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Key Indicators for Which Split Panel Testing is Recommended

Census Bureau Standard
Pretesting Questionnaires and Related Materials for Surveys and Censuses
Version 1.2
Issued: 09 Mar 06

Authored by:
Theresa J. DeMaio
Principal Researcher
Statistical Research Division

Nancy Bates
Staff, Survey Improvement Coordination Staff
Demographic Surveys Division

Diane Willimack
Chief, Establishment Survey Methods Staff
Economic Statistical Methods and Programming Division

Jane Ingold
Chief, Content and Data Products Branch
Decennial Management Division

Key Indicators for Which Split Panel Testing is Recommended

Economic Indicators

Updated indicators are located at the Economic Programs Home page:

Socioeconomic Indicators (and the major source of their national estimates)

1. Median household income (CPS)

2. Poverty rate (CPS)

3. Percent of people without health insurance (CPS)

4. Unemployment rate (CPS)

5. Homeownership rate (CPS)

6. Rental vacancy rate (CPS/HVS)

7. Median persons per room (AHS)

8. Median gross rent as a percent of income (AHS)

9. Median Selected Monthly Owner Costs as a Percent of Income (AHS)

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