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 Click on the icon to install the DataFerrett Application to your desktop. This version of DataFerrett gives Data Access with New Functionality: substantially faster; searches for items across multiple surveys, supplements or topical modules; lay out a simple or complex crosstab on a spreadsheet using a drop and drag feature; get frequencies; do spreadsheet calucations on your tabulation; create color business graphics and bar charts from tabulations; add additional variables into a shopping basket for future use; and increased statistical manipulations including recoding, creating averages and standard errors; save data sessions or table layouts for future use; copy and paste to Excel and Word.

red bullet  SIPP DataFerrett Tutorial


To download the full SIPP data file(s) to use on your desktop for analysis select the above link to access the files and corresponding Data Dictionaries.

  DataFerrett Applet Users:

If you have any kind of problems running the DataFerrett Application from your desktop it may be for firewall issues. Therefore, you can still use the applet version of DataFerrett linked for you below. BUT, use only with a browser version earlier than 6.0 for either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape (i.e., Netscape v.4.7 will work, 6.0 will not)

 DataFerrett — Netscape Browser

 DataFerrett — Internet Explorer Browser

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