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Budget Authority/Trust Fund Transfers
(Dollars in Millions)
FY 2000 FY 2001 Change
Program Activities $45.9 $49.7 $3.8
Executive Direction and Management 6.3 6.8 0.5
Total, OIG Budget Authority

$52.2 $56.5 $4.3
Full Time Equivalents 428 428 0

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) is comprised of two activities: Program Activities, and Executive Direction and Management.

Program Activities
Program activities within the Office of Inspector General help prevent and detect fraud and abuse in Department of Labor programs and operation. These program activities include audit, program fraud, labor racketeering, and special evaluations and inspections of program activities. The audit activity performs audits of the Department's financial statements, programs, activities, and systems to determine whether information is reliable, controls are in place, resources are safeguarded, funds are expended in a manner consistent with laws and regulations and managed economically and efficiently, and desired program results are achieved. The program fraud activity administers an investigative program to detect and deter fraud, waste and abuse in Departmental programs.

Unlike other Inspectors General, the Department of Labor OIG has mission-related program responsibility for investigating racketeering and corruption in the American workplace. The labor racketeering activity identifies and reduces labor racketeering and corruption in employee benefit plans, labor-management relations, and internal union affairs. The Office of Analysis, Complaints and Evaluations conducts program evaluations and special reviews of selected DOL programs or functions, analyzes complaints involving DOL programs, operations or functions and provides Congressional liaison. The OIG also provides technical assistance to DOL program agencies.

This request includes increased resources in the amount of $1 million to provide audit oversight of DOL financial management as Federal financial management statutory requirements and standards are increased or expanded. Also, the request includes $500 thousand to assist DOL management in determining whether requests for equitable adjustments submitted by Job Corps construction contractors are appropriate.

Executive Direction and Management
This activity includes the management, legal counsel, administrative support, personnel and financial functions for the OIG.

OIG Selected Workload Data
FY 2000 FY 2001 Change
Audit Reports Issued

60 65 5
Benefit Plan/UI Investigations Opened

162 171 9
Other Investigative Cases Opened

411 431 20
Benefit Plan/UI Investigations Completed

228 240 12
Other Investigative Cases Completed 437 459 22

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