Thursday, November 06, 2008
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What is a Courthouse? Picture of courthouse

A "courthouse" is a place where judges and sometimes juries, decide if someone has broken the law.

Before Court You Should:

  • Dress to be neat and comfortable
  • Eat a Snack
  • Go to the Bathroom
What is the Judge's Job? picture of judge

The judge is in charge of the courtroom. It is the judge's job to listen to everything that everyone says in court. Judges can be men or women and many have children of their own. When in court, people call the judge "Your Honor" when they talk to him or her. Another part of the judge's job is to know the law and to decide if there is enough evidence to prove the law was broken. Which person at your school acts as a judge?

What does the judge wear?

Judges wear robes in court and under the robe the judge wears regular clothes.


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