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Synthetic Data

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Some of the following documents are in the Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to view these files, you will need the Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Reader which is available for free from the Adobe web site.

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The SIPP Synthetic Beta (SSB) file was created by integrating data from the Survey of Program Participation (SIPP), Social Security Administration (SSA), and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and then synthesizing these data. This work was performed as part of a joint project between the three data contributing agencies. The goal was to create a product that could be used by researchers outside of the regular Census restricted-access facilities. These synthetic data should reproduce the characteristics of the underlying confidential micro-data and, at the same time, assure the confidentiality of the actual data on the sampled individuals. The Census Disclosure Review Board, SSA, and IRS have cleared this file for use by individuals without Census Special Sworn Status. Researchers interested in using the file may submit questions to hhes.synthetic.data.use.list@census.gov. When researchers are ready to begin a project, they should submit the application posted here using the same email address.

The Census Bureau will not conduct a formal project review. Instead, applications will be judged solely on feasibility (i.e. the necessary variables are on the SSB). After projects are approved, researchers will be given accounts on the server housing these data. The document "Technical_Description_SIPP_Synthetic_Beta_July92007," also posted here, contains a codebook for this data set and further description of how the synthetic data were created.

  Using the SIPP Synthetic Beta for Analysis (posted 10/30/07) (a PowerPoint document)

   DRB Memo on Disclosure Testing the SIPP Synthetic Beta, November 2006 (posted 10/30/07) (in pdf format)

  Final Report to the Social Security Administration on the SIPP/SSA/IRS Public Use File Project (posted 10/19/07) (in pdf format)

  SIPP Synthetic Beta Application (in PDF format)

  Technical Description SIPP Synthetic Beta (reposted 10/30/2007) (in pdf format)

When you have completed your application, attach and send it to hhes.synthetic.data.use.list@census.gov

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(updated October 30, 2007)
(SIPP Survey Help)
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