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Trust Fund Transfers
(Dollars in Millions)

FY 2000 FY 2001 Change
State Administration:
Disabled Veterans Outreach Program $80.2 $81.6 $1.4
Local Veterans Employment Reps. 77.2 77.3 0.1
Administration 24.9 27.0 2.1
National Veterans Training Institute 2.0 2.0 0.0
Total, Budget Authority (Trust Funds) $184.3 $187.9 3.6
Homeless Veterans' Reintegration Project 0.0 15.0 15.0 1/
Veterans' Workforce Investment Program 0.0 7.3 7.3
Total, Budget Authority (All Sources) $184.3 $210.2 $25.9
Full Time Equivalents 255 255 0

1/ The President's Budget proposes a transfer of $10 million TES for a net increase of $5 million in FY 2001.

The Assistant Secretary for Veterans' Employment and Training (ASVET) provides maximum employment and training opportunities for veterans and serves as the principal advisor to the Secretary of Labor on all policies and procedures affecting veterans. Through the Veterans' Employment and Training Service, the ASVET sets counseling, training, and placement policies and goals for veterans through the public employment service and other employment and training programs.

State Administration: Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program The Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program (DVOP) provides intensive employment and employability development services to disabled veterans and to economically disadvantaged veterans through a system of State-employed, Federally-funded program specialists. DVOP specialists also train service members about to separate from active duty through the Transition Assistance Program.

State Administration: Local Veterans' Employment Representatives
The Local Veterans' Employment Representative (LVER) program also supports State program staff. LVERs supervise the provision of services to veterans in local One-Stop Career Centers and in State Employment Service Offices, maintain contact with local community leaders, provide labor exchange information to veterans, promote and monitor participation of veterans in Federally-funded employment and training programs, and monitor the listing of jobs from, and referrals to, Federal contractors and subcontractors. State administration includes an increase of $1.4 million to expand the number of States with licensing pilots. These pilots are designed to simplify the system by which skilled military personnel may obtain State certifications or licenses for the civilian counterpart occupations. In addition, the request supports creation of an Internet database that will be a one-stop source of information for Federal, State, and private sector licensing and certifications.

The Administration activity supports a Federal staff which ensures veterans' reemployment rights and administers State staffing grants for the DVOP and LVER programs, Veterans Workforce Investment program and Homeless Veterans' Reintegration Project grants. The agency staff conduct on-site monitoring and management assistance, liaison with other Federal agencies, and collect and analyze information on employment and training services provided to veterans as required by law. The FY 2001 request for this activity provides for a net increase of $2.1 million, covering increases to coordinate and attain performance measures; and the conducting of Transition Assistance Program pilots for service members separating overseas. The request also includes funding for the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) in the continental U.S., investigations associated with Federal Veterans' preference rights, and processing of veteran reemployment rights complaints filed under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994. Funds will maintain a training capacity for about 160,000 TAP participants and the capacity to process approximately 1,500 veteran employment and reemployment rights complaints.

The National Veterans Training Institute
The National Veterans Training Institute (NVTI) provides training to both Federal and State employees and managers involved in the delivery of services to veterans. The institute provides courses of training covering such subjects as reemployment rights, veteran benefits, and basic DVOP and LVER labor exchange training. In FY 2001, NVTI will train more than 1,500 veteran service providers, with emphasis on labor exchange and case management training.

Homeless Veterans Program
In FY 2001, the funding request for this program, which was funded in the ETA Training and Employment Services account through FY 2000, is $15.0 million to conduct a Homeless Veterans' Program as authorized by the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act and title 38. This is a net increase of $5.0 million over the current appropriation. The program will provide employment and training assistance to homeless veterans, with expected job placements of approximately 8,700.

Veterans Workforce Investment Program
In FY 2001, the funding request for this program, which was funded in the ETA Training and Employment Services account through FY 2000, is $7.3 million which is to conduct a training and employment program for veterans under the Workforce Investment Act (Sec. 168). The program will provide training opportunities for service connected disabled veterans, and recently separated and other veterans with significant barriers to employment. This program will help 2,200 veterans into jobs.

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