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1 What are the tax, benefit and earning (COLA) amounts for 2009?
2 Do I have to pay income tax on my Social Security benefits?
3 What is maximum amount of earnings subject to Social Security taxes for 2009?
4 Can I have federal taxes withheld from my Social Security check?
5 If I receive benefits, do I continue to pay Social Security tax on my earnings?
6 What is the Social Security tax rate?
7 I no longer work in the U.S., can I have a Social Security tax refund?
8 How do I get a form to have income tax withheld from my Social Security check?
9 When were Social Security benefits first subject to income tax?
10 Do I have to pay Social Security tax on the money I earn doing housework?
11 Are Supplemental Security Income benefits taxable?
12 Can I opt out of Social Security?
13 What does FICA mean and why are Social Security taxes called FICA contributions?
14 Am I required to participate in the Social Security program?
15 If I paid maximum tax and change jobs, should a new employer deduct tax?
16 Are earnings from work by a foreign student taxable for Social Security purposes?
17 Do members of Congress contribute to Social Security?
18 Why can't I invest my Social Security taxes into an IRA plan?
19 Can members of religious groups be exempt from Social Security?
20 Will economic stimulus payments count as income or resources in determining whether I’m eligible for extra help with my Medicare Prescription Drug pla
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