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About Federal Register

The Federal Register is the daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal Agencies.

The Federal Register Site contains the full-text of selected Federal Register documents that deal with environmentally-related issues. Each document has a FRL number which is a unique number assigned to each document published. If you know the FRL number of the document you looking for, start your Search.

About the Calendar
Each day's notices are available by clicking on specific days in the calendar. To access notices from previous months and years, go to the FR Homepage and click on the desired year, then on the desired month.

About the Categories
The Federal Register table of contents lists all the documents appearing in that day's Federal Register. However, only environmentally related documents are provided. The text of these documents are provided in both HTML and PDF and are organized by category. This site provides notices from October 1, 1994 through the present. To find notices prior to 1994, please visit the Government Printing Office. Exit Disclaimer

The Category Structure
Table of Contents The full-text daily Table of Contents
notices with page number citations.
Air Office of Air and Radiation documents.
General Selected EPA non-programmatic documents, and environmental information issued from other government entities.
Impact Statements Environmental impact statements from all government
Departments and Agencies.
Meetings Environmentally related meeting notices.
Pesticide Office of Pesticide Program documents.
Science Advisory Board Material relating to the Science Advisory Board.
Endangered Species Endangered species documents.
Toxics and Pollution Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxic Substances documents.
Toxic Release Inventory Community-Right-To-Know Toxic Release Inventory documents.
Waste Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response documents.
Water Office of Water documents.



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