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Content Last Revised: 1/8/71


Code of Federal Regulations Pertaining to U.S. Department of Labor

Title 41  

Public Contracts and Property Management


Chapter 50  

Public Contracts, Department of Labor



Part 50-203  

Rules of Practice




Subpart B  

Exceptions and Exemptions Pursuant to Section 6 of the Walsh- Healey Public Contracts Act

41 CFR 50-203.14 - Decisions concerning exceptions and exemptions.

  • Section Number: 50-203.14
  • Section Name: Decisions concerning exceptions and exemptions.

    Decisions concerning exceptions and exemptions shall be in writing 
and approved by the Secretary of Labor or officer prescribed by him, 
originals being filed in the Department of Labor, and certified copies 
shall be transferred to the department or agency originating the request 
and to the Comptroller General. All such decisions shall be
promulgated to all contracting agencies by the Office of Government 
Contracts Wage Standards, WSA of the Department of Labor.
[36 FR 289, Jan. 8, 1971]
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