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The Economic Development Administration (EDA) publishes an annual report to update the United States Congress on the agency’s programs, policies, performance and its annual investments made in each state. The report provides descriptions of EDA programs and examples of outstanding economic development investments. It also includes information on economic development districts, university center economic development, trade adjustment assistance centers and EDA award programs.

2007 Annual Report - PDF

2005 - 2006 Annual Report - PDF

2007 Annual FOIA Report - PDF

2006 Annual FOIA Report - PDF

2005 Annual FOIA Report - PDF

2004 Annual FOIA Report - PDF

2003 Annual FOIA Report - PDF

EDA 2004 Annual Report

Full Report - PDF

Table of Contents

I. Performance Goals and Results: Government Performance and Results Act

II. Management Controls and Future Initiatives

III. Programs of the Economic Development Administration

IV. State-by-State Directories of Economic Development Offices

V. State-by-State Investment Information

VI. EDA Reauthorization Act of 2004 Reporting Requirements

EDA 2003 Annual Report (PDF)

EDA 2002 Annual Report (PDF)

EDA 2001 Annual Report (PDF)

EDA 2000 Annual Report (PDF)

EDA 1999 Annual Report:

Volume I (FY 1999 Statement of Appropriations; FY 1999 Highlights, and EDA Program Information)(PDF)

Volume II (Corrected version posted 6/29/01. Please note: Errors were made during the final graphic formatting of the information provided in "Summary of EDA Approved Projects by State by Program Fiscal Year 1999" printed in Volume II of the EDA Fiscal Year 1999 Annual Report . This document provides complete and corrected text for FY 99 Approved Projects by State and Program.) (PDF)

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