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Code of Federal Regulations Pertaining to ESA

Title 41  

Public Contracts and Property Management


Chapter 60  

Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Equal Employment Opportunity, Department of Labor



Part 60-20  

Sex Discrimination Guidelines

41 CFR 60-20.6 - Affirmative action.

  • Section Number: 60-20.6
  • Section Name: Affirmative action.

    (a) The employer shall take affirmative action to recruit women to 
apply for those jobs where they have been previously excluded.

    Note: This can be done by various methods. Examples include: (1) 
Including in itineraries of recruiting trips women's colleges where 
graduates with skills desired by the employer can be found, and female 
students of coeducational institutions and (2) designing advertisements 
to indicate that women will be considered equally with men for jobs.

    (b) Women have not been typically found in significant numbers in 
management. In many companies management trainee programs are one of the 
ladders to management positions. Traditionally, few, if any, women have
been admitted into these programs. An important element of affirmative 
action shall be a commitment to include women candidates in such 
    (c) Distinctions based on sex may not be made in other training 
programs. Both sexes should have equal access to all training programs 
and affirmative action programs should require a demonstration by the 
employer that such access has been provided.
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