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Systems of Records

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has identified the following Privacy Act Systems of Records and published notices in the Federal Register.

EPA-1: PeoplePlus
EPA-3: Wellness Program Medical Records
EPA-9: Freedom of Information Act Request and Appeal File
EPA-10:EPA Parking Control Office File
EPA-17:OCEFT Criminal Investigative Index and Files
EPA-19:EPA Identification Card Record
EPA-20:Toxic Substances Control Act Confidential Business Information Records Access System
EPA-21:External Compliance Program Discrimination Complaint Files
EPA-22:Correspondence Management System
EPA-23:EPA Credential Information Records
EPA-24:Claims Office Master Files
EPA 27:Employee Counseling and Assistance Program Records
EPA-29:EPA Travel, Other Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable Files
EPA-30:OIG Hotline Allegation System
EPA-31:Acquisition Training System
EPA-32:EPA Telecommunications Detail Records
EPA-33:Debarment and Suspension Files
EPA-34:Medical and Research Study Records of Human Volunteers
EPA-35:EPA Transit and Guaranteed Ride Home Program Files
EPA-36:Research Grant, Cooperative Agreement, and Fellowship Application Files
EPA-37:ORD Peer Review Panelist Information System (PRPIS) System
EPA-38:Invention Reports Submitted to the EPA
EPA-39:Superfund Cost Recovery Accounting Information System
EPA-40:Inspector General's Operation and Reporting (IGOR) System Investigative Files
EPA-41:Office of Administrative Services Information System (OASIS)
EPA-42:Inspector General's Operation and Reporting (IGOR) System Audit, Assignment, and Timesheet Files
EPA-43:Time Sharing Services Management System Registration Files
EPA-44:EPA Personnel Emergency Contact Files
EPA-46:OCEFT/NEIC Master Tracking System
EPA-47:OCEFT/NETI Training Registration and Administration Records
EPA-48:Libby Asbestos Exposure Assessment Records
EPA-49:Child Care Tuition Assistance Program Records
EPA-50:OIG AutoAudit
EPA-52:EPA Central Data Exchange - Customer Registration Subsystem (CDX-CRS)
EPA-53:Integrated Grants Management System (IGMS) - Fellowship Module
EPA-54:Lead-Based Paint Program System of Records (LPSOR)
EPA-55:Federal Retirement Benefits Calculator
EPA-57:Kids Club Membership List
EPA/GOVT-1:Emissions Inspection and Maintenance Records for Federal Employees Parking at Federal Parking Facilities
EPA/GOVT-2:Federal Docket Management System (FDMS)

The System of Records descriptions are excerpted from the following Federal Register notices:

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