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Front Page Image Arrow Unemployment Soars to 14-Year High
The U.S. unemployment rate rose from 6.1 percent to 6.5 percent in October, the highest level in 14 years, as employers cut 240,000 jobs. That brings 2008 job losses to 1.2 million. The last year employers shed more than a million jobs was 2001, during the most recent recession.

Arrow LINE: More of the Same, but Worse
The latest SHRM Leading Indicators of National Employment (LINE) report shows that hiring in the manufacturing and service sectors in November should be at the lowest levels in four years.

Arrow Diversity Experts Hail Obama's Win
Diversity and inclusion experts know that workplace differences will not disappear, but some say that the Obama presidency will have positive effects.

Arrow Employers Wary on Health Care Reform
Most U.S.-based employers want to continue to provide health care coverage yet oppose a government mandate to do so, a survey taken just before the presidential election indicates.

Arrow City's Health Care Mandate Opposed
Employer groups file a brief supporting a judicial ruling that San Francisco's employer health care mandate is invalid.

Arrow Hiring Brisk in Africa, Latin America
Africa and Latin America are emerging as increasingly popular investment options for multinational companies, jointly receiving 17 percent of the global jobs created from foreign investment and expansion projects during 2007.

Arrow Navy Officers Gain HR Certification
SHRM teams with the Naval Postgraduate School to prepare Navy HR officers for professional certification.

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Focus Areas

Comp & Benefits News

Market Turbulence Sounds Warning for ERISA Fiduciaries
The turmoil in the financial markets, while troubling for individual investors, also has potentially significant implications for qualified retirement plan fiduciaries under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

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  • Benefits Focus Area home page

    Comp & Benefits News

    Rescue Law's Limits on Exec Comp Trigger Debate
    The controversial federal financial stabilization law contains provisions limiting executive compensation at companies receiving government relief. Are such limits enough, or too much?

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  • NEW! Compensation Focus Area

    Recruiting News

    Holiday Season Hiring Is Yearlong Process
    Bleak conditions for retailers as the 2008 holiday selling period approaches are expected to keep seasonal hiring well below the 2007 level, according to the annual holiday hiring forecast by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc.

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  • Staffing Management Focus Area home page

    Global HR News

    Dependence on Immigration Expected To Grow
    By 2018, the labor pools in major economies around the world will decrease significantly, creating regional workforce shortages that immigrant workers will answer, an expert says.

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  • Global HR Focus Area home page

    Diversity News

    2008 Campaign Highlights Diversity Issues
    The historic 2008 presidential campaign is casting a spotlight on issues of race and gender across the United States.

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  • Diversity Focus Area home page

    Organzational Development News

    Executive Coaching Gets a Second Look
    Executive coaching is being viewed as a credible tool for improving an organization's performance as well as for helping individuals.

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  • Organizational and Employee Development Focus Area home page

    Workplace Law News

    Meal and Rest Break Duties To Be Clarified
    The California Supreme Court will clarify employers' meal and rest break obligations in an upcoming decision.

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  • Workplace Law Focus Area home page
  • State Workplace Law News

  • Getting Competencies Right: Building a Competency Strategy
    Speaker: Paul Storfer
    November 12, 2008, 2 p.m.
    Webcast sponsored by SAP

    Recruiting from Within
    Speaker: Anne Nimke
    November 19, 2008, 2 p.m.
    Webcast sponsored by LinkedIn

    Getting the Most from Virtual Teams
    Speaker: Terry L. Baglieri, SPHR
    December 2, 2008, 2 p.m.
    Webcast sponsored by iCIMS

    What Immigration Enforcement Means for Employers
    Speaker: John R. Wilson
    November 6, 2008, 2 p.m.

    Cut Costs with Total Health Management
    Speaker: Cindy Gates and Robert Colao, Mercer
    Now available
    Sponsored by AviviaHealth

    How Much is Absenteeism Costing You?
    Speaker: Michael Klachefsky, Mercer
    Now available
    Sponsored by Kronos

    Understanding State and Federal Harassment Training Requirements
    Speaker: Reid Bowman, Esq. and Shanti Atkins, ELT
    Now available

    Election 2008: Labor Issues
    Speaker: Michael Layman, SHRM
    Now available

    World Class Service Delivery on a Global Scale
    Speaker: Carey B. Ellinghaus
    Now available
    Webcast sponsored by ADP

    Election 2008: A Look at Health Care Reform Proposals
    Speaker: Lisa Horn, SHRM
    Now available

    Election 2008: Tax and Benefits Issues
    Speaker: Kathleen Coulombe, SHRM
    Now available

    Performance Feedback: Making Sure They 'Get It'
    Speakers: Leila Bulling Towne and David Goldman
    Now available
    Webcast sponsored by SuccessFactors

    Succession Planning: Dealing with the Inevitable
    Speaker: Libby Anderson M.S., SPHR
    Now available
    Webcast sponsored by Taleo

    Goals and Outcomes: Linking Individual Goals with Organizational Strategy
    Speaker: Christopher D. Lee, Ph.D., SPHR
    Now avaiable
    Webcast sponsored by Halogen

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    Arrow HR's Take on the Upcoming Election.
    SHRM has been conducting a series of polls about issues of interest to HR professionals in the upcoming U.S. Presidential elections. See what your colleagues have been thinking.

    Arrow HR Magazine: After the Layoff.
    Human resource professionals lavish so much attention on employees during layoffs that they sometimes forget to care for themselves. Read about the problem and share your comments with other members.

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    Arrow SHRM Research Quarterly: Cross-Cultural Factors In Human Resource Management
    In today's increasingly diverse and multicultural workforce, HR must be knowledgeable about cross-cultural factors regarding human resource management.

    Arrow  SHRM Human Capital Leadership Awards. Profiles of the companies cited in the 2008 awards are available from HR Magazine.

    Arrow  HR Presentation Templates. You can download PowerPoint presentations on a wide variety of HR-related topics, then customize them for presentations at your organization. View presentations currently available.

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    Bottom LINE

    SHRM November LINE´┐Ż Report
    Employment Expectations
    Recruiting Difficulty
    New-Hire Compensation

  • More information.

    HR Tip

    Perks and Retention in a Weak Economy

    In this turbulent economy, employers are well advised to focus on employee retention, rewards and benefits. Retention of key employees is critical for an organization' success in weathering the economic storms.

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