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Code of Federal Regulations Pertaining to U.S. Department of Labor

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Title 29  



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Chapter I  

Office of the Secretary of Labor



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Part 1  

Procedures for Predetermination of Wage Rates

29 CFR 1.5 - Procedure for requesting wage determinations.

  • Section Number: 1.5
  • Section Name: Procedure for requesting wage determinations.

    (a) The Department of Labor publishes general wage determinations 

under the Davis-Bacon Act on the WDOL Internet Web site. If there is a 

general wage determination applicable to the project, the agency may use 

it without notifying the Department of Labor, Provided, That questions 

concerning its use shall be referred to the Department of Labor in 

accordance with Sec.  1.6(b).

    (b)(1) If a general wage determination is not available, the Federal 

agency shall request a wage determination under the Davis-Bacon Act or 

any of its related prevailing wage statutes by submitting Form SF-308 to 

the Department of Labor at this address: U.S. Department of Labor, 

Employment Standards Administration, Wage and Hour Division, Branch of 

Construction Contract Wage Determination, Washington, DC 20210. In 

preparing Form SF-308, the agency shall check only those classifications 

that will be needed in the performance of the work. Inserting a note 

such as ``entire schedule'' or ``all applicable classifications'' is not 

sufficient. Additional classifications needed that are not on the form 

may be typed in the blank spaces or on a separate list and attached to 

the form.

    (2) In completing SF-308, the agency shall furnish:

    (i) A sufficiently detailed description of the work to indicate the 

type of construction involved. Additional description or separate 

attachment, if necessary for identification of type of project, shall be 


    (ii) The county (or other civil subdivision) and State in which the 

proposed project is located.

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    (3) Such request for a wage determination shall be accompanied by 

any pertinent wage payment information that may be available. When the 

requesting agency is a State highway department under the Federal-Aid 

Highway Acts as codified in 23 U.S.C. 113, such agency shall also 

include its recommendations as to the wages which are prevailing for 

each classification of laborers and mechanics on similar construction in 

the area.

    (c) The time required for processing requests for wage 

determinations varies according to the facts and circumstances in each 

case. An agency should anticipate that such processing in the Department 

of Labor will take at least 30 days.
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