKaren Haskins-Brewer(312) 751-4615
RRBPaul T. Ahern(312) 751-7130
SBAJoanie F. Newhart(202) 205-6630Office of Business Operations
SBAPaul Kirwin(202) 205-7261Office of Lender Oversight (Financial Assistance Programs)
SSAPhyllis Smith(410) 965-9518
STATEDaniel J. Walt(703) 516-1696(Codes A, A1, B, R and S)
STATEKimberly Triplett(703) 875-4079(Codes A, A1, B, R and S)
TDADavid G. Hester(703) 875-5014
TREASKevin Youel-Page(202) 622-0651
TREASPatrick Breen(202) 622-0248
TREAS-OFACPlease visit the listed website for guidanceOFAC Hotline
USDADonna Calacone(202) 205-4036(Codes A, A1, B, N, N1, and O)
USDAPeter Laub(202) 720-1554(Codes P, Q, R, RRR, S, T and X)
USITCLois Waterhouse(202) 205-2732
VAErica Lewis(202) 461-9529