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If you have any employees with disabilities or special needs, ask them what assistance, if any, they require.

Mentoring Initiative

Mentor Guide Cover

Designed as a call-to-action for business leaders, the Ready Campaign has created Ready Business Mentoring Initiative. This new initiative is designed to help owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses prepare for emergencies.

Ready Business Mentoring Initiative includes the Ready Business Mentoring Guides which are designed to teach business owners and managers about affordable ways to better protect their businesses. In addition, the Ready Campaign collaborated with the Education Disaster Extension Network (EDEN) to create presentation materials to support the Ready Business Mentoring Guides.

These materials assist business and community leaders in hosting and delivering business preparedness workshops and training sessions. These sessions and the Ready Business Mentoring Guides outline how businesses can plan to stay in business; talk to employees; and protect assets.

Download Ready Business Mentoring Initiative materials:

Other Business Preparedness Resources:

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